Brooklyn Bedding Dreamfoam Brushed Microfiber Sheet Set: Your complete guide on buying micro fiber sheets

The benefits of microfiber sheets that you should know

As we may have purchased the best mattress we have that we can finally sleep on, your mattress needs some dressing up, too! The Brooklyn Bedding Dreamfoam Brushed Microfiber Sheet Set would be a great set that you should have in your bedroom. But we’ll tell you this: The microfiber sheets from Brooklyn Bedding is a true great sheet set that you should have -stat!

As you may have chosen to dress up your mattress, it is reasonable that you get yourselves the best sheets to cover your mattress so that you may lengthen its lifespan and add a great touch to your bedroom (Hint: Brooklyn brushed microfiber sheets goes great with everything!). What’s greater than having a magical mattress when you get to match it with your room’s aesthetics, right? As there are tons of sheets that are available for you to use, you might hear of different kinds of fabric such as cotton and microfiber. These two are the top kinds of sheets that people enjoy. To help you further, here are the comparison of a cotton sheet and a microfiber sheet

Cotton SheetMicrofiber Sheet
Soothing to the skinSoft to the touch
Natural moisture-wicking propertiesLow maintenance
Durable while maintaining softnessDurable

What we love about a microfiber sheet is that it is ultimately soft to touch which will improve your overall experience with your mattress as mentioned in a Brooklyn Bedding Dreamfoam Brushed Microfiber Sheet Set review and it is pretty accurate as we have tried it ourselves!. It is also low maintenance that you can wash this with a normal cycle on your washing machine without the need for special instruction. It will surely last you longer for you do not have delicate care instructions for this one.

Focusing on microfiber sheet, you may check the Brooklyn bedding Dreamfoam brushed microfiber sheet set review for a more detailed review of how great a microfiber sheet they have with their sheet set.

Here are the pros and cons of owning a microfiber sheet according to Snoring Source:

The Pros

1. Durability

The durability of any fabric is contingent on the quality of the sheet being purchased. No matter how tightly woven a sheet is if the material isn’t durable it won’t last long. On its own, a microfiber is rather weak. However, due to how the microfibers are woven together, the material is very durable. Unlike natural fabrics like cotton, microfiber won’t break down as easily with frequent washes. All fabric, whether natural or synthetic is susceptible to pilling. However, for the same reasons microfiber is less likely to pill. Finishing processes like singeing and mercerizing also minimize the chance of pilling even more. The Brooklyn Bedding Dreamfoam Brushed Microfiber Sheet Set is truly durable as said on tons of Brooklyn bedding reviews and we cannot disagree for it all makes sense! 

2. Cleaning and Care

In almost all cases, wash care for microfiber sheets is very easy as said in a Brooklyn Bedding Dreamfoam Brushed Microfiber Sheet Set review. It’s very rare to find microfiber bedsheets that specify dry-cleaning or special care instructions.

Typical washing instructions:

  1. Wash on cold or warm. Use a detergent of your choice.
  2. Dry on low heat. Hang dry for improved color retention.
  3. To minimize wrinkles, remove from the dryer as soon as the cycle is complete.

Most man-made, synthetic materials resist staining. However, material type matters, a lot. For instance, a polyester microfiber can absorb seven times its weight in water. This makes this material a spill magnet.

It’s important to distinguish between ABsorbent and ADsorbent. In the above situation, the polyester material is absorbent. However, microfiber can also be adsorbent. Absorbency is the retention/suspension of a liquid on the surface of the material. This results in a material that’s relatively stain-resistant. The Brooklyn brushed microfiber sheets are a truly wonderful set of sheets!

The Cons

1. Breathability

Synthetic materials are often noted for being able to trap heat and make a sleeper feel excessively warm. While microfiber is moisture-wicking, it’s still tightly woven together; This can be great for durability, but it comes at the cost of heat retention. If you’re someone who suffers from night sweats or you’re a hot sleeper, these sheets may not be for you. However, people who live in colder climates can benefit from the heat-trapping nature of microfiber. The Brooklyn brushed microfiber sheets are breathable and have a moisture-control component so you will not experience this at all!

