5 Effective tips to relieve Stress

Stress is normal

We have to admit it and as much as we want to avoid it, we get stressed all the time. Even with the smallest detail, we tend to stress ourselves with those littlest things we encounter. May it be the wrong type of milk added to your coffee, the wrong color of top you ordered online, the wrong size of shoe that came into your mailbox, or the train arriving a few minutes late. Whatever the reason may be, we always tend to stress ourselves when these things can be avoidable to be able to see a brighter side of it.

Stress is normal. Well actually, it could also be healthy since because of this, we know that our minds are functioning well. This is a normal biological reaction to a potentially dangerous situation. When you encounter sudden stress, your brain floods your body with chemicals and hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol. That gets your heart beating faster and sends blood to muscles and important organs.

Tips to relieve stress effectively

There are many reasons why we get stressed and there are many ways to get out of it. Different ways affect different kinds of people. Your friend’s process may not work for you but might work for your sibling. Our bodies take stress differently and different ways to overcome them. Here are our top 5 tips on how to relieve stress effectively:

Tip #1 – Try Relaxation techniques

As obvious as it may seem, relaxation techniques are effective in the process of reducing your stress levels. There are many different ways a person can relax. It may be a nice fun movie, reading a book, going shopping, cooking, or ordering your favorite pizza. If these don’t seem to be enough, you can always try to meditate, do yoga or tai chi, you can also try to do breathing exercises which is great in helping you to be calm and relaxed. And if all else fails, you can always sleep. If you are having trouble sleeping, you can always try different sleep guides to help you sleep better at night.

Tip #2 – Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine

As much as caffeine is difficult to avoid, it is highly suggested to either avoid or at least limit the consumption of these. Caffeine and nicotine are stimulants and so will increase your level of stress rather than reduce it. As much as you find it relaxing to have a good cup of coffee, it may not be as effective as you thought it might be. It may feel good, yes. But the chemical reaction to your body will be decided otherwise. Alcohol is a depressant when taken in large quantities, but acts as a stimulant in smaller quantities. Therefore using alcohol as a way to alleviate it is not ultimately helpful.

Tip #3 – Accept that you can’t do all things at once

We tend to push ourselves to our limits that we get crazy because we cannot get things done as supposed to. What you first need to do is accept that you can’t do all things at once. Then, create a realistic deadline for yourself. Don’t create a deadline that takes months to finish but you decided to finish it in a week, you will only stress yourself and may not be producing the result that you wanted. Take your time and even include ample time for yourself just in case you decided to pop in a lazy hour since you do deserve to rest once in a while. Along with this, you can learn how to manage your time so you will not be stressed out with not being able to do things on time.

Tip #4 – Exercise

Adding physical stress to your body reduces the mental stress you are having right now. The benefits become stronger when you practice exercising on a daily basis. People who exercise daily are less likely to get anxiety than to those who aren’t. Exercise lowers your body’s stress hormones in the long run. It also helps release endorphins, which are chemicals that improve your mood and act as natural painkillers. Along with this, exercise also helps to improve your sleep quality making you be more calm and relaxed and helps you to reduce your frustrations. If you don’t have a local gym nearby, you can try to do your workouts at home

Tip #5 – Spend time with people and pets

Social support is a great help in trying to cope with stress. Talking to someone may distract you from the frustration you are having or a great way to release all the tension and frustration you are consuming all by yourself. A great family or friend member will help you in relieving your hard time you are coping right now. And if no friend or family is available to talk right now, cuddling up and playing with your furry friend might be able to help. After all, our pets are great stress-relievers that take away all the pains we had throughout the day.

We deserve to de-stress

We do not need to cage ourselves in our own thoughts. As much as this is unavoidable, we cannot escape the reality that we experience stress in our lives. And after all the hardships have been made, decisions have been decided, or for what every action you took, we all deserve to de-stress. You can freely try our 5 helpful tips in destressing so you could focus more on the positive side of life. Always remember, there is a rainbow after the rain.