Bear Mattress Hybrid – Super thick mattress that is very balanced and ideally comfortable for sleeping

Bear Mattress Hybrid is an exceptional mattress

People are sometimes confused about what mattress is suitable for them. We all sleep in different positions, so there’s a mattress that is good for your sleeping style. A few are sleeping with their partner that moves around the bed, they are disturbed with their partner’s movement. There’s a Bear Mattress Hybrid for you, it will be the solutions to your problems or might be your hero.

Whenever you are looking for a superb mattress that has a great balance of comfort and support, Bear Mattress Hybrid must be your first choice. It is known to provide the best balances that most sleepers are looking for in a mattress. It has an excellent combination of steel coils that can relieve the pressure of the premium foam on its top. Overall, it has an amazing value but good for some types of sleepers.

Bear Mattress Hybrid review

Bear Mattress Hybrid Construction

As written in the Bear Mattress Hybrid review, this mattress is 14 inches tall. It is constructed with a steel support coils plus premium comfort foams. The cover of the mattress is soft and it is woven with the Celliant fiber plus quilted with a hyper-soft and cooling-gel foam which can give additional softness and relieve pressure as well. Also, it had 2 inches layer of Premium Comfort Foam that can help relieve pressure. Next to it is the 1inch layer of a Responsive Transition Foam that acts as a buffer between its comfort foams so also the support coils under it. Then followed by the 8 inches Quantum Edge Coil System that is supportive, breathable, and sturdy. Lastly, its base contains a 1-inch layer of High-Density Support Foam in which the support coils can rest on it. Bear Mattress Hybrid foams are CertiPUR-US certified. It means they are eco-friendly compared to the standard foams.

Who will choose the Bear Mattress Hybrid?

Back sleepersBear Mattress Hybrid is recommended to those who are sleeping on their backs or back sleepers. Its coils can also support heavy people plus the mattress has great body contouring. The quilted top allows your hips to sink in the exact amount, back sleepers must feel its balance of comfort as well as the comfort they need.

Side sleepers – The Bear Mattress Hybrid has quilted top plus subsequent foam layers that can help relieve pressure, especially on the shoulders and hips. If a sleeper lies on his or her side, they might feel a little pressure on its shoulders and hips.

Sleepers who are looking for a breathable mattress – This mattress from Bear Mattress has a Celliant cover that can help disappear the heat then the coils will have enough airflow. If you are bothered about sleeping hot at night, better read the Bear Mattress Hybrid review. You’ll learn more about the great features of this mattress.

Individuals who want a mattress that has health benefits – Its Celliant cover is designed to provide health benefits for most sleepers. It can aid in improving the circulation of the blood and help the people to obtain a cool sleep during the night.

People who have a budget under $2000 – The Bear Mattress Hybrid cost under $2000, suitable for everyone’s budget. The company makes sure that its customers can afford their products. Also, they ensure that it’s a great buy.

Who will not choose the Bear Mattress Hybrid?

Stomach sleepers – If you are a stomach sleeper, Bear Mattress Hybrid is not recommended for you. This mattress has a soft top layer that may cause your hips to sink in too far. Those who sleep on their stomach need a firmer one.

Individuals who prefer a very firm or soft mattress – This mattress from Bear Mattress is on average in its firmness. If you want a mattress that provides excellent firmness, this is not a mattress for you. For sure shoppers may look elsewhere for it is right down the middle.

Those who don’t prefer a hybrid feel – If you like sleeping on top of your mattress, this Bear Mattress Hybrid may let you sink in too far. If someone prefers to rest in and feel hugged by their mattress, it does not let the sink in far. It is because the hybrid mattress provides a balanced feel, it might not work for everyone.

Comparison of Bear Mattress Hybrid to other Hybrid Mattresses

Similar to most hybrids, the Bear Mattress Hybrid has coils and its top layers are softer. Nevertheless, if an individual wants this mattress, for sure he or she wants to know the reason why it stands out from other hybrid mattresses on the market.

Features Celliant technology – The Bear Mattress Hybrid has a great feature such as Celliant technology, others don’t have this feature. It is a fiber that provides health benefits plus it helps keep individual cooler while they are resting.

Balance of Comfort and Support – Hybrid Mattress from Bear Mattress provides a balance of comfort and support. Its top layers are soft and very comfortable plus the coils are supportive for several weights. Bear Mattress Hybrid is best for back and side sleepers.

Relieves pressure – If you are a side sleeper, Bear Mattress Hybrid can relieve pressure compared to the hybrid mattresses on the marketplace. This mattress has a Premium Comfort Foam that is designed to relieve pressure than memory foam.

Firmness and Feel of using Bear Mattress Hybrid

As stated in the Bear Mattress Hybrid review, its firmness is very close to a score of 6.5 over 10 or on average than the other mattresses. The top layers are very soft and then the sleepers probably hit the transition layer plus support coils under that. To sum up, it is a medium-firm mattress.

How it felt to be sleeping on the Bear Mattress Hybrid

  • This best Hybrid Mattress from Bear Mattress is a good match for you if like lying on your back. You may feel the support of its coils plus the top foam layers let your hips sink in a little. Back sleepers definitely feel the comfort and support it gives to them.
  • When you rest on your side, you may feel the pressure relief for you will sink into the top foam layers then you will a bit pressure on your shoulders and hips area. This is because the thick layer of the Premium Comfort Foam is performing his job well.

If you will lie on your stomach, you might feel that Bear Mattress Hybrid is a little soft then you may not feel enough support on your hips. Again, stomach sleepers need a firmer mattress.

Furthermore, the Bear Mattress Hybrid has a classic hybrid feel in which sleepers obtain a few plush top layers then they will look for more supportive coils. It can bounce a little which means there’s no difficulty in moving around.

Motion Transfer of Bear Mattress Hybrid

If for instance that there’s someone looking for a mattress for couples, for sure they will be thinking of a motion transfer. Can they sleep peacefully or can their partner’s movements wake them up every night? Even though the Bear Mattress Hybrid does not have memory foam, the motion transfer is good. It was tested by one of the users of this mattress, they felt some movement on the side of the mattress. This mattress is the best choice for couples who don’t want to be disturbed whenever their partners move a lot while in bed.

Great Edge Support of Bear Mattress Hybrid

To those who are sleeping with a partner, they might be thinking about how much of this mattress can definitely use. Will they be able to sit or lie close to the edge comfortably or will they feel that they are falling off the bed? Well, it does not totally collapse while you are sitting down on its edge. You may feel that the coils are holding you up and you can lean over while tying your shoes on it. Also, you won’t feel like you are rolling off the mattress while resting near its edge. The edge support of Bear Mattress Hybrid is great.

Bear Mattress Hybrid is everyone’s choice

As mentioned above, there’s no doubt why many people choose the best Hybrid Mattress from Bear Mattress. There are many reasons that individuals should consider to be able to get the best mattress that they need. This mattress has many great features that you cannot find in other mattresses on the market today. Of course, you may be looking for a soft, breathable, and durable mattress, this mattress is made for you. However, you must also consider the sleeping positions that you used to. As a reminder, this mattress is not recommended to stomach sleepers but a good match to side and back sleepers. It’s a great buy because it will definitely fit your budget. What are you waiting for? Go get the Bear Mattress Hybrid now to be able to experience a comfortable sleep during the night. It’s a great buy because it will definitely fit your budget.