2. Thin

Microfiber sheets are notoriously thin, almost like paper in some cases. In order to avoid thin sheets, you should look at the denier count. A higher denier count will result in a thicker sheet.

Your buying guide to have the best microfiber sheets

Brushed Microfiber Sheets
Purchasing the best microfiber sheets might be difficult but worry-not! We are here to help you out. Here is our buying guide on how you can pick the best microfiber sheets (hint: it’s a Brooklyn brushed microfiber sheets) according to Southshore Fine linens:

1. The first step is knowing the product. Microfiber sheets are made out of synthetic material, mostly polyester. As the name suggests “Micro” the fibers are very small and thin, once the threads are woven together they become extremely strong. The Brooklyn brushed microfiber sheets have a strong quality material that will not miss you out!

2. Unlike cotton, high thread count does not apply to microfiber. Instead, you will want to look at GSM (grams per square meter) the higher the GSM (100 GSM and above) the stronger and more durable your bedsheets will be.

3. Buying low-quality GSM (90 and below) microfiber increases the chances of your sheets ripping and falling apart after just a few washes. The difference in cost between a high-quality microfiber sheet set and one of poorer quality can be less than $10.00.

4. Another important part of this puzzle is the finishing process, as this will determine how soft and comfortable your sheet set will be. A good quality microfiber sheet set will be double brushed (meaning brushed on both sides) making it very soft to the touch that will help you achieve to have a great night! The Brooklyn Bedding Dreamfoam Brushed Microfiber Sheet Set has a soft feature according to their reviews and we totally agree with them!

4. When comparing sheet sets, you will want to take into consideration the components. Most sheet sets will come in a 4-piece set, but there are others that offer them in 6 piece set and higher. So you definitely want to be on the lookout for that so that you could save money and hassle of buying separates as said in a Brooklyn Bedding Dreamfoam Brushed Microfiber Sheet Set Review.

5. Most of the time we don’t even think about fitted sheets pocket depth until we are trying to put them on our mattress and they don’t fit. A deep pocket sheet set should be a minimum of 15 inches, and an extra deep pocket should go up to at least 22 inches. You can never go wrong with a Brooklyn brushed microfiber sheets.

Why Microfiber Sales are on the Rise

  • Affordable price point
  • Vibrant colors and fun patterns
  • Durable and lasts longer than a cotton sheet set
  • Washed and dried quickly
  • Stain and wrinkle-resistant

Brooklyn Bedding Dreamfoam Brushed Microfiber Sheet Set that you must have

Brooklyn Bedding Brushed Mircrofiber Sheets
If you are looking for the best sheet set, you could never go wrong with the microfiber sheet set that Brooklyn bedding has to offer. The Brooklyn brushed microfiber sheets offer a great deal that you will be wanting in your sheets. All of the cons mentioned above are not present in this sheet set!

This bed set from Brooklyn Bedding has amazing features given that this is made from microfiber fabric as mentioned in a Brooklyn Bedding Dreamfoam Brushed Microfiber Sheet Set Review. The microfiber sheets from Brooklyn bedding are great for all seasons. Similar to cotton, this microfiber sheet now also has a moisture-wicking capability that allows you to sleep cool rather than the traditional microfiber that lets you sleep hot. This will help to provide you a dry and cool sleep environment that will still be ideal to use even during summer. This has a high-quality microfiber, constructed with a tighter weave, ensures durability with frequent washing as said from a trusty review. This will ensure you that your sheet set will last you long and would not make you buy some more and more each month that will totally burn your money and squeeze out money left in you. This is machine washable for easy care, the microfiber sheets are made with 100 percent polyester to resist wrinkles and pilling better than traditional cotton sheets. Never have to worry about the care for your sheet for this is completely easy to care for that you are sure not to ruin its quality.

The Brooklyn Bedding Dreamfoam Brushed Microfiber Sheet Set would be a great deal for you to get the best of both worlds in one single bundle set. You do not have to purchase tons of different brands of microfiber sheets that will be another hassle in purchasing, waiting for it to arrive on different days, not saving the environment because of the packaging from the courier, there is just a lot of cons. Purchasing a set comes in handy for you can quickly place it on your mattress without having to wait for other purchases to arrive. You can completely emerge to your excitement with the use of a microfiber sheet set!