Acanva Bed Pillow – Soft and breathable polyester microfiber material comfort you every night

Acanva Bed Pillow great support to your neck and spine

The key to obtaining a good sleep is having a good pillow but it’s not an easy task to do. There are many bed pillows to choose from, it may depend on your preference for the materials and sleep position as well. Those who are sleeping on their side or side sleepers must pick a thick and firm pillow. For stomach sleepers, a thin and soft pillow is recommended for them. Back sleepers can choose either a thick or thin pillow. Its goal is your head and neck should be aligned. Whenever you lie down, your neck will not tilt in any direction. Dr. Darren Pollack, a chiropractor, and medical director if DASHA Wellness & Spa shared that most of the patients come to him in pain because of their pillow that is not keeping their neck aligned with its spine. For a long time, wear and tear may cause stiffness on the muscle, tendonitis, and pain in the nerves, herniated discs, and many more. The Acanva Bed Pillow can provide you better sleep throughout the night and wake up refresh the next morning. The falling asleep can help you pick the right pillow for you.

How to choose the right bed pillow for you?

Acanva Hypoallergenic Pillow

Finding the right bed pillow for you needs much time and effort. Reading some reviews on a certain bed pillow is a great help for it can give you an idea of which to choose. Here are some things that you must consider to be able to pick the best pillow for you.

1. Identify the materials of the bed pillow – The down pillows are the fluffiest of them all. However, the combination of down pillows that have feathers will be firmer and inexpensive. On the other hand, the down alternative pillows are soft and provide good support but most of it was made of synthetic and more affordable compared to down. Ensure that its outer fabric is woven tightly and has no fibers or some feathers that are poking out. The memory foam pillows are thicker and stronger. Also, you may choose solid memory foam or memory foam clusters that are more luxurious to lie on while it’s providing support for its foam. Hybrid pillows have a mixture of foam clusters and fiberfill, it means you can obtain the best of both categories.

2. Look for its special features according to your preferences – You may gaze for state-of-the-art features which can be found to some pillows. Just like a pillow that has cooling properties if you are overheating or it can be adjusted if you want to change its level of firmness. The Acanva Bed Pillow has great features that can be used for all types of sleep positions.

3. Contemplate on the current health changes – You must consider the health-related changes such as weight changeability, new pains or other changes in your body as you are getting older might affect the type of support that you needed.

4. Read and understand the care instructions – Before you decide to buy a bed pillow like Acanva Bed Pillow, you must check its care label to ensure that you are willing to clean or wash it as suggested. Most of the bed pillows are machine washable but a few must be dry clean only so make sure to have a front-loading machine or maybe spot-treating only. The bed pillow will be used for a long time if you will wash or clean it 2 to 4 times a year. Aside from that, it will last longer when you utilize a pillow protector in order to keep it clean and safe to wear.


Reasons why we should buy Acanva Bed Pillow

Pillows can affect the quality of our sleep and health as well. You will know the difference between having a neck or back pain and a well-rested body when you own the right kind of pillow. It’s better to know the importance of using the right pillow for sleep. In order to appreciate the pillow, we should know why we are using it. Generally, pillows are used in order to support our neck when we lie down on our bed. Acanva Bed Pillow is helping to keep your neck in a natural position while sleeping. It can relieve unsolicited stress on the neck, spine, and other parts of our body that may affect the position of sleeping.

Effects of a bad pillow

You will know that you are sleeping on a bad pillow if you are experiencing these signs. First, you wake up having a muscle pain because it places your neck in the uncomfortable position for a long time, it puts stress on the muscles since it is trying to support your head. That is why you are having a stiff neck after waking up or it also the cause of experiencing muscle pain somewhere else in your body. Second, you are experiencing an interrupted sleep. If it happens that your sleep is disturbed, your body will have a few times to repair the tissue and growth of the muscle. Your mood, thinking, and appetite will be affected. Having uninterrupted sleep may cause health problems that include fatness, high blood pressure, heart disease, and more. When you sleep on a pillow that doesn’t have support, the breathing passage will be cut which is not good especially to those who have sleep apnea.

In addition, the advantage of using a pillow is it can extend your back naturally without pain. Whenever you sleep without a pillow, it can be an aid in lessening of having acne on your face because the pillow can prevent your skin from perspiration and breathing as well. The disadvantage is it cannot help those who have acid reflux or side sleepers. Its additional height can help keep the acid from flowing back. Side sleepers may use a pillow that can support their neck to prevent muscle pain after they wake up.

What is your sleeping position?

Are you a side sleeper or a back sleeper? The first thing to do is to determine the sleeping position that you are comfortable with. Recall the position that you are asleep easily or waking up in. If you know which sleep position you are comfortable with can help you distinguish what fill, fabric, and size of the pillow you must have. In this way, you will know the right pillow for your sleeping position.

Consider the firmness of the bed

If the mattress is firm, it can provide you a more stable and balanced surface which may push on the key pressure points of the body. A soft pillow like Acanva Bed Pillow can balance it and align the neck as well as the spine. When the mattress is soft, a thin yet firm pillow is needed for it can provide better support for your neck and spine so also keep it aligned.

What is inside the bed pillow?

There are many different types of pillow fillings such as wool, cotton, and memory foam for you to choose from. It is essential that you know the right bed pillow for you because it can help improve your sleep quality. Wool is firm and proven to last for a long period of time. Cotton is similar to the wool but it may flat. Bed pillows that have organic fills are good for neck pain. The memory foam may fit it to the weight and shape of your head. It is recommended to people who have neck or back pain during their rest. However, it will retain heat.

Determine the size of the bed pillow

Pillows come in many sizes to be able to meet the needs of sleepers that include neck or spine support, ventilation, and its stability. You must be wise about choosing the pillow and ensure that its cover fits perfectly. Don’t go for big pillows with a small cover because it may change the purpose of a pillow so learn how to use it correctly.

Get a comfortable sleep with Acanva Bed Pillow

Acanva Bed Pillow

Perhaps you understand the importance of bed pillows to us now. Look for a pillow that can support your neck and spine to prevent a stiff neck or muscle pain in your body. It will happen according to the Acanva Bed Pillow review. This bed pillow is 100% polyester and filled with soft polyester cotton that provides a high level of comfort. It is fluffier compared to a firm that will suit those who prefer low firmness, does not matter whether you are a stomach or side and back sleeper. Moreover, it has a proper height level that offers great support for your head, neck, and back in a natural way. It is made of breathable material and had a polyester fabric shell that can be found in some five-star hotel. Acanva Bed Pillow is machine washable in a gentle cycle then tumble dry low. Also, this pillow can keep you warm in the winter season and cool during summer. So, if want to have a comfortable sleep during the night, better get it at falling asleep now!