Experience a good night sleep with this 100% Organic Cotton Pillow Sham

The benefits of having a Organic Cotton Pillow Sham

Having a great night of sleep is an absolute must and we must experience it daily. We do this by purchasing the best mattress that there could ever be in this world. As easy as it seems to be, it just does not solve your problems right away just like that. You need to have the whole package to have a great night of sleep and that includes the Organic Cotton Pillow Sham. But before we get into further details, what is a pillow sham anyway? A pillow sham is there to hide your pillow behind a more decorative facade.

The difference of a pillow sham from a pillowcase is that a pillowcase has an open end. It usually matches your blankets and sheets. They have no closure at all which may make your pillow a bit more loose and not a perfect fitting which. May not be complementing your bedroom look at all. A pillow sham like the Organic Cotton Pillow Sham fits your pillow perfectly as it has a hidden closure usually at the back part of the pillow. This will add a more great view of your bedroom for its better design.

Now that you know what a pillow sham is, here are the facts of having one according to Aanya Linen:

Advantages of Pillow Shams:

  • Pillow Protector: It protects your pillows from getting dirty as said in an Organic Cotton Pillow Sham review
  • Decorative Piece: It is a piece of decoration. They are available in various sizes and styles.
  • Cost-Effective: It is cost-effective as it protects your pillow. If you will wash your pillow, again and again, it will get damaged or color will be faded up. So, what you need to do is use a pillow sham over it. This way you don’t have to throw your pillow as said in a Sleep and Beyond Organic Cotton Pillow Sham review.
  • Ease of Maintenance: It is easy to put on them and can also remove them as they are as covers like the Organic Cotton Pillow Sham. It is easy to maintain them you can wash them at home without putting many efforts, you can choose dry clean also.

There are many things to read about pillow shams;

Can you sleep on shams? As they are decorative, they may have some designs on its surface. Because of them, you may not feel comfortable with them but if they are simple with ruffle or plain surface you can sleep on them like the Organic Cotton Pillow Sham.

Organic Cotton Pillow Sham: The cost of pillow shams depends on three factors, they are Size, Style, and Fabric. Various sizes are available in the market according to the bed size. Styles and the work are done on them to make them designer one can also affect the cost as said in an Organic Cotton Pillow Sham review. There is a long list of fabrics are here like silk, linen, satin. The cost of them differs from one another. The type of fiber also, increase and decrease the cost of pillow shams.

It comes along with the sheet set. If you want to make a match with the existing decor you can buy them separately hence both way you can purchase them.

A pillow sham is generally a type of pillowcase/ cover which has the opening in the middle of the back A mentioned in the Sleep and Beyond Organic Cotton Pillow Sham review. A pillow sham can be a decorative pillow, but a decorative cannot be a pillow sham! Because a decorative pillow is not designed to provide you comfort. A pillow sham is just like a cover for the pillow. It can be used to provide you comfort, with amazing looks for your bed! It can be removed and washed, it is not permanent or gets stuck with your pillow. I think it enough for what is pillow sham. Keep scrolling for more details about it.

How to pick the best pillow sham

Organic Pillow Sham
With all of the great benefits of having a pillow sham entices us, you might be in a hurry to purchase one for yourself right away and we do not blame you! It adds such a great decorative space for your bedroom and it would just look so darn amazing like the Organic Cotton Pillow Sham!

Before you go and spend so much for the first pillow sham that you come across with, here are the buying guides to having the best pillow sham according to Tuck:

Shape and Size

Pillow shams typically come in three different sizes: Standard Sham (26” x 20”), King Sham (36” x 20”), and Euro Sham sizes (26” x 26”). Standard and King Shams are rectangular and fit standard pillows meant for sleeping. King Shams are extra-long and made to fit king-size pillows as said in an Organic Cotton Pillow Sham review. Euro Sham pillows are square and suit multiple purposes.

Pillow Sham Material

Pillow shams today come in the same variety of materials as sheets and other bedding. Here are some of the most common fabric types and important points to consider:

Microfiber – Microfiber is a smooth, thin material woven from a blend of synthetics such as nylon and polyester. Microfiber tends to be durable, stain-resistant, and available in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

Linen – Linen is a luxurious fabric woven from strands of the flax plant. Linen is thick and durable and tends to soften over time. Linen strikes a balance between coziness and breathability that makes it great for both hot and cold environments.

Percale cotton – Percale cotton is cotton woven in a way that gives the material a crisp and smooth texture. Percale cotton is durable, breathable, and tends to stay cool.

Sateen cotton – Sateen cotton is woven in a way that gives the material a silky smoothness as said in a Sleep and Beyond Organic Cotton Pillow Sham review. Sateen cotton has a distinctive look but tends to be less durable and more likely to pill in the long run. It may be better to use sateen shams for more decorative purposes to reduce wear and tear.

Fit, Color, and Pattern

Pillow shams typically come in the sizes of standard, king, and euro sham. Shams will shrink about as much as other bedding does, depending on the material. Cotton is generally the most shrinkable, although some types of cotton will be more shrink-resistant than others like the Organic Cotton Pillow Sham has already been pre-shrunk for you. As a way of countering shrinkage, some shams come in larger than average dimensions. Some companies will also pre-shrink their shams before the sale.

Many shams intended for use in the bedroom come in calming, neutral colors with relaxing or elegant patterns. Shams meant for living spaces are more versatile, ranging from dark and simple to busy patterns full of neon. Keep in mind that these are general trends rather than hard and fast rules for decorating as said in an Organic Cotton Pillow Sham review. 

The best pillow sham you could have

Finding the perfect pillow sham might be difficult especially if you have no idea how pillow shams work. As to some people, it seems that a pillow sham is uncomfortable to sleep with since its main purpose for some is just for decorative pieces. Do not worry for the Organic Cotton Pillow Sham is there to the rescue.

According to Sleep and Beyond Organic Cotton Pillow Sham review, this pillow sham is made from 100% organic cotton sateen that will be very comfortable to sleep in at night. It also has a 300 thread count which is the recommended thread count if you are trying to achieve a more comfortable sleep at night. If you are worried about this fabric shrinking due to its material being made from cotton, worry not for they have already been pre-shrunken so that you would not have to worry about those issues coming up.

The organic cotton from the Organic Cotton Pillow Sham feels good on the skin and to your conscience as you know that you are not harming the environment while you are having a great night of sleep. What we love about this is that it comes with a reusable and biodegradable packaging so that you would be saving a lot more for you to get more than what you pay for.

Having the best night of your sleep is amazing and you should not miss it for the world but that does not mean that you should limit the creativity of your room behind just so you could have a great night of sleep. With the Organic Cotton Pillow Sham, you could have the best of both worlds by having a great night of sleep and an amazing design for your room.

The organic cotton will surely be a hit to lull you into sleep as it is comfortable, soft, and soothing to sleep on. Say hello to great nights of sleep and a decorative room with the Organic Cotton Pillow Sham and goodbye to the ordinary lifestyle.