Baby sleep: Problems, Solutions, Tips and Tricks

Baby sleep – What are the problems and solutions?

Babies love to sleep, from day one up to they become toddlers. Expected that they’ll be sleeping most of the time in the day time during the first month to six months. Moms would be stress whenever the baby doesn’t have enough sleep in the day time and on the night time. Of course, the baby’s behavior is difficult to handle for they will be crying all the time. Both of them might suffer and that would test the patience of a mother.

If your baby’s sleep patterns are distressing both of you, there are practical, behavior-based strategies helpful to you and your baby.

Baby sleep: What’s normal and not?

It’s normal for a baby to wake up frequently at night during the first six months. Probably, the baby needs mom to feed him or her and help in settling these early months. However, baby sleep habits and behavior might change even after six months. So, it’s hard to determine when the baby will sleep and settling him or her becomes a problem.

These are the signs that your experiencing baby sleep problem:

  • Waking up more than three times a night consistently.
  • Settling the baby more than 30 minutes constantly.
  • Hard time with sleeping and settling.

In addition, if you’re not sure that there’s a baby sleep problem then try to talk to your baby’s doctor and family health nurse about the baby’s sleep patterns. By doing that, you’ll have an idea if there’s a need to change the sleep habits of your baby or not.

Baby sleep problems: Why you need to solve this problem?

Probably, your baby will be tired and irritable if he or she is not getting enough sleep. Babies will be demanding when they’re awake and hard to settle when he or she’s in bed. Moms will be stressed and exhausted. If you have lack of sleep, it will lead you to anxiety and depression. Whenever you’re tired you cannot think straight and no concentration at all. To sum up, baby sleep problems affect both mom and the baby.

How to solve baby sleep problems?

Reading books about baby sleep needs would be a great help to moms because it helps them understand how much sleep babies need and you will learn the baby’s sleep of other babies at his or her age.

You must know what’s the cause of your baby’s waking and settling problems before making changes. By doing this, you can think of a sleep strategy for your baby and your situation.

Next, try these four strategies to your baby to be able to sleep through the night.

  1. Find the habit that is associated with the sleep problem.
  2. Discontinue the habit.
  3. Organize a positive bedtime routine.
  4. Help your baby to sleep independently.

Baby sleep problems: Behavior strategies

These behavior strategies wanted to help babies and children change sleep habits and get used to settling independently. If you want to use this strategy, there are a few reminders to consider.

  • These strategies are recommendable for babies six months and up, not to younger babies.
  • Ask help from your baby’s doctor if you’re not sure what the problem is or you don’t know how to apply the behavior strategy to your baby.
  • Ensure that you’re comfortable with the sleep strategy that you’re applying to your baby.

According to the study, behavior strategies work better and can work longer compared to medications. The experts will recommend medications for baby sleep problems if it’s serious. Even in that case, they still suggest using this strategy and medications as well.

When your baby has enough sleep or sleeps better, your baby will be more active, attentive, patient and engaging. Better try these baby sleep tips and tricks, mom and baby will have a good night’s sleep.

baby sleep

Baby Sleep Tips & Tricks:

  1. Swaddle your baby tightly because it prevents your little one from awake. It can help the baby sleep better and longer.
  2. Dreamfeed your baby, it means moms will be doing a late-night feed while the baby is asleep. It prevents your baby from waking up after the mother finally snooze.
  3. Moms should limit the length of their baby’s nap in the day time because it can rob the nighttime sleep of your baby. It’s better to break up the sleep of your baby in the day time, it helps your baby sleep better at night.
  4.  It’s better to use white noise, you don’t need to ask your friends or family to be quiet when your baby is sleeping.
  5. Try to follow the eat, wake and sleep cycle. Feed your baby immediately after waking then your little one will be energetic. The baby will play then sleep when he or she is tired then feed again.
  6. The bedtime routine is recommended for your baby to have a good night’s sleep. It includes taking a bath, give the baby a massage, read a bedtime story, swaddle and etc.
  7. Change the diaper before the midnight feeding because it prevents the baby from waking up too much after feeding. If your little one will wake up, change the diaper and re-swaddle him or her.

Worry no more for moms who are experiencing baby sleep problems, all you have to do is to try these tips for your baby. For sure, you and your baby will have a good night’s sleep then you’ll wake up tomorrow in a good mood. It means both of you will have a bright new day!

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