Get the best kids mattress protector for your kids bed

The advantages of having a mattress protector especially with your kids

Accidents happen, especially with kids! They are just as clumsy as ever and it’s alright. They are still on their playful and adventurous stage. Curiosity is what’s always on their minds and they are made to explore and do experiments on their own so that they can learn from themselves. As this is present, we are aware that accidents do happen. Do not fret anymore, parents! a kids mattress protector is readily available on the market and you can purchase one right away so you do not have to worry about spills and stains including allergens especially if your child is sensitive especially if he/she is an allergy sufferer because a mattress protector can add a hypoallergenic feature and helps to reduce dust mites.

You might be thinking what is the purpose of a mattress protector as said in 5 little monkeys kids mattress protector review. You may have already bought the most expensive mattress, why need a protector? Think of it as a pillowcase. It protects your mattress from any stains helping to keep it for a longer period of time. Some add comfort, some add coolness. There are tons of advantages of having a mattress protector and here is our list of advantages according to Bambi:

1. Protects your investment

Mattresses can be hard on the wallet, so it makes perfect sense to protect your investment as much as possible. Many mattresses come with warranties, which can become null and void if your mattress becomes stained, damaged, or excessively dirty. The easiest way to protect your investment is to invest in a high-quality mattress protector. In the past, the kid’s mattress protector was uncomfortable and manufactured from synthetic materials. This resulted in a clean mattress but an uncomfortable night’s sleep. Not ideal for a happy and healthy life.

2. Good for the environment

Depending on the type of mattress you have, many of its internal components cannot be recycled. This can result in your mattress being burned as waste or thrown into landfills, where it could spend more than 500 years being broken down. Obviously, this is not great for the environment or many of the earth’s delicate ecosystems. Unfortunately, poorly maintained mattresses need to be disposed of more often than well-protected ones, which only further contributes to the problem. Kids mattress protectors can help you hold onto your mattress for longer, but not all protectors are made equal. Some are constructed from environmentally harmful materials, making them unsuitable for recycling or composting.

3. Improves mattress hygiene

An unprotected mattress can be home to:

  • Bacteria, including E. Coli
  • Layers of dead skin cells
  • Bed bugs and dust mites
  • Silverfish and fleas
  • Up to 16 types of fungi
  • Sweat and fluid buildup
  • Airborne pollutants
  • Pet hair and fecal matter
  • Decaying food crumbs

Not only is it disturbing to know critters and pathogens could be lurking in your mattress, but you could be placing your health at risk too! Whether you need a king-size mattress protector, a mattress protector is all you need as mentioned in a kid’s mattress protector review

4. Helps prevent allergies

Your mattress can play host to a variety of allergens. Two of the most common are bed bugs and dust mites; both of which love to take up residence in mattress stitching, corners, and crevices. Between 1999 and 2006, bed bug infestations rose by an astonishing 4,500% across all Australian states. Aside from uncomfortable and unattractive bites, bed bugs and mites can have many more adverse effects on human health too. From triggering asthma attacks to developing dermatitis, an unprotected mattress can become a haven for them that is why you need 5 little monkeys kids mattress, protector.

5. Easy to maintain

Cleaning a mattress can be an expensive and labor-intensive process. The only way to properly clean a mattress is to hire professionals to come and do it for you. This is because most people don’t have the tools needed to penetrate all the way through to eliminate dirt, debris, and pests. A kids’ mattress protector, on the other hand, keeps your mattress nice and clean all year round. Maintaining your kid’s mattress protector is quick and easy. Simply remove it from the bed, put it on a gentle wash, and then let it air-dry. The great thing about a kid’s mattress protector is that they don’t deteriorate with repeated laundering, and each comes with its own guarantee.

How to pick the best mattress protector for maximum features

Picking the best kids mattress protector might be difficult as there are tons of mattress protectors out there in the market and we are here to help you out! Here is our list of buying guides so you will be well-guided on how you will purchase your mattress protector according to a kids mattress protector review:

1. Type

  • Encasement (or zippered): The protector covers 100% of your mattress from the top to the bottom. The protector is often closed with a zipper.
  • Fitted: A popular type of protector, this fits your mattress in the same way a fitted sheet would (tucked under your mattress with pocketed corners.
  • Elastic strap: This protector lays on the top of your mattress while elastic straps wrap around the four corners. This anchors the protector to the mattress.


Protectors come in a variety of different materials. They may also come in a blend of more than one material. Some materials include:

  • Cotton
  • Polyester
  • Down
  • Vinyl
  • Polyurethane

3. Size and Care

Protectors come in all different sizes – there are even protectors to cover crib mattresses and mini-crib mattresses. If people anticipate needing to clean their mattress protector frequently, consider purchasing one that is machine washable and dryer-friendly. Keep in mind that drying a mattress protector on too high a heat setting may damage the waterproof membrane on the protector. It is important to follow the specific care instructions that come with the protector.

4. Cost

In general, the more technology, functionality, and service the protector provides the more expensive it will become. A kid’s mattress protector will be right on the budget while providing the protection of your mattress needs.

5. Functionality

Not all mattress protectors are the same. Some features are different from others. If you were to see a 5 little monkeys kids mattress protector review, you will be seeing that this mattress protector is specifically designed for kids who are more sensitive to specks of dirt so that you can be sure that those are truly hypoallergenic and waterproof, perfect for your kids.

There are other mattress protectors that add comfort to your mattress or sometimes add coolness to draw away heat from your mattress eliminating sweaty nights and helps you to have a more comfortable sleep at night. A kid’s mattress protector would be a great help in keeping a kid’s mattress in pristine condition like it was brand new.

The best kids mattress protector that you should have

5 little monkeys mattress protector
If you are looking for the best kids mattress protector,  you could never go wrong with 5 little monkeys as mentioned in a kid’s mattress protector review.

This mattress protector is truly great for kids! Well for starters, it is designed for one. This kid’s mattress protector is hypoallergenic making it exclusively great for kids’ use. This is also free from harsh chemicals and toxins so it will be completely safe to be used without having you to be worried about harming your kid’s safety.

The mattress protector is designed to perfectly fit your mattress and it has an extra-large securing bands for a perfect lock to your kid’s mattress protector. This will be easy to install and easy to take off to so you do not have to be stressed out about removing them to clean. No need to worry about the clean instructions for this mattress protector is easy to clean and is machine washable so no fuss with trying to maintain a clean mattress, especially for your kid’s use.

The kid’s mattress protector is made from organic cotton meaning, it has no harmful and toxic chemicals so it comes from the natural process by making it waterproof. You will be feeling safe and secure that your children are sleeping on a healthy mattress protector instead of the usual mattress protector on the market that are full of chemicals and toxins to make it waterproof. This mattress protector has a jersey knit mattress protector enabling its waterproof feature so that you are sure to be sleeping in a healthy mattress protector keeping your mind at ease and plus, this is hypoallergenic, too! Completely safe for your kids especially for those who are allergy sufferers.

If you are in search of the best of the best kids mattress protector, the 5 little monkeys offer the best of the best as they have curated a mattress protector designed especially for kids! You will never have to worry about toxins or chemicals used in a mattress protector for this has none! It is made from organic cotton and is hypoallergenic making it completely safe especially for your kids who are allergy sufferers.