Which blanket is the right one for you

Blanket usage is needed on your bed

Sleeping soundly is everyone’s dream. We would all do our very best to sleep like a baby every night especially with all of the hard work we put our body into day by day. May it is a simple task that you have done for the day, our body needs a well-deserved sleep even if it seems to be impossible to get them each night. Sleeping soundly also requires the use of the most comfortable materials possible. Of course, we would be gladly sleeping in the best firmness of a sleeping mattress, a fluffy pillow that is soft enough that it feels like laying your head clouds but still compact enough that it does not lay down flat after a few nights of use. Of course, what’s a bed without a blanket to snuggle with as we sleep?

The blanket is needed as it makes us more comforted as we sleep. Remember as kids when we are scared about the monsters hiding under our beds? Using our blankets to cover our whole body to make us feel protected and safe eventually puts us at ease and helps us to sleep better at night. Ever since the use of blanket has been essential in our bed as it makes us more comfortable since being bare on your bed might be a cold feeling and a little uncomfortable to sleep in.

Blanket questions? We got answers!

There are a ton of blankets available in the market today and it might be a little confusing which one is the best one to be used at home. Maybe your friend’s top favorite to snuggle with is not your top favorite since different kinds of people have different tastes.

If you are a lot more confused which is the best for you to use, here are our helpful tips on how you can have the best of the best according to your preference:

Fabric matters:

The way your blanket feel should be your top priority since this will the main basis on how you sleep comfortably at night. Here are the choices of fabrics that you can indulge in as you sleep:

Cotton – Cotton blankets are great and won’t lose their quality even after hundreds of wash. This is a great option for those people who are always experiencing skin allergies for Cotton are known to be soft and gentle to the skin. You are sure going to love how the cotton touches your skin.

Our best option for a 100% cotton you can snuggle into is SensaCalm‘s weighted blanket. Their Therapeutic weighted blankets have helped many get the rest they need and are especially helpful for those with Sensory Processing Disorder.

blanket SensaCalm

Cashmere – If you are more into a luxurious side of life, cashmere is a great choice for this feels luxurious, warm, and silky. However, these are very expensive but if you do have the extra, why not?

Wool – A heavy, warm, yet still comforting blanket. Wool provides excellent insulation while allowing moisture to evaporate. It is a great choice if you want to sleep in a warm atmosphere but some people are unfortunately allergic to wool so if you have skin sensitivity, you better watch out.

Synthetics – acrylic, polyester, and microfiber belong to this family. If you are looking for a cheaper option, this is worth looking into. However, synthetics have a good deal with static electricity so it might be getting dust, hair, loose threads more usual compared to a cotton-based blanket.

Fleece – Extra warm, cozy, and still not too heavy. Fleece is more of a common favorite with children as it is truly comforting without being too heavy for children’s use.

Vellux – If you are wondering what your hotel uses as their blanket, it is most probably be Vellux. Vellux is naturally hypoallergenic making it the best option for those people who have sensitive skin.

Sizes are important

Of course, we should purchase the right size of the blanket we are purchasing, usually, you should purchase the same size or a little bit bigger to your current mattress, If you have a queen-sized mattress you should be purchasing a queen-sized blanket as well, it is to your own discretion if want your blanket on your own to purchase a smaller one or you wanted to be fully wrapped and will be needing the extra fabric then, by all means, purchase the bigger one.

If you are unsure of the size you want to purchase, here is the most common size guide:

  • Twin: 90” x 65”
  • Full/Queen: 90” x 85”
  • Queen: 90” x 90”
  • King: 90” x 110”

The blanket helps you to sleep better

No matter how you sleep at night, it would not be complete without the use of a blanket. Blankets help us to keep warm, safe, and comfortable every night as we sleep. Choosing the right one may be a difficult task, but it will sure be worth it. Having the perfect blanket will help you sleep better at night especially if you go for a weighted blanket, it will not only help you fall asleep better at night but it is sure to be very therapeutic as well.