myDual Mattress Pad – 100% natural, reversible and washable mattress wool pad for your comfort in bed

The benefits of having a mattress pad

Having a great night of sleep seems to be a dream come true, right? Well, it probably is! We will all kill for a great night of sleep and we do not judge you for it! With the world is right now, we are full of stress and maybe even anxiety to get a decent sleep. The myDual Mattress Pad would be a great help in putting you to a great night of sleep!

People say that purchasing the best mattress is an investment but what if it is not enough? Or simply, you just want the best you could get out of it. This is where the mattress pad like the myDual Mattress Pad comes into the picture. There Aare tons of great benefits of having a mattress pad and we cannot wait to discuss it to you as it will surely bring you the greatest comforts of all time.

According to a myDual Mattress Pad review, mattress pad having a great  adds great comfort for your mattress that feels ultimately soft to your skin to give you more of sleeping on a cloud feeling.

With all of this great introduction, let us discuss to you the benefits of having a mattress pad:

Makes your mattress life longer

Now, who would not want their mattress to last longer? Everyone does, of course! Mattresses do not come in cheap prices and it is essential that you make them functional for as long as possible. Adding a mattress protector might be enough, there is still more to it that you can do and that is by having a mattress pad as said in a Sleep and Beyond myDual Mattress Pad review. The main benefit of this is that when we sleep, we release oil and sweat and might transfer them to our mattress which will then turn into molds that would be highly unideal since you will not be having a healthy mattress to sleep on.
Sleep & Beyond myDual Mattress Pad
A mattress pad repels all sorts of liquid and also prevents dust mites and other allergens from making themselves at home. You will be keeping your mattress safe and clean for a longer period of time with a mattress pad like the myDual Mattress Pad!

Improves comfort

The correct mattress pad will surely be adding great comfort for your mattress. According to a myDual Mattress Pad review, their mattress pad adds an amazing comfort for it is 1 inch thick that will also ve a great aid in adding support. If you are worried about the springs on your mattress poking your body at night, the perfect mattress pad will be used to prevent that from happening. It will block out any other uncomfortable feeling as you sleep and will only provide you a great night of sleep that you will surely enjoy for the rest of your wonderful night!

According to a Sleep and Beyond myDual Mattress Pad review, their mattress pad comes from wool that helps to provide the maximum comfort as much as possible. It is also amazingly reversible so you can choose which side you would like to sleep on depending on the weather. You may go for a cooler side or go for the warmer side, either way, you will be loving your sleep with this mattress pad.

Affordable alternative to a new mattress

We got to admit, purchasing a new mattress is expensive. A good mattress costs around $600-$1000+ depending on your type. Since that budget is not ideal for you to spend right now, a better alternative would be a mattress pad like the myDual Mattress Pad. For most reasons that you are purchasing a new mattress is because you just do not feel comfortable with your bed anymore. But with a mattress pad, that would change. A mattress pad will be a great help in adding comfort to your mattress as it is specifically designed for that purpose!

The correct mattress pad will give your mattress additional comfort and will help you save a lot more rather than purchasing a brand new mattress and a mattress pad could do the trick. Of course, you can still use one even if your mattress is not broken. You can purchase one as a sole additional comfort for your mattress since you will never be satisfied with the comfort of your current mattress provide as said in a myDual Mattress Pad review.

How to purchase the best mattress pad

With all of the great benefits of having a mattress pad might get you racing to the store to purchase one right away but before you do, let us help you in picking the best mattress pad that you could possibly have. Do not be fooled by the looks of it and prioritize if does it really works. Please do remember that not all mattress pads that are expensive are great in quality, some are just really good at marketing so before you do any mistakes, here are the buying guides in having the best mattress pad like the myDual Mattress Pad according to the Down linens:

Check the materials used:

COTTON – Cotton mattress pads are generally thinner, quilted, and machine-wash friendly. These pads are best used to block stains and daily wear from the mattress and not the most optimal for extra support. Typically, these pads work best with pillow tops mattresses that are already comfortable before the pad. As said in a Sleep and Beyond myDual Mattress Pad review, the other side of this mattress pad is cotton so this will be a great addition of comfort for you!

WOOL – Wool may cost more, but is perfect to provide extra-warmth and maximum protection. Perfect for any bed, wool absorbs moisture, keeping you dry throughout your dreams. Wool adds softness, comfort, and ideal for those who suffer from dust, chemical or mold allergies since wool is resistant toward these allergenic. The myDual Mattress Pad has a side that is fully made of wool so it is the perfect side for those who are hot sleepers and allergy sufferers.

LATEX – Latex is nontoxic, relaxing, and long-lasting. The natural latex is derived from rubber trees, thus is naturally hypoallergenic and can last up to 20 years.

MEMORY FOAM – Memory foam is lightweight, yet thick, which molds to the body naturally. It does absorb heat, and maybe too hot for some to handle, and is best to sleep in rooms that are around 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

DOWN FEATHERS – Down featherbed pads are lightweight, fluffy and soft. The down regulates body heat, which is ideal for those who have night sweats. These pads keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Aim for a 200 thread count or higher since the quality will be good, durable yet soft.

myDual Mattress Pad is the best mattress pad and here’s why

myDual Mattress Pad
With all of the great things dicussed with having a mattress pad, you might be wondering “which one is the best?” Well, to give you a frank answer, it is really difficult to tell especially we have different preferences. Some sleep cold, some sleep hot. We can never tell, so it is safe to get a mattress pad that has both of those features on the either sides like the myDual Mattress Pad.

According to the myDual Mattress Pad review, this mattress pad has dual sides so you could get the best of both worlds. This has been designed to be so so that you may enjoy this mattress pad for all year round. You may opt for the wool side during the summer or simply if you are just a natural hot sleeper and you are just tired of sleeping and waking up soaked in your own sweat.

As said in a Sleep and beyond myDual Mattress Pad review, this mattress pad are made from 100% natural fine washable wool fleece and 100% natural cotton percal. This is also filled with 100% natural washable wool so you are truly getting what you pay for and not be fooled by pating for a wool mattress pad when it is only on the outside that has wool and just plain old cotton on the inside.

Relief from the discomfort of pressure points and joints is attributed to the wool fiber being “spring-like”, incredibly flexible and durable. Amazingly enough this natural fiber is said to be comparatively stronger than steel. The myDual Mattress Pad has a cotton/wool quilted side rejuvenates the mattress as well as provide a healthy, more restful, and peaceful night’s sleep. This helps to eliminates allergies, the overheating and night sweats common with down, feather and synthetic fills and foam.

If you are worried about this being too much work to care of, do not worry for the myDual Mattress Pad is completely washable and you can dry this on low heat or even air dry. You do not have to worry baout taking care of this fine gem. If you are looking for the best mattress pad, this is the absolute one for you as it will keep you cool and warm whether which side you want it to be.