Bedding set and accessories – choosing the right bedding

Bedding set and accessories – a sleep come true

Nothing is better than a comfortable bed after a long stressful hard day at work. Cool sheets, a comfortable mattress, and a supportive and cozy pillow is the best reward a hardworking person can get at the end of the day. But there are lots of people who settle down with an uncomfortable mattress, hot and sticky sheets and pillows that need constant kneading to be supportive. It just doesn’t make sense, to risk your health and sleep that way.

Bedding set and accessories – professional advice

Bedding set and accessories – professional advice

Being comfortable is obviously very subjective, as some people like a firm, some soft, some in between. But comfort should not be overlooked or sacrificed. Why is comfort so important to get a good night sleep?

  1. Helps you fall asleep faster – When you are comfortable, your body can relax easily and you can fall asleep faster
  2. Increase your sleep quality – having a comfortable mattress, cool bedding and a dark, quiet sleep environment can help you increase your sleep quality.
  3. Relax your body and mind – being comfortable means your body can easily relax. If you are uncomfortable, you will constantly be re-adjusting your position to find a comfortable position, or if you are hot, trying to cool down. Comfort has a direct effect on the quality of your sleep.

Bedding set and accessories – get a comfortable mattress and pillows

Bedding set and accessories – get a comfortable mattress and pillows

Some people think being comfortable means you have to give up support. That is not always the case. Take for example the memory foam mattress; they make a very comfortable all foam mattresses which is very comfortable while still being very supportive. The density of the foam is such that it doesn’t allow the back to sink too much, and the lack of metal coils means no physical pressure from the coil unit.

Bedding set and accessories – a good pillow is important

Besides a comfortable mattress, a good pillow is important as well, Nest Bedding has designed several pillows that combine support and comfort, as the pillow can be just as important as the mattress when it comes to achieving good sleep quality.

Bedding set and accessories – How to choose the right pillow, mattress, and bedding for a good night sleep

With an ever-increasing number of products that promise to help you improve your sleep, making the right choice can be challenging, even when you manage to narrow down your choices to something relatively simple, like a new mattress. The huge selection of materials and technologies can be overwhelming.

So here is a guide on how to choose the right mattress for sleep

Bedding set and accessories – The mattress

First of all, list down all the things you dislike about your current mattress, and ask yourself these questions;

  • Is your mattress the right size?
  • Does your mattress feel hot when you sleep?
  • ARE you mattress too firm or too soft?
  • Do you have a bed buddy whose movements disturb your sleep?

If your current bed is too hot when you sleep, it is likely you have memory foam or latex mattress since these materials tend to retain warmth. In this case, you might want to look for a traditional innerspring mattress.

Bedding set and accessories – Memory foam and latex

However, memory foam and latex do help distribute body weight evenly, which can relieve pressure. These materials also minimize movement transfer, meaning if your partner tosses and turns are less likely to wake you up. Some modern beds also offer adjustable firmness levels so your side may be firm while your partner’s side is softer. Other beds let you adjust the firmness by removing layers or by simply flipping the mattress over.  

Bedding set and accessories – The pillows

When choosing a pillow, it can be useful to start by selecting the filling that you find most comfortable. Feather and down retain warmth and tend to offer more support. Memory foam helps distribute weight evenly on pillows as well, which can be helpful if you suffer from neck pain. If you sleep on your back or stomach a flatter pillow is usually the best choice. If you sleep on your side, a bigger pillow can help bridge the gap between your head and neck. If you do not know which position you sleep in, or regularly change position during the night, look for a pillow that has different fill chambers, these can help keep you comfortable regardless of sleeping position.

Bedding set and accessories – additional bedroom accessories

Bedding set and accessoriesMattress and pillow protectors may be helpful if your sleep is disturbed due to allergic reactions to dust, mold or mildew. They are less likely to combat hay-fever symptoms since pollen tends to be tracked indoors by people, animals, and wind. For maximum protection, look for non-porous fabrics that completely encase your pillow, mattress, and box spring.

Bedding set and accessories – weighted blankets may improve sleep by reducing arousal and anxiety, but studies on their effectiveness have been mixed. Look for a blanket that weighs more than 1% of your body weight and makes sure the weight is evenly distributed.

Bedding set and accessoriessleep trackers can produce interesting data but if you have any anxiety towards sleep, they may cause more harm than good. There are different types of sleep trackers, wearable and non-wearable as well as apps.

Bedding set and accessories – White noise generator, this is particularly useful if you have loud neighbors, these are also one of the most recommended products for people suffering chronic insomnia.

Bedding set and accessories – improving your sleep with affect your overall health.

Bedding set and accessories are one of the most important parts of sleep, getting comfortable in your bed is your main goal if you have sleep problems. Researchers found that an increase in sleep duration and sleep quality, and reduction in sleep medication, predicted an improvement in mental and physical health. 

Bedding set and accessories – fight sleep disorder

Bedding set and accessories can help you fight sleep disorders, by giving yourself a comfortable place to sleep each night. Sleep disorder is a common disorder among people from all over the world, and luckily for those who suffer from sleep issues, there is an increasing awareness of the importance of sleep and numerous sleep aids available such as natural remedies, sleep gadgets such as sleep earbuds, and more.