5 Little Monkeys Kids Pillow – How to select a pillow for your kids

The benefits of sleeping on a great pillow

Sleeping soundly is like a dream come true and we would honestly kill just for us to have a great night of our lives. Well, we do not mean that literally, of course! With the world today, we all just want to end the day with a great sleep at night with the 5 little monkeys kids pillow for our kids. After everything we have gone through the day, we have been working all day long, not just from our regular jobs, but also as being a parent and as ourselves. It is difficult to wear so many hats at the same time and we get you. It is truly frustrating to be in that situation.

As tiring as it is for ourselves, it is tiring for our kids as well especially that they have not fully grasped the concept of being stressed out. What they do might be little for us but it is a huge part for them especially that they do not fully understand what they are doing yet. They are still learning and exploring what life is like and let us not put them into a state making them feel bad about their progress. As said in a 5 little monkeys kids pillow review, they need the right amount of sleep as much as we do.
5 little monkeys kids pillow
Yes, we get it, you get tired, but they get tired, too! They need proper sleep and the best pillow will help them with that. The use of the perfect pillow is not solely for comfort but it has tons of great benefits as well.

Here are the benefits of using as great pillow according to the BBM Health Advisors:


One of the benefits that you get from using a pillow is a comfort as said in a kids’ pillow review. With a pillow, you get the opportunity to rest your head on an elevated area away from the rest of the body. If you have been having trouble getting sleep, then you should look at the pillow that you are using. A good pillow should allow even distribution of your body weight while sleeping. With a good pillow, you can be sure that you will sleep comfortably. You don’t have to worry about waking up tired or numb.

Ease Pain

A good pillow has been confirmed to ease the pain while sleeping. Some people have a difficult time sleeping due to neck pain. The reason why neck pain persists is due to using the wrong pillow. Good neck pillows are supposed to relieve the pressure on the neck, these pillows help alleviate a sore neck like the 5 little monkeys kids pillow. Some pillows promote good sleep for people with back pain and also during pregnancy.


Poor body support is a cause of insomnia for many people. After a long day of working, you need proper body support to promote sleep according to a 5 little monkeys kids pillow review. If the body is not well supported, then this will affect the quality of your sleep. If you are one of the people who keep tossing on the bed the entire night, then it is advisable to change the pillow that you are using. A good pillow will offer you the needed support for your body.

Accommodate your sleeping position

Every person has a unique sleeping position, and it is important to choose a pillow that accommodates your sleeping position. If you sleep on your back, then choose a pillow to support your back. On the other hand, if you sleep on your side, choose a pillow for that sleeping position as said in a kids’ pillow review.

How to select a pillow for your kids

kids pillow
With all of the great benefits of having a pillow, wouldn’t you want your kids to experience the same comfort as you are having while you sleep at night? Of course, you do! Before you hand them out your pillow, you have to make sure that it is the perfect fit for them. It may be too high or too firm for their age. It is best to give them, according to their size so that their spine will align perfectly and will help to improve as they age.

Before you purchase any pillow out there, here are the buying guide to picking the best pillow according to the Good Housekeeping:

Consider your sleeping position before you shop.

Just as with mattresses, when shopping for pillows, think about how you sleep. The best pillow that will reduce neck pain and keep you sound asleep all night long has to keep your spine aligned in a neutral position, while also being a comfy material you enjoy resting on like the 5 little monkeys kids pillow. An easy fit test: When you’re lying down, your neck shouldn’t tilt in any direction.

  • Side sleepers need a thick, firm pillow to “keep their ears in line with their shoulders” to prevent their neck from extending in either direction when sleeping on their side, according to Dr. Jaspal R. Singh M.D., co-director of the Center for Comprehensive Spine Care at Weill Cornell Medicine.
  • Stomach sleepers should choose a soft, thinner pillow, so their neck stays in a neutral position. Some experts recommend placing a pillow under your shoulder for proper spine alignment too.
  • Back sleepers should opt for a medium thickness in between that keeps their neck aligned without arching their head forward.
  • If you switch positions throughout the night, look for a plush pillow where the fill can be moved around. This way, you will be able to find the best position as you toss and turn.

Next, decide on fill.

Time to think about what the pillow is filled with. Whether you want a fluffy pillow or a flat pillow, each type of pillow fill will have different characteristics that are important to know before purchasing according to 5 little monkeys kids pillow review which is designed for kids. While some pillows are entirely machine washable, some styles have only a machine washable cover or cannot be cleaned whatsoever. Typically, down and down alternative pillows are machine washable, but some will require using a front-loading commercial sized machine. To avoid any surprises, always check the care label before purchasing it.

  • Down pillows are the fluffiest, but a down-and-feather combo will be firmer and less expensive.
  • Down alternatives feel soft and, since they’re made with synthetic fill, are even more affordable. They are great if you have a down allergy. The 5 little monkeys kids pillow would fit in this category of great pillows.
  • Memory foam pillows are available in two different styles: solid or shredded. Solid memory foam pillows are designed to give you that super supportive feel as your head sinks into the pillow, but the fill cannot move. Shredded memory foam pillows still give you the supportive feel, but the fill can be moved around for a plusher feel.
  • Latex pillows have a squishy feel similar to memory foam, but it bounces back much quicker. Like memory foam, latex pillows can either feature solid or shredded materials.

5 Little Monkeys Kids PillowThe best pillow for your kids is finally here!

As much as we love to have a great night of sleep, I am pretty sure your kids would love to have a great night of sleep as well. The perfect mattress should match with the perfect pillow to fully utilize a great night of sleep. According to a kids’ pillow review, it should be ideal that kids should have their pillow as their body sizes are different from adults. They need a different level of support for their necks, shoulders, and spine. Choosing the right pillow for them allows their body to grow properly and not cause any strains and develop the way it is supposed to do like the 5 little monkeys kids pillow.

The 5 little monkeys kids pillow is the best pillow that you could provide for your kids as it is designed especially for them so you would not have to worry about this being too uncomfortable or too big and firm for them. This pillow is hypoallergenic so you would not have to worry about any allergies occurring and you will be assured that your kids are sleeping soundly and safe with their very own pillow.

According to a 5 little monkeys kids pillow review, this pillow has a pillow cover that is made from 100% organic cotton and it is completely free from pesticides and toxins so you can be assured that your children’s safety is a top priority and your ease of mind will be at the top.

What we love about this pillow is that it is designed especially and specifically for them so this pillow hits the mark with everything that their body needs. They will be able to sleep soundly with this pillow while being able to grow perfectly as said in a kids’ pillow review.

If you want your kids to have the best night of their lives, the 5 little monkeys kids pillow would surely be a hit for your little one!