Bed pillows reviews – How to choose the perfect pillow

Bed pillows– the importance of a good pillow

Most people don’t think too much about their choice of bed pillows unless they sleep badly from pain, but the right bed pillow can make a big impact on the quality of your sleep, your health, and your well-being. Choosing the right bed pillow is the first step. There is no single pillow that is great for everyone. We are all different and have different needs, and we also have different sleeping styles and so we need to choose a bed pillow that is suited to each of us. Trouble is, there are loads of different pillow types, and it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for you.

Bed pillows – consider these things before you decide on a pillow

First of all, there are lots of factors to consider before you decide to purchase bed pillows.  

What is your sleeping style?

  • Sleep on your front ( tummy sleeper)

If you sleep on your front which is called tummy sleeper, choose a softer pillow, a down or a soft low-fill synthetic pillow. This is to keep your back straight even if you sleep on your tummy.

  • Sleep on your back ( back sleeper)

Choose a medium thickness pillow, one that will not be flattened by the weight of your head. It should be filled well enough to support your head and neck.

  • Sleep on your side (Side sleeper)

A side sleeper needs to choose a pillow that both supports the neck and should gap, so you won’t wake up with an aching shoulder or stiff neck.

Bed pillows How much do you want to spend on a sleep pillow?

We have reviewed bed pillows from price range $2.50 as the lowest and highest at $150 each. Like most things, you get what you paid for. We all love to bargain but always be considerate of the cheap items because we all know they won’t last. As for pillows, cheap pillows will lose their support and share and will reduce your sleep quality. Likewise, at the top end, expensive pillows are not a lot better than some other pillows at half the price. Like other items, the price also depends on the brand name. So far, this is what you get for the price you pay:

  • $20 or less – are made of synthetic material
  • $20 to $50 means you get a better quality pillow, you can also get a luxurious down pillow for this price range.
  • $50 above – You get high-quality material for your luxurious pillow for this price.

Bed pillows Consider also if you are suffering from any sleep disorders:

  • Sleep apnea – If you suffer sleep apnea, there are bed pillows that will reduce your snoring  or reduce the symptoms
  • Neck pain – There’s a wide range of orthopedic bed pillows designed to offer special neck support for neck pain and cervical spondylitis sufferers
  • Back pain – Look for a pillow which is specifically designed to help with spine alignment
  • Pregnancy – Choose a pillow designed with special support designed for 2nd and 3rd-trimester pregnant women.

Bed pillows – with no further ado here are the top 10 sleep pillows

A good sleeping posture is a key to sleeping soundly, night after night, and to wake up without pain and stiffness. Your pillow helps to support a healthy sleep posture. What does that posture look like? A body in alignment, from the knees and hips, through the spine to the chest and shoulders, head and neck, and how do you choose the correct bed pillows for your body? Follow the factors below:

  • Fill/fiber – there is a variety of pillow fills to choose from, expensive ones are filled with down which is either made from goose or duck fibers. However, goose down tends to be softer than duck down.
bed pillows fiber
  • Synthetic down and polyester – synthetic down bed pillows are less expensive than natural, which also is a big factor for those people who suffer from allergies. As these bed pillows may trigger the allergy, it is best to go for the natural down bed pillows.
bed pillows synthetic
  • Wool – These pillows are naturally hypo-allergenic and resistant to dust and mites. These types of pillows wick away moisture from your head and neck keeping your temperature regulated throughout the night.
bed pillows wool
  • Cotton – Similar to wool, cotton is hypo-allergenic and resistant to dust and mites. Cotton pillows tend to be somewhat flat and firm. Cotton pillows are often a smart choice for people with allergies and chemical sensitivities.
bed pillows cotton
  • Latex – latex pillows tend to be more firm than down, but still very comfortable. These pillows hold their shape. This is the kind of pillow you squish into the position you like. Latex is resistant to mold and dust mites. Latex is contoured pillows designed to deliver extra support o the head and neck or to restrict movements during sleep.
bed pillows latex
  • Memory foam. These pillows have become tremendously popular in recent years. Memory foam conforms to your individual shape. Responding to your weight and body heat, memory foam softens and contours to the lines of your head, neck, and shoulders. It also distributes weight evenly across its surface. These qualities make it a popular choice for people with head and neck pain, or pressure points that cause discomfort during sleep. 
bed pillows foam

Bed pillows – quality matters

For bed pillows, the fill power is also very important when choosing your bed pillows, with every bed pillow quality matters comfort, support, and longevity, and will be reflected in the price. Check the 10 best pillow choices on Amazon below.

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