Cotton Napper Blanket – Cotton Napper is a hand-knit weighted blanket designed to calm your body when you sleep

Cotton Napper BlanketThe advantages of a weighted blanket

Sleeping is a necessity and we should always be experiencing it at its very best. As much as we love to sleep soundly at night, it is just not achievable for everyone especially if you are an insomnia sufferer. Having trouble sleeping at night is such a pain and we need aid with that like the Cotton Napper Blanket. Sleep Therapy has been essential in helping people to have a better sleep at night. There are tons of sleep therapy that you could try like using a white noise sound machine, complete blackout curtains, eye masks, aromatherapy, and the one that stood out, the weighted blanket.

Weighted blankets are popular for the great benefits that it put to your body. It helps you to have a better sleep at night and also help to improve with your health as well, both physical and mental. The Cotton Napper Blanket review has mentioned quite a number of great benefits of having a weighted blanket.
Bearaby Cotton Napper Blanket
According to the Purple, here are the benefits of having a weighted blanket:

1. Reduces Stress

A weighted blanket like the Cotton Napper Blanket promotes a feeling of calm that can help you relax after a tough day. Pair it with your favorite, best pillow, and you may have the perfect recipe for a good night’s sleep. Sleeping with a gravity blanket is a good place to start before turning to sleep medications or traveling to an expensive behavioral or occupational therapist.

2. Helps the Elderly

Weighted blankets assist the elderly in many ways as said in a Bearby Cotton Napper Blanket review. We’re more likely to suffer from insomnia as we age, which can lead to a wide range of further health issues. Older members of our population also tend to experience more stress, anxiety, and depression, which can often lead to dramatic changes in the sleep-wake cycle for elderly patients. You may have noticed that your elderly loved ones tend to stay up late and sleep in short bursts rather than sleep soundly through the night.

But when people sleep under weighted blankets like the Cotton Napper Blanket, they enjoy the calming effect and find it easier to actually fall asleep. In addition, overall sleep quality improves, leading people to wake up feeling more refreshed and restored.

3. Reduces Anxiety

About 40 million people in America live with some form of anxiety – some severe enough to wake them up in the middle of the night with anxiety attacks. While many people manage their anxiety symptoms through medication, behavior modification therapy, meditation, or other means, a weighted blanket is also a viable, drug-free option as said in a Cotton Napper Blanket review. With the comforting feeling of getting a warm hug, a weighted blanket — sometimes called an anxiety blanket — can provide tremendous benefit.

4. Helps Balance Brain Chemistry

Using a weighted, heavy blanket can help increase the brain’s production of serotonin, which can help you feel relaxed and fall into a deep, restorative sleep that you can sustain all night long according to a Bearby Cotton Napper Blanket review. It’s fascinating to consider what research shows us about how the therapeutic effects of deep pressure stimulation therapy affect the brain. For example, one can see decreased levels of the stress hormone cortisol, along with increased levels of the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine, which help regulate mood, impulse control, body movement, and more. This change in the brain’s chemical composition leads to less stress, more relaxation, and an improved night’s sleep.

5. Eases Restless Leg Syndrome

While some patients find relief by using compression socks, you can achieve many of the same benefits by using weighted blanket therapy because of the added weight and pressure it adds to the legs as said in a Cotton Napper Blanket review. For some people, compression socks are extremely tight and make discomfort even worse, or they may be difficult to put on for people with mobility challenges or arthritis. Weighted blankets, on the other hand, are extremely easy to use. Deep pressure therapy of weighted blankets can help calm the nervous system and offer relief that leads to longer, more restorative periods of sleep.

6. Improves Overall Sleep Quality

If you struggle with insomnia, a weighted blanket like the Cotton Napper Blanket may be just what you need. Roughly 40 million Americans suffer from insomnia, which can interfere dramatically with how you’re able to function during the day. Have you ever wondered, “How long can you go without sleep?” Studies show that the negative effects of sleep deprivation can appear within 24 hours. But with the deep pressure stimulation provided by weighted blanket therapy, your brain is more likely to relax, which helps regulate sleep. People move less during the night when they sleep under a weighted blanket, and they wake up feeling more restored in the morning after a calmer night’s sleep.

How to pick the best-weighted blanket

Now with the great benefits of a weighted blanket has to offer, you are most likely to be very interested in such that you may want to hurry and purchase the best one right away. But before we let you do that,  let us guide you on how you can have the perfect weighted blanket like the Cotton Napper Blanket according to the Weighted blanket Guides:

The Ten Percent Rule

A general rule-of-thumb for weighted blankets is 10 percent of the person’s body weight. For children, many occupational therapists recommend a blanket that is 10 percent of their body weight plus 1 to 2 additional pounds as said in a Cotton Napper Blanket review. Remember, this formula is not really a “rule.” It is just a guide and the recommended starting point.

The purpose of a weighted blanket is to provide comfort and, thereby, create body conditions conducive to sleep according to a Bearby Cotton Napper Blanket review. If someone is uncomfortable due to a blanket that is too heavy, the weighted blanket will have a counterproductive result. While a weighted blanket should not be so heavy that it is unmanageable, it also should be heavy enough to apply the appropriate amount of pressure to the body’s deep touch pressure points.

How to Choose a Weighted Blanket for Couples?

Cotton Napper Blanket
It is very common to share a weighted blanket between couples. This is absolutely fine as long as both persons feel comfortable with the weight and size of the blanket, whether it be queen, king, or other sizes. On the other hand, the weight of a blanket and its effectiveness largely depends on the individual using the blanket, it is not recommended that family or friends share weighted blankets with those who differ dramatically in size as said in a Cotton Napper Blanket review.

For instance, parent co-sleeping with a child should not lay their 25-pound blanket over a 40-pound child. Conversely, a 240-pound adult will not benefit from a child’s six or eight-pound blanket. If two individuals who are similar in size, they might find it beneficial to try each other’s blankets and see if different weights work better for them.

Safety Concerns

First of all, children weighing less than 20 pounds should never use a weighted blanket of any kind. Children and infants under the age of two-years-old should not use weighted blankets, even if their body weight exceeds 20 pounds.

Choosing the right size

Weighted blankets are available in a variety of sizes and dimensions. Just like the weight, the dimensions of a weighted blanket are customizable and should fit the person underneath it. The 10 Percent Rule applies to weight and The Chin-to-Feet Rule applies to dimension. A great example is the Cotton Napper Blanket

Rather than shopping for a bed size such as twin, queen, or king, shop for the individual using the blanket. A weighted blanket should only be long enough to reach from a person’s chin to their feet. The width should be wide enough to comfortably cover the person underneath it as mentioned in a Cotton Napper Blanket review.

The perfect weighted blanket for you!

According to a Bearby Cotton Napper Blanket review, the use of a weighted blanket is truly beneficial and we would love for you to experience the comfort as well.

The Cotton Napper Blanket is made from 95% organic cotton and 5% spandex. This weighted blanket has been hand-knitted by hand and its weight comes from solely its organic cotton. There are absolutely no artificial fillers or synthetic beads inside the Nappers, which makes them highly breathable, wonderfully soft, and completely natural.

If you are too worried about sleeping in hot in this blanket, worry not for this is completely breathable as it has great ventilation and great promotion for its airflow. This is incredibly soft and comfortable to sleep with and it ideal to be used for all seasons. You will never have to worry about sleeping in poorly for the Cotton Napper Blanket will be able to help you sleep better at night and keep you comfortable as well.

Say hello to nights of better sleep for you will be achieving maximum comfort while eliminating your stress and anxieties keeping you comfortable and safe with the Cotton Napper Blanket.