Blackout curtains – 7 best blackout curtains according to reviews

Blackout curtains – what are blackout curtains?

If you are a light sleeper, work, a night shift, have a baby at home, or just want to drown out some street noise, while you sleep, blackout curtains might be a good sleep solution for you. Not only are they energy efficient, but they naturally banish most light that stipples through regular curtains.

Blackout curtains – the purpose of blackout curtains

Many sleep aids and sleep gadgets on smartphones are up to the task of putting you to deep sleep. Sometimes, it is better to opt for simple devices. You might want to consider blackout curtains if you are sensitive to light, and you cannot get to sleep or relax because of the light. It might also be useful to those of you with many windows at home, or who work very late at night and sleep is during the daytime.

The role Blackout curtains play is not only limited to blocking off light, but the thicker models can also additionally provide heat regulation. These forms of blackout curtains are also known as thermal curtains and work by keeping away hot in summer and absorbing heat in winter. The winter season is always accompanied by shorter hours of sunlight and less heat. So, blackout curtains keep you warm by regulating the temperature around you, further enabling you to save the money for energy supply.

Blackout curtains – 5 best curtains for blocking light

With the number of blackout curtains found on Amazon, you might be confused about what model to settle for. However, we have combed through these models to present to you, the ten best blackout curtains and this list is per the cost and quality difference, as well as customer’s review on Amazon to save you time and money.

Blackout curtains #1 – Best home fashion thermal insulated blackout curtains

Blackout curtains #1 – Best home fashion thermal insulated blackout curtains

Fashion Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains for $48.99 got the 4.5 to 5 stars rating and 88% customer satisfaction perform wonderfully well in terms of blocking light, but they also adopt the use of aesthetics to fit into your home’s decoration flawlessly. Additionally, this model is skillful at retaining heat in your home during cold season or winter. These dual-sectioned drapes come in an attractive wheat color, which is extremely excellent suitable for different home designs.

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Blackout curtains #2 – Eclipse Fresno Blackout Window Curtain Panel

Blackout curtains #2 – Eclipse Fresno Blackout Window Curtain Panel

Eclipse Fresno Blackout curtain got 4.3 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon with 82% customer satisfaction, with their classy appearance and excellent functions, will fit into every room in your home. These lined fabric-based models, because of their constituents, can reduce the loss of heat and absorb noise up to 99% simultaneously. Therefore, you will have a more peaceful atmosphere for different activities. The polyester-based blackout curtains are quite durable and washable.

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Blackout curtains #3 – Utopia Bedding Blackout Room Darkening and Thermal Insulating Window Curtains

Blackout curtains #3 – Utopia Bedding Blackout Room Darkening and Thermal Insulating Window Curtains

One of the number one denser and durable curtains on the market is the Utopia Bedding Blackout room darkening. It has gotten 4.7 out of 5-star rating and 92% customer satisfaction on Amazon. These curtains block UV light and reduce the loss of heat in your home. The navy blue was one of our favorites as the color can easily fit into your rooms due to the reasonable neutrality, and they are removed and installed easily without stress.

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Blackout curtains #4 – Deconovo Window Blackout curtains

Blackout curtains #4 – Deconovo Window Blackout curtains

Deconovo curtains have features such as, reasonable density, aesthetic and efficient insulation, which enables them to function correctly, even at their relatively affordable prices. Deconovo can protect you from 99% of UV light and other lights. They can also minimize heat loss and to an extent, absorb noise. They are pitch black in color, and measure 63” by 53”, and thus, can easily fit an average window.

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Blackout curtains #5 – Rose Home Fashion RHF Thermal Blackout Door Curtain

Compared to other thermal models, which are double paneled or slit single paneled, this RHF extra-wide curtain for light blockage is a better option for those of you with big windows or glass patio doors. This thinks, soft polyester-based models are unique in that is has insulation against both heat and cold. It comes in light and dark colors and has tanned curtain-rod perforations that make it more attractive. This model also comes in different sizes, with the 100” wide models for $30 at a minimum.

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Blackout curtains – adding privacy and darkening your room

Blackout curtains are options for darkening your room and adding privacy, the options are limitless when it comes to choosing the right curtains. When you are looking for new curtains and checking out different brands and types, the following are crucial factors to consider:

  • Budget – Some may cost over$100, while cheaper models may be from $30 or even less. Try to find the costs of a window panel or new liner if you intend to purchase two-pass curtains.
  • Window dimensions – The best curtains come in multiple sizes to allow buyers to have different room dimensions. Take your window’s measurement carefully before purchasing your curtains.
  • Curtain rods – curtain can use grommets, rings, rod pockets, or other strapping instruments. All are effectively comparable, and this thought usually boils down to personal preference.
  • Cleaning the curtains – consider the factors of cleaning curtains, it is also by personal preference if you would like your curtains to be washable by washing machine or dry cleaned. These options are indicated in the product description.

Blackout curtains help you get the right amount of darkness into your bedroom, however, to get the right quality-sleep that you are aiming for, it is also important to consider your sleep environment and lifestyle. All are factors of getting the rest that you want.