Best Sleep Aids Review and Buying Guide

Best sleep aids to help you fall asleep

Sleeping has been one of many people’s problems. After a long tiring day at college or at work, it just seems to be impossible to fall asleep almost instantly as you lay down to your bed no matter how tired you are. We have the idea of the more tired you are, the more you are likely to fall asleep faster. But that simply does not work for everyone. These are the daily struggle of the insomniacs.

Insomniacs have tried different sleep aid but nothing just seemed to work. Now. it is time to hack your body and your system by taking the best sleep aids available. Sleep aids are capsules you take to help you in falling asleep faster. You take a pill or two (depending on your sleep aid) and wait for a couple of minutes for it to take effect, and voila! You have already fallen asleep.

Your best sleep aids buying guide

Many people are not a fan of using sleep aids because of the health risk it opposes. You no longer need to worry when the modern time has come up with modern medicine that has less to zero side effects. There is a lot of sleep aid available on the market but you don’t know what to choose from. Here are our buying guides in purchasing the best sleep aids:

  • Most sleep aids are antihistamines. Your body could get immune to its effect faster than usual. So the more you take theses sleep pills, the more likely you won’t be able to fall asleep using these.
  • Diphenhydramine is a sedating antihistamine. Side effects might include daytime drowsiness, dry mouth, blurred vision, constipation, and urinary retention.
  • Melatonin helps control your natural sleep-wake cycle. Some research suggests that melatonin supplements might be helpful in treating jet lag or reducing the time it takes to fall asleep — although the effect is typically mild. Side effects can include headaches and daytime sleepiness.
  • Valerian is from a plant and is used in making sleep aids. This doesn’t appear to cause any side effects.

When purchasing sleep aids, it is best to:

  • Talk with your doctor if you are currently taking any other medications
  • Diphenhydramine and doxylamine aren’t recommended for people who are suffering specific kind of illness and is absolutely not safe for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers
  • You should only take one day at a time. Do not make your self-dependent on taking these.
  • Avoid alcohol as alcohol should not be mixed with sleep aids

And with these tips, here are our top 5 best picks for the best sleep aids:

best sleep aids #1 – Dr Emil Nutrition 5-HTP Plus 

best sleep aids #1

This sleep aid is not only a great sleep aid, but it also helps to improve your mood and helps to relieve anxiety. This is one of the best sleep aids available on the market for this is doctor driven and backed by science formulating it to be one of the best sleep aids you could ever purchase.

best sleep aids #2 ZzzQuil Pure Zzzs De-Stress and Sleep Melatonin Gummies

best sleep aids #2

If you are having difficulty falling asleep because of stress and anxiety, this is the product for you. This is one of the best sleep aids that help to relieve stress and anxiety. This also has a non-habit formula so you will not be tricked into being dependent on taking these pills to help you fall asleep. Plus, it comes with a delicious blackberry vanilla gummies.

best sleep aids #3 – Dream Water Natural Sleep Aid

best sleep aids #3

If you are looking for unique sleep aid, Dream water natural sleep aid is the one for you. This is considered to be one of the best sleep aids for it comes with a different form. Unlike other sleep aids, this does come in water form instead of the traditional capsule. As it is indifferent form, it is still as effective as to those you purchase in the current medicine bottles.

best sleep aids #4 – Puritans Pride Super Strength Melatonin

This is not your usual sleep aid for this is a super strength sleep aid that is sure to help you fall asleep faster and longer. This is one of the best sleep aids especially if you are traveling from different time-zone to another as this will take effect immediately and prevent you from having jetlags. Every bottle is made with its finest raw materials that will make the most out of every buck you spent

best sleep aids #5 – Sundance 12 Mg Melatonin Tablets

best sleep aid #5

If you are in search of the best sleep aid that has melatonin as the main and active ingredient, Sundance is for you. This sleep aid helps you to maintain your regular sleep cycle which is great for jetlags when you are traveling to different time zones. This also promotes rest and relaxation so you could have that peaceful sleep you have always wanted.

The best sleep aids are safe

You do not have to worry about your health when you are purchasing and taking sleep aids. You just need to make sure that you are purchasing the best sleep aids so that you will be guaranteed that it is made with high-quality ingredients and is safe to consume for ages 12 and older.