Benefits of buying organic duvet cover to aid any allergies when sleeping

What is a Duvet Cover and what are the benefits of having one?

You may be wondering what a duvet cover is and does it really exists? Well, to tell you, it does! An Organic Duvet Cover is even a better option since it is made from organic materials that are sure to be beneficial for you and for the environment as well. But before we get any further, let us first discuss what a duvet cover is and what are the benefits of having one.

An Organic Duvet Cover or simply a duvet cover is a protective machine washable cover for your duvet, most likely for your down duvet. There are many duvet sizes and styles to choose from depending on your preference. They can also be referred to as a comforter cover since it’s the outside of the bedding. Think of your duvet cover in the same way you would think about a pillowcase. It protects the interior of the insulation and fabric, while still providing a decorative touch that’s both stylish and functional.
Organic Duvet Cover
Duvet covers are not filled. It has an opening where you can insert your duvet and it has various closure types such as buttons or zippers. These added elements make changing out a duvet cover easy and hassle-free as said in an Organic Duvet Cover review.

According to Organic Cover, here are the benefits of having an Organic Duvet Cover:

Improves longevity of your duvet

One of the reasons the Europeans have been able to pass their comforters on to the next generation is the encasement of their comforters in duvet covers. Such simple protection makes the shell of the comforter last longer. A traditional European bed sheet set includes a duvet cover instead of a flat sheet. In the US, the sheet choices are rather unusual. They are not designed to protect comforters. An American bed sheet set includes a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and pillowcases. It does not include a duvet cover. Think of the Organic Duvet Cover as like your pillowcase, it helps to improve the lifespan of your duvet plus you get to have a great cover that will match your bedroom.

It keeps comforter clean

Comforters without covers get exposed to body oil, makeup, dust, pet hair, and often drinks and food. Some sleepers attempt to protect their comforters with a flat sheet, but it will never offer the same protection as a duvet cover. A flat sheet may briefly cover one side of your comforter but it will always slip off because it is not anchored to the comforter. A duvet cover, on the other hand, will protect your whole comforter and will stay put because zippers, buttons or ties keep it closed with the comforter fully enveloped inside of it. Recently, the bedding industry developed a duvet cover with inner corner ties where the cover is tied to the corner loops of a comforter and the comforter does not bounce around inside its cover as said in an Organic Duvet Cover review.

Easier to clean than comforters 

Many comforters require special care. Some comforters are so thick or so big that they will not fit into your home washer or dryer. If you happen to have a house in a rather cold state like North Dakota, Maine, or Vermont and do not have a warm comforter in winter, you will pay a fortune for your heating. Having a 600gsm Camel wool winter comforter will save you quite a few bucks. That baby pays for itself in reduced heating bills but it is big and fat and may ruin your washer. Taking it to a commercial laundromat hoping to find a big heavy-duty machine is a hassle. That is the reason why you need a removable washable duvet cover like the Sleep & Beyond Organic Duvet Cover. Some comforters, such as mulberry silk comforters, can sag or shrink after washing. Wool comforters may felt (become lumpy) after washing or machine drying.

Can be used as a flat sheet or a light cover

A duvet cover can replace a blanket in hot summer months. It can be used as a flat sheet while you store your warm comforter for the off-season. That is especially recommended for hot sleepers. A fancy duvet cover can also be used as a bedspread like the Organic Duvet Cover from Sleep & Beyond.

Soft duvet cover makes comforter feel better

This is true in cases where the shell of the comforter is made of rough fabric such as linen or some scratchy polyester. No matter how much fabric softener you dump in your washer or how long your comforter gets beaten by tennis balls in the dryer, the fabric may not get softer as said in an Organic Duvet Cover review.

Can prevent shedding

If your comforter is filled with a coarse filling that migrates through the shell, then a duvet cover can cure the problem. If you look like a sheep in the morning with your pj’s covered in wool or if flying feathers make you think it is snowing in your bedroom, then an additional layer of fabric around your leaky down or wool comforter may make worth keeping it. The Sleep & Beyond Organic Duvet Cover would be a great help for this.

How to pick a duvet cover

Picking the best duvet cover might be difficult and we are here to help you out with this task. Here is a buying guide on how you can purchase the best duvet cover for you according to Elle Decor:

Types of duvet cover: 


Cotton is the most commonly used material for duvet covers and is an easy-to-maintain fabric that is soft and comfortable. If you’re looking for a no-fuss, low-maintenance material, cotton is your best bet. Most bedding sites recommend a duvet cover with a thread count of 300+ to ensure that your duvet stays protected. The Organic Duvet Cover is made from cotton as well.


If you’re looking for a breathable and luxurious duvet cover, we recommend silk. Silk’s natural properties make it great for humid climates and will keep you warm without feeling claustrophobic. If you suffer from allergies or asthma, silk is a go-to material because of its dust-repellent qualities.

Polyester & Cotton-Poly Blend:

Polyester and Cotton-Poly blend duvet covers are best for people who want a resistant fabric that does not wrinkle or fade over time. Polyester is man-made, meaning that it is typically less expensive than natural alternatives. Unlike cotton or silk, polyester is less breathable, trapping moisture and heat in your sheets. If you are someone who favors a warmer sleep environment, polyester is a great option.

The best Duvet Cover that you should have today

Now that you are hooked up with the idea of owning a duvet cover, you should be getting the best of the best like the Sleep & Beyond Organic Duvet Cover. 

The Organic Duvet Cover is made from 100% organic cotton sateen. The fabric has already been pre-shrunk so that you will be getting the best performance without having to suffer from shrinkage of a newly-washed cover. The buttons are 100% coconut-based that are durable and sustainable so you are truly helping to save the environment one duvet cover at the time.

According to an Organic Duvet Cover review, this duvet cover feels good to the skin for its ultra-soft fabric that gently touches your skin softly. You are sure to be having great protection for your duvet for this cover will help to keep their lifespan longer and helping you to save a lot of money and will save you cleaning time for you do not have to clean the whole comforter itself when you can just wash the duvet cover helping you to save the time with cleaning and drying. This is also hypoallergenic making it the best choice, especially for those allergy sufferers.

The Organic Duvet Cover has a 400 Thread count for the twin size and a 300 thread count for the queen, king, and super king which is still soft and comfortable enough for your use. The recommended thread count for the best comfortable and soft sleep is between 300-500 thread-count and 300 thread count is already great enough for you to feel the comfort the softness of the fabric helping you enjoy your night a lot more as it gently touches your skin keeping you to be relaxed and comfortable as you sleep at night.

Sleep & Beyond Organic Duvet Cover is the best option for you as Sleep & Beyond truly provide the best of the best as their brand provides the most organic cotton that helps you to have the best sleep of your night while keeping you with a clean conscience for they are made with organic materials that are safe for the environment. As they create a sale, 5% of their sales go to charity to help make the world a better place one purchase at a time.

If you are in for the best duvet cover there could ever be, you could never go wrong with Organic Duvet Cover.