Buying Guide: What kind of bed platform foundation do I need for my kids?

The benefits of having a bed platform foundation especially for your kids

There are tons of bed frames available in the market but we simply cannot choose the best one out there especially when it comes to our kids. When we are in search for a bed frame, we always make sure that their safety comes first especially with the sturdiness and the design of the headboard. Most headboard designs are not safe for kids as it might be accident-prone. A bed platform foundation would be a great option for you will be having a sturdy foundation and a customized headboard for your kids. Since most headboard designs are made just for the aesthetics of the room, they do not come in a child-friendly design. Just cannot help to wonder what if they accidentally bump their head into one of the corners causing them pain. Even the thought of it is just unimaginable. You may go for a walled headboard that is attached to your bedroom wall and add a bed platform foundation for the support of the mattress and it would be a-okay.

Along with this, here are the other benefits of having a bed platform foundation according to the platform bed expert: 

1. Extra storage space

Not all of us have been privileged to live in spacious apartments. But a bedroom needs to be well organized to leave some perimeter space around it. A platform bed helps you to achieve that. When fully assembled it leaves significant under frame clearance. Such a space becomes useful for keeping a box or suitcase of items you use less often. Also, some mattress foundations have under storage drawers. That can be useful for keeping the baby’s clothes close by as said in the new bed platform foundation review.

2. Requires no box spring

The structure of the platform beds is such that it is raised to a sufficient level that requires no box spring. Moreover, metal or wood slats are closely packed and thus provide maximum support. Hence, when you buy it, you make savings since you won’t need a box spring foundation.

3. Adequate support & mattress foundation

Most platform beds employ the slats that are spaced about 3 inches apart. Such spacing ensures that the mattress that rests on the frame gets adequate support. The closely spaced slats ensure that the mattress doesn’t sag as said in a 5 little monkeys kids platform bed review. Furthermore, the spacing ensures that the mattress receives adequate air circulation. The non-sagging ability and free air circulation provided by the platform bed ensure that a mattress lifespan is extended.

4. Available in different styles

Most platform beds are constructed from wood, metal, or a mixture of the two. As a result, they are made in a variety of styles. Therefore, it is easy to find a style that blends well with your room. It doesn’t narrow your choice to one or two designs. Most mattress foundation features impressive detailing on the headboard and footboard.

5. Offers flat comfortable sleeping surface

The construction of a platform bed is such that it provides an even sleeping surface. That is because the slats are not only leveled but also, strong to support heavy weights without buckling. As a result, a sleeper will toss and turn on it but still feel comfortable. Such a sleeping area is not only comfortable but healthy too which is offered by a bed platform foundation from 5 little monkeys.

6. Easy to assemble

Although they come disassembled joining platform beds isn’t a difficult task. The bed frames are packaged in a way that they can pass through even narrow passages. Furthermore, all the tools you need to join the frames together form part of the package as said in the new bed platform foundation review. Besides, the package also provides you with simple to follow assembly instruction coupled with diagrams. Hence joining the frames to make the bed becomes an easy task that can be accomplished by even one person.

7. Stable, strong, and durable 

A bed is an important piece of an asset in the home that you use daily. Since they take a significant amount of resources, everyone would require a mattress foundation that can last many years. The low profile, strong jointing at the corners, and the Velcro joining of the slats to the mainframe make these beds mechanically solid. Therefore even the plus-size couple will happily sleep, toss and turn on the bed without causing undue pressure on it.

8. Helps improve the aesthetic look of the room

If you need to upgrade the appearance of your room to reflect the luxurious lifestyle, then the platform bed helps you to achieve that. Since the beds don’t require bed skirts, they will blend with different room paintings and give it the modern look as also seen on a 5 little monkeys kids platform bed review.

9. Provides the right reading or watching posture before sleeping

Many people don’t just go to bed and begin sleeping right away. Such persons do either watch their favorite show or read a novel from the bed. A bed platform foundation, therefore, turns to be handy. It gives you the provision to attach a headboard and a footboard. You can thus lean comfortably as you watch or read a thrilling romantic book before you drift to sleep.

10. Price

Most platform beds require very minimal materials to make. As a result, they don’t cost a fortune. However, despite the minimal materials, they surprisingly look elegant and hard to resist as seen on a the new bed platform foundation review.

How to purchase the best bed platform foundation

bed platform foundation
The best bed base might be difficult to have, and to help you with this, here are our buying guide on how you can purchase the best bed platform foundation: 

There are multiple kinds of bed platform foundation such as:

Wooden platform beds – Wooden platform beds are solid, durable, and versatile. Depending on the type of wood and the finish, a wooden platform bed gives this modern style a more rustic air. The only potential downside is that, like any large piece of furniture, a wooden platform bed will be heavy.

Metal platform beds – Metal platform beds, usually made of steel or iron, are another popular option. With a metal platform bed frame, the mattress will sit on wooden or metal slats.

Upholstered platform beds – Usually made of wood, upholstered platforms come dressed in a variety of fabrics and thus allow infinite options for personalization.

Storage platform beds – Platform beds have an advantage over conventional frames and foundations when it comes to under-bed storage. Some platform beds come with built-in storage drawers, a handy feature for small-space living.

Be sure to take note of these kinds as it will help you pick the best foundation as said in a  5 little monkeys kids platform bed review.

The best bed platform foundation that you could have is finally here!

As the search for the best bed platform foundation might be a difficult task, you should always look for the best of the best and we have finally come across one and it is made especially just for kids!

The bed platform foundation from 5 little monkeys is a great bed foundation for it is truly designed just for your kids so you will be secured that they are made with high-quality materials securing the comfortability and safety of your children.

According to the new bed platform foundation review, they claimed that it will only take you a few minutes to assemble so you do not have to break a sweat when you are trying to build this up in your children’s bedroom. You can use it as a platform, attach it to your current bed, or attach it to your headboard. There is a lot of ways you can use this product so it is truly a bang in a buck.

This is made with strong and durable high-quality, non-toxic materials and backed by a 15-year warranty for true peace of mind. You will be assured that this will last you longer and will keep your kids safe and protected with the use of this bed foundation as said in a 5 little monkeys kids platform bed review. What we most love about this is that it has a minimalist and simple design that will surely match every bedroom. It does not have loud colors and only has a neutral color that will surely fit any bedroom’s design. You will be getting the best of the best with its beautifully crafted bed foundation.

If you are looking for the best of the best bed platform foundation, you could never go wrong with 5 little monkeys platform foundation. This is made especially for children and this will ensure that your mattress will never sag and be kept protected. This is also made with high-quality materials so your children will be completely safe with the use of this. This also has versatile use so you can use this to anything as you wish. Your children will be able to maximize their mattress and have a more comfortable good night’s of sleep with this bed platform foundation.