Customers Choice: Support your head and neck with this myWolly Pillow by Sleep & Beyond

myWolly Pillow is a wool pillow

Finding the right pillow may consume much time for there will be trial and error to do. Not all pillows available on the market can support your head and neck. Having the right pillow does not only give you comfort but it also plays a vital role in supporting the complicated structures on your head, neck, shoulders, hips, and spine. If it is used properly, the pillow can help alleviate several forms of back and neck pain so also in the shoulder, hip, and other joint pain. Pillow is designed to keep the upper body in alignment while sleeping which can relieve pressure and counterbalancing the points in our body. The pillow must adjust to fit on the sleeper’s shape, curves as well as the sleeping style and prevent any pressure points. myWolly Pillow has a “wolly puffs” that can help your muscle relax and has joints releasing tension.

Furthermore, for individuals who have spine problems they need the right type of support so the spine can rest comfortably. Having a sufficient and restorative sleep can help the body to heal from the postural, physical, and nervous challenges of the day. The fillings on its pillow may vary in the level of the support because some down or feather pillows give you slight structural support than pillows that are filled with firmer materials, you will see the difference once you used the pillow.

According to the research, there are three types of pillows that have different support. First, the roll-shaped orthopedic pillow that is filled and has polypropylene capsules. Second, a contour-shaped memory foam pillow that is made of polyurethane. Lastly, the feather pillow that’s made of 100% goose down. The orthopedic pillow is best for spinal alignment but the feather pillow costs much. The research is helpful in deciding on which pillow to choose but make sure that it provides comfort and support. Try using the pillow for a week then you will know if it gives benefit to you or not. Pick the pillow that can give you a calm rest during the night.

The neck of most individuals is a slight curve forward so it’s very important to keep this curve especially when you are sleeping. Whenever the pillow is very high if you are sleeping on your side or on the back, your neck will be bent forward or to its side which can cause a muscle strain on the back of your neck as well in the shoulder. This position can cause lessening the air pipe which results in having congested breathing and you may snore that can interrupt your sleep. If the pillow’s height is very low, there’s a possibility that your muscles will be strained.

The size of the body and its preference can influence the pillow size but it should keep a height of four to six inches in order to support the neck and head so also the shoulders especially when you are on your back. Study shows that if the pillow height is four inches, it’s best for spinal alignment and great comfort which lessen the muscle activity. It may depend on the sleeping position of a sleeper because it’s the key factor in picking the perfect pillow for your body’s alignment and comfort. Nevertheless, to some consumers, most of the pillows are labeled for exact sleeping positions. The myWolly Pillow by Sleep & Beyond is recommended for everyone because it has several benefits that can support your head and neck.
myWolly Pillow

Sleep naturally with myWolly Pillow

The myWolly Pillow must be your next pillow because it is 100% natural compare to other pillows found on the market today. It can be adjusted and easy to wash which can give you a goodnight’s rest. This pillow’s loft and material provide comfort as well as support to your head, neck, and shoulders plus full relaxation that you can experience while sleeping at night. myWolly Pillow is washable as it can cradle your head with calming support that can keep the spine in a natural position to avoid tension during sleep. Its outer case has “wooly puffs” that make the sensation of the muscles relaxing and joints will release tension. The “wooly puffs” inside the pillow can be removed from its inner case to get the desired loft, comfort and relaxation will surely be achieved. Also, this wool pillow can prevent overheating and night sweats which can be experienced with a down, feather, and those that have synthetic fills and foam. Sleep & Beyond makes sure that their customers can sleep well with their myWolly pillow.

Great features of myWolly Pillow

One of the best features for myWolly pillow is it is 100% natural wool filled quilted pillowcase for longer maintenance and it provides you a comfortable sleep all night. It is also encased in 100% natural cotton sateen with 300 thread count, it would easily get break or damage. According to the myWolly Pillow review, it is filled with “wooly puffs” and has pearl-sized puffs that contain a soft and springy natural Shropshire wool that makes the pillow more comfortable to sleep with. No worries about cleaning it because it is safe to wash it in a machine so you can wash it anytime you want you don’t need to wait for many months. Giving proper care for a pillow means you can use it for long years. It comes with two sizes such as standard and queen that may perfectly fit your bed. The best thing about this pillow is it provides a five-year warranty, if you encounter problems just bring it to their nearest branch then they will be willing to listen to your concern.

Additionally, myWolly Pillow became popular in the marketplace because it is fluffy and it has soft wool that makes it luxurious and comfortable. It is made of natural materials that have many health benefits. This pillow is hypoallergenic, recommended to those who are suffering from allergies. Also, it is microbial, breathable plus it can regulate temperature so that you will be comfortable in your bed for the whole year-round. You can adjust the firmness of this pillow by removing its wool puffs from the natural quilted cotton pillowcase.

Everyone loves myWolly pillow

Sleep & Beyond myWolly Pillow
The Sleep & Beyond mywolly Pillow review has many good feedback from the customers or users of this pillow. One of the customers said that this wool pillow provides her a comfortable sleep throughout the night, it’s worth buying for! Another one leaves a comment that it is firm enough that can hold her, even if she sleeps on the side, the height is suitable to her head and neck, no neck pain anymore but a great morning to wake up. A few customers share that they are suffering from allergies but by using this pillow it works to them, no sneezing at all. It means myWolly pillow is truly hypoallergenic. A lady sweats a lot at night but this pillow prevents overheating such a great pillow. Mark is happy using myWolly Pillow because it is not too thick but has plenty of support. They feel warm and cozy without being hot during the night by Julia. A mother shared her experience using this pillow, it’s one of the best pillows she bought for her family because they all like it and able to sleep better every night. One of the users of this pillow was amazed by its great features for it is adjustable and washable, very easy to maintain compared to other pillows out there. David agreed that this pillow is suitable for all types of sleeping positions, it does not need too much adjustment upon using it for you can remove the wool if you want. Most of the customers love myWolly Pillow from Sleep & Beyond. It shows that they are happy and satisfied using this wool pillow.

myWolly Pillow is a great pillow

Do you want to be one of them? Better get myWolly Pillow for you and your family. For sure you will have a better sleep experience like them. As mentioned above, it is a great pillow that’s recommended for everybody. The price is right! It suits everyone’s budget plus worth paying for because it will last for a long time. After using this wool pillow, perhaps you will agree to the customer’s feedback that it’s one of the best pillows nowadays. For those who are having head and neck pain after waking up in the morning, this pillow is perfect for you! Because it can support your neck and head so also your shoulders. Sleep & Beyond make sure that you will not experience those pain anymore for they want you to have a good morning. They want you to have a comfortable and peaceful sleep during the night. What are you waiting for? Go and find myWolly Pillow in the market now! It will be the best gift you can give to your family, friends, and loved ones. Surely, they will always be thankful to you and will never forget you because you help them get a goodnight’s sleep.