Echo Spot – Smart Alarm Clock with Alexa

What is Echo spot

Having a good quality of sleep every day makes you more productive at work, reduce stress, and able to function well in any daily activities and take you away from further sleep problems such as insomnia. Sleep solutions such as sleep tech, sleep gadgets, and others are some solutions that help you achieve the standard sleep quality depending on your age. Early to bed means early to wake up! For many years, people have been using an alarm clock to wake you up in a fresh morning. The morning sun was the original sign of rising up from your bed, and of course, roosters. However, in the fast pace of today’s life, high technology created other ways to wake us up and now we have Echo Spot.

Echo Spot is an alarm-clock sized voice-controlled by Alexa with a round screen and built-in camera. This device provides the same features such as Amazon Echo devices such as voice calling and messaging, multi-room audio, multiple timers and alarms, local news and traffic updates, and a lot more.

HOw echo spot as a smart alarm clock can you help your daily routine

Morning alarm helps us in ensuring that we wake up in the morning at our desired time so we won’t be late at work, school, or at anything that we do.  How these morning alarms benefit us will make us understand more the need of having one:

Help us stay in society’s time. Many people would oversleep without using an alarm clock. Being on time at work, school, church, and any appointments you have to make you a better person, more professional in dealing with people. Agreeing on a specific time on your daily activities is part of our life, whether you want to sleep more or not.

Normalize the sleep schedule. Waking up at the same time each day is helpful in your internal biological clocks and using an alarm is a good way to a good sleep pattern.

Give us peace of mind. Alarm clocks keep you away from waking up at night and checking the time especially if you have a very important appointment or a flight that should never be missed during the day. Interrupted sleep makes you feel tired upon waking up while an alarm helps you get a continuous and peaceful sleep and still wake up on time.

Functions to Help You

Knowing more about Echo Spot will make you fall in love with it. Take a look at these things that an Echo Spot can do to you:

  • You can make voice calls to your friends in the US, Canada, or Mexico and use the built-in camera of this device to anyone with Amazon Echo Show, Echo Spot, or smartphone through the Alexa app.
  • You can take advantage of the ten thousand skills of Alexa to help you with many things. You can also ask Alexa to add new skills to customize your experiences and needs.
  • You will know the weather forecast through Alexa including news briefs.
  • As a smart alarm clock, Echo Spot can be your wake-up call, your kitchen times, to-do list tracker, shopping list keeper, a calendar, and a reminder of your important appointments.
  • The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity allow Echo Spot control the devices that use technologies depending on the smart home devices such as the smart bulbs, smart TV, smart door locks, smart thermostats, and even smart ceiling fans.
  •  You can use Echo Spot with compatible cameras such as the Amazon Cloud Cam, video doorbells, smart baby monitors and nursery cameras.
  • As an Amazon Prime member, you can use the Echo Spot in listening to music through Prime Music. You can also watch Amazon shows, videos, and Amazon Prime movies on your Echo Spot.

Reasons why Echo spot is a perfect smart alarm clock

If you are ready to upgrade your alarm clock, here are some reasons why Echo Spot is perfect for you:

  1. You can customize the face. Echo Spot comes with many analog and digital face options where each gives the main clock screen a unique look. If you want a personalized look, you can use your own photo from the Alexa app, iOS or Android.
  2. You can choose your morning song. Echo Spot could be your morning radio station. It can play any song, album, artist, or playlist even from Amazon music offerings, Spotify, Pandora, and others where Alexa is friendly with.
  3. Echo Spot packs Alexa. Alexa is the star attraction of any Echo and it has plenty of uses with or without visual accompaniment. In the morning, you can get a quick weather update, flash briefing, video news that will make you aware of what’s happening in the world.
  4. Echo Spot dims at night. It has a nighttime mode that automatically kills the colorful daytime clock faces and replaces with white text on a black backdrop. You’ll never worry that it will affect your dark bedroom and achieve good sleep.
  5. Echo Spot is not for fiddling with buttons. It does not have a lot of buttons so you will never go wrong of accidentally enabling an alarm. You just have to ask Alexa to set a certain time and customize it with the music you love.
  6. You can say goodnight even you are from afar. The Echo Spot can do video calls where you can dial up anyone who has an Echo Spot or Echo Show or someone who is using an Alexa smartphone app.
echo spot echo spot - echo spot 300x273 - Echo Spot – Smart Alarm Clock with Alexa

Things to consider before buying Echo Spot

Besides reading the full review of Echo Spot, there are a few things you should consider before buying the Echo Spot. Echo Spot determines some factors at home and personal matters such as the home occupants, gender and age of the people living in the house, who is at home, and what do people inside the house watch and listen to. With this, it is also important to check on the privacy notice that is provided when buying this.