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Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid MattressEverything you need to know about hybrid mattresses

As you may have to enjoy the benefits of sleeping soundly at night, you might want to get the best sleep mattress that you could ever have. People say that purchasing a mattress is an investment and we totally agree especially when it is Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid Mattress. It is considered as an investment because your mattress is your temple. This is where you rest in to have peace and comfortable sleep at night. When you sleep peacefully, your body is at its best state. Your body recovers more from illness when you sleep comfortably. Your mood improves as well when you have a great night of sleep. Along with this, you will be waking up feeling refreshed and lesser the chance of having body pains as your mattress is truly comfortable to sleep in that you would not want to leave the bed ever again.

The Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid is a mattress that is truly great for everyone for its amazing features that we just cannot get enough of! Aside from its great features, there are tons of benefits of having a hybrid mattress and we cannot wait to tell them to you!

Here are the benefits of a hybrid mattress (like the Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid) according to the bear mattress:

1. They’ve Got a Little Give
Memory foam mattresses are known for their “slow-melting” density, which can create a sinking feeling not everyone can get behind. The pocket-coil innerspring core of a hybrid mattress allows for more bounce, which you don’t get from a 100% memory foam mattress due to its impressive ability to hinder motion transfer. In other words, you could still have fun playing “No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed” with a hybrid mattress like the Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid Mattress.

2. They’re oh-so-comfy
On a related note, the top comfort foam layers provide contouring support, hugging your body while you sleep. Combined with the pocket-coil springs, it can sometimes create a weightless feeling that is very soothing to a lot of people as said in a Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid Mattress review. You could almost equate it to the feeling of being cradled on a fluffy cloud (or something). It’s like you’ve got a five-star-hotel bed in the comfort of your home.

3. They’re Breezy and Breathable
One of the biggest complaints around memory foam mattresses is that they can get steamy. Hybrids, however, provide a cooler sleeping environment due to the breathability of the innerspring core like the Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid. In fact, innerspring coils transfer heat 28% better than traditional memory foam.

4. Pocket-Coils Help Reduce Motion Transfer
While the reduction of motion transfer isn’t as impressive as that of a memory foam mattress, hybrid mattresses are still a step above your typical spring mattress because most of them use pocket-coils.

Traditional innerspring systems act as one unit, with all the metal springs interconnected. It’s not great for weight distribution or motion transfer since the springs all move as one. However, pocket-coil spring systems consist of individually wrapped springs, so any sinking or motion is isolated to wherever weight is placed like the Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid Mattress. Therefore, hybrids with a pocket-coil core do a decent job at reducing motion — especially considering they’re designed to provide more bounciness.

8. They Help With Pain Relief
We’ve talked a lot about the incredible comfort of hybrid mattresses. But hybrids also provide ample support with the pocket-spring and foam combination, both of which contour to the body and provide pressure point relief wherever your body needs it most: the neck, back, hips, and shoulders as mentioned in a Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid Mattress review. The spring core provides structural support that helps encourage proper sleep posture and spinal alignment. Meanwhile, the foam top layers fill in the spaces around your body that might not get as much love from an entirely innerspring mattress. These effects work in tandem to help alleviate chronic pain or soreness in the body.

9. Springs Poking Your Back? Not With a Hybrid
Some people worry that the metal springs of a traditional mattress will start poking out here and there, particularly as they get older. Well even as hybrid mattresses age, it’s still unlikely this will happen thanks to the top layers of foam that create a protective barrier between your back and any rogue springs like the Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid.

10. Hybrids Offer an Ideal Balance of Comfort and Support
This last benefit more or less summarizes what’s great about hybrids in general: they’re supportive and luxuriously comfortable at the same time.

If you think about it, hybrid mattresses like the Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid Mattress have pretty much every type of mattress in one. It’s like if you took the athletic abilities of 10 Olympic gold medalists and gave them to a single person. Of course, comfort is a completely individual experience, and what’s supportive to one person could make another person wake up feeling like they’ve aged 50 years.

How to pick the best hybrid mattress

Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid
Choosing the best mattress might be really difficult but that does not mean that you should be doing it alone! We are here to help you out into purchasing the best hybrid mattress there could ever be! Here are our buying guides according to the Sleepopolis:

1. How old is your mattress

The age of your mattress plays a big role with regards to choosing a new one. As a general rule of thumb, if your mattress is over 8 years old it’s probably not a bad idea to consider getting a new one as said in a Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid Mattress review. However, this rule does not apply to all mattresses. There are definitely some that are able to extend beyond 8 years and still provide the same quality performance. The best way to make a judgment call falls back on your sleeping patterns.

2. Types of mattress

Memory foam – Just like it sounds, these mattresses only consist of memory foam. Memory foam mattresses are known for their great support, pressure relief, and body contouring just like Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid. Historically, memory foam has had a bad reputation as “sleeping hot”. However, many newer more advanced memory foams have been designed with superior cooling properties, creating a much cooler mattress than traditional memory foams.

Latex – Built exclusively from latex foam, these mattresses are known for their cooling properties and comfort. Latex is known for its great responsiveness, comfort, bounce, and cooling.

Coils – One of the most popular and widely used mattress types. Coil (aka innerspring) mattresses have one or more layers of spring coils (generally steel) that provide the support and comfort. As technology advances, the number, types, and layers of coils change. A larger number of coils typically means better comfort and support.

Pillow-top – Falling into an array of categories (coil, latex, memory, hybrid, etc.), pillow-top mattresses have a layer of soft material either stuffed or sewn into the cover. This works to add extra comfort and cushion for the sleeper.

Hybrids – Constructed from a combination of latex, memory, polyurethane foams, coils, and/or other materials, these mattresses usually are designed to maximize certain benefits, while also minimizing certain cons. For example, a latex + memory foam hybrid is able to deliver great bounce, cooling, and responsiveness via the latex, but also provide great pressure relief and support from the memory foam like the Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid Mattress.

The Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid Mattress is what you all need

Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid Mattress
If you are in for the best mattress and you are admittedly a hot sleeper, the Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid Mattress is the best choice for you. This mattress is uniquely made for hot sleepers as it is made with a cooling feature that helps to keep your body at an 88-degree temperature that is the absolute perfect temperature for sleeping.

This mattress has the most advanced fabric on the market delivers TitanCool™ benefits on contact. The second layer of this mattress has a great technology that adapts to your body each time you move so that you can still utilize the comforts of the mattress. According to a Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid Mattress review, this mattress offers 3 different kinds of firmness (soft, medium, firm) that allows you to have a more customized feel with how you want your bed to be. You may opt for a soft bed if you truly enjoy a soft bed. It may depend on your sleep position or it can still boil down to your own personal preference.

The Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid is a mattress that you should not miss out on. Well, anything that Brooklyn Bedding creates is truly one of the best of the best and this mattress never fails! It will keep you cool as you sleep at night so no more to those hot nights! Not only does that make you cool at night, but it also adapts to the right sleeping temperature that allows you to have a more comfortable sleep at night.

If you truly want the bed that is the best of the best, you could never go wrong with having the Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid Mattress!