Idle Sleep Adjustable Base – How to choose an adjustable bed frame for your mattress

Benefits of owning the best adjustable bed frame

Bed frames are a must when you purchase your mattress. With bed bases, we highly suggest Idle Sleep Adjustable Base. It is not recommended to sleep on your mattress lying on the floor. You still need to be elevated for the best sleep experience. When purchasing a bed frame, it might be a little confusing and overwhelming to which one you should take especially when you are on the store, strolling through the designs and wanting every design there is because they just look so pretty! But please take note that while those are great to look at at the store, will it match the aesthetics of your room? Along with this, some bed frames have a great headboard design but poor bed frame quality that will not be able to support your mattress the best way that it can. You can purchase a separate for this if you’d like. You can buy your preferred headboard or have it installed in your bedroom wall, and purchase a bed base.

Adjustable Base Bed
An Idle Sleep Adjustable Base Review would be a great help in looking at this option. Along with this, there are several bed bases that you could choose from that allows you to have a perfect bed foundation that will match your room’s design. If you are more into a more customized experience, you may go for an adjustable bed base that can be adjusted according to your desired height.

In a note of that, here are the benefits of having the best adjustable bed frame according to Intellibed:

1. Alleviate Sleep Apnea, Asthma, and Snoring
Sleep apnea, asthma, and snoring are all caused by breathing problems. Using an elevated mattress like the Idle Sleep Adjustable Base to raise the head takes the weight off the windpipe, allowing for better airflow while lying down.

2. Ease Insomnia
Pain and anxiety are some of the common causes of insomnia, leaving people tossing and turning throughout the night. The Best adjustable bed frame has several different positions available, making it possible to get the most comfortable, restful position.

3. Enhance Circulation
Your blood pressure already starts to drop while you’re asleep, but you can help the process along by setting up your bed frame to further reduce pressure. Certain position levels can help enhance blood and oxygen flow for those with circulatory issues.

4. Lighten Leg Swelling
Whether you have a leg injury, are pregnant or ill, or work on your feet all day, it’s best to keep your legs elevated to prevent swelling. When your legs lie level and inert it can cause more pain, but an adjustable bed like the Idle Sleep Adjustable Base makes it easy to keep your legs elevated, without having to worry about slipping off your carefully constructed pillow pile.

5. Further Independence
For those with impaired mobility, it can be tough to get in and out of bed. Raising one end of the mattress provides ready support for standing up or lying down in bed without help as said from an Idle Sleep Adjustable Base Review.

6. Lessen Acid Reflux and Heartburn
You don’t need to eat before sleeping to be affected by acid reflux or heartburn and lying on your back allows an easy path for stomach acid to move up the esophagus. Raising the head while sleeping can help keep stomach acid in place, giving you both better digestion and a better night’s sleep as mentioned in an Idle Sleep Adjustable Base Review.

7. Relieve Arthritis and Chronic Pain
Sleeping on a traditional mattress makes it easy to put unnecessary pressure on your joints, and the resulting pain is even worse for those with arthritis and chronic pain. With an adjustable bed like the Idle Sleep Adjustable Base, it’s easy to find the right position to fall asleep and to stay comfortable throughout the night and to ease pain during the day. Raising and lowering the mattress beneath the legs in the morning can also help stimulate blood flow.

8. Reduce Back Pain
Lying flat on your back doesn’t always give your back the support it needs to be comfortable throughout the night. You can adjust a movable bed frame to match the curve of the body as closely as possible, easing pain and helping improve conditions like sciatica as said in an Idle Sleep Adjustable Base Review.

9. Enhance Lifestyle
Whether you’re staying in bed to rest and recover, or you like to read before going to sleep, you know how difficult it can be to position the perfect pile of pillows and keep it in place. The best adjustable bed frame turns your bed into a recliner with ease, enhancing comfort and taking away back, neck, and shoulder pain.

How to pick the best adjustable bed frame

Idle Sleep Adjustable Base Bed
As there are many bed frames that claim to be the best adjustable bed frame out there for you to choose from, you might be confused to which one you should purchase. Before you indulge yourself into buying the most expensive ones, make sure you know pretty well what an adjustable bed frame offers. Make sure that you will be purchasing an adjustable bed base that is worth the buck for its amazing price point for its set of amazing features.

Here are the buying guide that you should look out for according to

1. Heads up

If your adjustable base comes with ‘head up,’ that means the top half of the bed can be raised up to provide the back support you need to sit up in bed similar to an Idle Sleep Adjustable Base. With remote control tech, you can choose how far up you want the bed to be raised, for a truly customized feel. Adjusting the head of the bed feels comfortable – but it can also bring a whole host of health benefits.

2. Head & Foot Up

Similar to a “head up”, it is actually preferred if you could also lift up the bottom half of your bed for proper leg position that prevents swelling or restless leg syndrome. You should check out the Idle Sleep Adjustable Base Review for more detailed information on how it can be operated and how it relives any pain and provides you additional comfort.

3. Zero Gravity

Some bases come with a “Zero Gravity” position, designed to take off pressure from the legs and spine – mimicking a “zero gravity” feel.  In the zero-gravity position, both the lower and upper halves of the bed are raised up. As a result, a sleeper’s legs will be resting above the heart level, while the upper torso is raised slightly upright, in a reclining position. This encourages improved circulation and even weight distribution, helping the body to relax naturally.

4. Remote Control features

The operation of an adjustable base involves the use of remote control. Depending on the type of base, the remote will be either wired or wireless. The Idle Sleep Adjustable Base has this feature and you should be in the lookout for that (Hint: they use a wireless remote so you can adjust it as you wish)

The best adjustable bed frame that you should have

Search for the Idle Sleep Adjustable Base Review and you should be seeing good talks about this adjustable bed frame. This bed frame has a wide range of sizes from twin to king-seized bed. You can also opt for a split king so you and your partner do not have to settle for a middle-tier angle when you can have the best of both worlds by choosing your preferred angle without having to sleep on separate beds.

The best adjustable bed frame will be able to fit most standard bed frames you could still have the best exterior for your bed frame plus the added benefit of having an adjustable bed base. You do not have to settle for standard bed base design when you can simply add this to your current bed frame and let yourself enjoy the great benefits of sleeping on an adjustable bed base.

The Idle Sleep Adjustable Base works best if you get to purchase the appropriate mattress type that it matches to. Most of the time, spring bed mattresses and air beds do not work well with an adjustable bed frame because they do not provide much flexibility.

The Idle Sleep Adjustable Base has a two-year warranty so you can sleep peacefully for two years straight fully knowing that you are covered with a warranty as you use this. But for most of the time, you won’t be needing the warranty for this will serve you as perfect as it could possibly can.

Reading an Idle Sleep Adjustable Base Review will only show you great words of how great this bed base is. You can fully customize your head and foot angle to your desired comfort using a wireless remote for more accessibility that allows you to have the freedom to sleep in any angle that you like.

If you want the best adjustable bed frame, you could never go wrong with anything that is from Idle sleep. And as a bonus effect, their mattresses match well with this adjustable bed base.