Buying Guide: Health benefits of weighted blanket

Weighted Blanket is a calming blanket

A gravity blanket or weighted blanket is becoming popular nowadays. They are one of the tools that most clinics are using for their patients. You can purchase it anywhere now even outside of the clinic. It can help improve your sleep and treat sensory problems. As we are living in a high tech world, there’s a gravity cooling blanket review that you should consider for it can keep your night cool during the summer season and feel warm in the winter season. Owning a gravity cooling blanket is a great saving for you compared to the old weighted blanket sold in the market.

Gravity Blankets Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets are neither too close nor too far from a normal blanket. It does work in the same way, but a weighted blanket does it a couple of times better than that. These are usually used in therapy clinics for their patients, and is now accessible without having to be in a clinic. If you have certain sleep disorders or sensory processing disorders, this might help out if you give it a try. Weighted blankets are heavy blankets weighed down by glass beads or poly pellets that are sewn into pockets throughout the entire fabric. This deep touch pressure helps stimulate the production of serotonin and dopamine which gives out a calming and relaxing effect. In case you’re still in the dilemma of buying one or not, we listed a number of benefits that may help you make up your mind.

Health benefits of a weighted blanket

1 Reduces anxiety-induced insomnia

A hormone called Cortisol is produced when you are feeling nervous, anxious, or basically stressed out. The body produces this hormone whenever we are stressed, and it is terrible to produce lots of this stress hormone as it could lead to anxiety. In this case, anxiety also promotes sleepless nights and worsen into insomnia. Those things may affect your health greatly especially together. Having a weighted blanket weighed on your body alleviates these effects and it helps you stimulate better hormones, also called dopamine, while also reducing stress hormones in your body concurrently.

2 Promotes melatonin production

You’re probably familiar with the hormone called melatonin, which is known for promoting sleep and regulating the sleep cycle too. Apparently, this hormone is related to serotonin, in which it is triggered by the weight of a heavy weighted blanket, also causing melatonin to be produced. Melatonin levels were proven to increase with the use of deep touch pressure caused by heavy weighted blankets. A weighted blanket will probably help if you wish to boost your serotonin and melatonin levels.

3 Improves sleep quality

People who have sensory issued or insomnia find it hard to get a restful sleep. The Journal of Sleep Medicine and Disorders published a study that showed that the use of a heavy weighted blanket prevented the participant from moving around, which improved their sleep in quite a significant way. If you’re having trouble going to sleep or obtaining good quality sleep, maybe a weighted blanket could fix you up.

4 Imitates a hug

Don’t we just feel good to have a loved one give us a hug? A hug technically causes the body to produce a ‘love hormone’ called oxytocin which has been found to reduce one’s blood pressure, creating a feeling of relaxation while also slowing down one’s heart rate. Using a weighted blanket gives a very similar feeling to a hug, helping your body get into a calm and relaxed state.

5 Lowers anxiety levels

Anxiety disorders can play a big part in our lives, from interrupting our sleep to having sleep disorders, or even mood swings. Those are only a few of what anxiety could trigger or cause. Anxiety disorders do not pick an age, because if you think only adults can feel such a thing, you’d be surprised to hear that children may have anxiety attacks as well. Research proves that the use of a weighted blanket helps calm the nervous system before the encounter of events that stress one out. This benefit is one of the most convincing ones that could possibly make you want to try it out for yourself.

6 Alleviates obsessive-compulsive disorder

Those that are diagnosed with this disorder have been said to find relief when using a weighted blanket as it causes their serotonin levels to boost up due to the deep touch pressure this type of blanket provides. The weighted blanket has also been found to help reduce some symptoms of post-traumatic stress, disorder, aggression, and also bipolar disorder. You may want to have a weighted blanket if you have the said disorders or maybe even if you don’t.

7 Improves behavior in children with ADHD

Some children diagnosed with autism have found that they are able to concentrate better with the help of a weighted blanket. The idea is that giving the child the feeling of security through the weight of the blanket can help them focus more on the task at hand. If using a weighted blanket as a tool during the daytime is not conducive to you and your child, try a weighted vest or weighted lap pads which can also have the same effect. Some schools are already implementing the use of weighted lap pads and blankets in the hope of helping their students with ADHD.

8 Eases symptoms of restless leg syndrome

People who have been diagnosed with restless leg syndrome often describe it as a creeping or crawling feeling running up and down their legs at night. This causes their sleep to be interrupted, which is also why fatigue is a common issue for those who are diagnosed with this syndrome. Having restless leg syndrome can be uncomfortable too if you are traveling as it is probably very disturbing for you. Some of those who have this syndrome say that the symptoms are reduced when they have something heavy pressed down against their legs, which is a job that a weighted blanket can do well. If you’re one of those people who are diagnosed with RLS, try getting yourself a weighted blanket and see if it helps.

9 Lowers instances of panic attacks

Those who suffer from panic attacks know well that it could occur at any time, leaving them vulnerable to the symptoms related to this condition. Though there are medications that can calm you, there are those who prefer to treat this problem in a more natural way. Thanks to the people who invented such a thing, the use of a weighted blanket may help reduce the occurrence of panic attacks as it promotes the production of serotonin along with dopamine, which are hormones that calm you down. When you’re feeling more eased, sleep won’t be as difficult, especially for those who experience nocturnal panic attacks.

10 Improves mood

Of course, some days in our life we may feel depressed and sometimes it feels like we’re trapped in endless darkness. This may be caused by an illness or change of hormones, but whatever the cause may be, it’s best to find a solution before it gets worse. One of the main benefits of a weighted blanket is its deep touch pressure. This effect causes your cortisol levels to go down, which is supposed to make you feel much better.

The weighted blanket is a must-buy blanket

Gravity Cooling Blanket
People have been liking weighted blankets considering its many benefits as time goes by, and that’s not surprising at all. It is quite reasonable to buy as it does a lot of help to many types of disorders such as insomnia, restless leg syndrome, anxiety, and sleep disorders which can make it hard for them to obtain good sleep. Although weighted blankets were originally designed to help those with sensory disorders, many people have been using it to improve their sleep. Better consider reading the gravity cooling weighted blanket review before buying one. It’s not a waste of money but a must-buy bedding product for it ensures you that you’ll have a better sleep throughout the night no matter it’s in the hot or cold season. A unique weighted blanket that everyone should have. Take note that bedding products have a big contribution to obtaining a good sleep at night. Make sure that you have found one in order to achieve it. A little pricey because it is made of high-quality materials but it will stay with you for a lifetime for it was proven on its durability.