MyMerino Mattress Topper – Benefits of buying organic mattress topper for your bed

Benefits of having a mattress topper

Having a great sleep every night is everyone’s dream. Of course, we would love to experience that wonderful feeling every night for the rest of our lives. People say you should purchase the best mattress as possible but with a limited budget, we could only go for a mattress topper and we love the MyMerino Mattress Topper to be specific. Having a great mattress is considered to be an investment for most people. But unlike most people, we do not have enough budget to purchase a brand new mattress to fill in our need for comfort.

A better alternative would be having a Sleep and Beyond MyMerino Mattress Topper as it will add your mattress the comfort that you need without having to spend too much for a brand new mattress when it is still working fine. Plus, where would you place your old mattress?

According to a MyMerino Mattress Topper review, people love having a mattress topper as it adds additional comfort to their current mattress. You might be having a great mattress but as a cuddly person that you already are, you just want more of that.

A Mattress topper like the MyMerino Mattress Topper would be a wonderful help in keeping you to be the most comfortable that you can be since purchasing a brand new mattress is not an option. Or what if you are just renting out and you just want an added comfort to your current mattress and piling up pillows is never a good idea. A mattress topper would be a great help to keep you comfortable as you sleep at night. It may also feel like that you are sleeping on a cloud and everyone wants to experience that, right?

To further elaborate on how great a mattress topper is as mentioned in a MyMerino Mattress Topper review, listed down below are the benefits of having a mattress topper according to the Beloit Mattress:

  • Protects: Mattresses can harbor lots of germs. If you’ve been sick in bed or even sweated in bed, the bacteria go right through your sheets and settle into your mattress. A mattress topper like the one from Sleep and Beyond MyMerino Mattress Topper that’s moisture-resistant, antibacterial, and hypoallergenic can protect your mattress and reduce allergy and asthma symptoms often caused by breathing in mold and other harmful micro-organisms in bed.
  • Cools: While your memory foam mattress may have felt comfy at first, you’ve probably realized by now that it retains body heat. The best mattress toppers are made of breathable wool like the MyMerino Mattress Topper that wicks moisture away from the body and is topped with a cooling gel that keeps you from getting so hot. You will surely be having a great night of sleep as this prevents overheating!
  • Comforts: One of the main benefits of a mattress topper is that it can turn a bed that’s too firm into plush, comforting bliss. You can feel like you’re sleeping on a brand-new bed without having to spend thousands of dollars as mentioned in a MyMerino Mattress Topper review.

How to pick the perfect mattress topper

MyMerino Mattress Topper
Picking the perfect mattress topper might be a challenge especially that there are tons of mattress topper out there in the market. But the Sleep and Beyond MyMerino Mattress Topper has topped them all. But before we get too cheesy on how great it is, let us help you purchase the perfect mattress topper as said in the No sleepless nights:

Key points to consider when choosing a topper


A higher price doesn’t necessarily guarantee it would be better for you. It’s about meeting your needs, not simply buying the most expensive you can afford.

Plain egg crate foam, polyester, and some cotton toppers tend to be the cheapest. With higher quality cotton, feather, and down in the middle like the MyMerino Mattress Topper. Memory foam and wool can be quite expensive, with latex even more so.

Pain relief, firmness, and extra support

If it’s extra support for your back and limbs that you need, memory foam and latex are usually more effective than the other materials. They are better at holding the shape of your body and supporting your natural posture as mentioned in a MyMerino Mattress Topper review.

Comfort and Softness

With such a dizzying range of materials, brands, densities, and thicknesses you should be able to find the perfect level of softness and comfort like the Sleep and Beyond MyMerino Mattress Topper. But your definition of comfort may be different from the next person’s.

Would you prefer a topper that molds to your body, such as with latex or memory foam? Or are you more suited to a naturally soft material such as down or cotton?

In many ways, achieving softness is much easier than firmness with a mattress topper like the MyMerino Mattress Topper. You could try a low-density memory foam topper or one of the many relatively inexpensive fabric toppers which lust add an extra layer of soft material.

Thickness The thickness options

Toppers tend to fall in the range of between 2 and 8 inches thick. If you need to revitalize an aging mattress, sleep on your side, or if you weigh more than average, you may need to look at thicker options. The materials with the best range of thickness are memory foam the density of a topper is important in determining how much support it will provide you. Memory foam and latex toppers tend to have the most choice, allowing you to find just the right comfort level you need as mentioned in a MyMerino Mattress Topper review.

Reducing the noise of a partner moving

Memory foam and latex are good at reducing the transmission of movement from your partner. So, if you sleep with someone who’s tossing and turning to keep you awake, they are good choices according to the MyMerino Mattress Topper review.

Body heat

Memory foam and latex mattress toppers tend to retain the most body heat. The thicker and denser they are, the hotter they can feel, despite the attempts of manufacturers to add elements like gel cooling or ventilation tubes.

Wool, down and feather toppers are good all year round, as they provide extra warmth in winter yet reduce heat in summer which is perfect! Just like the MyMerino Mattress Topper. Don’t forget that the outside material can also contribute to the temperature by wicking away sweat.


Some materials are better for certain allergies, so it’s worth checking the list. Some are also more resistant to bed bugs, mites, mildew, and mold than others. The Sleep and Beyond MyMerino Mattress Topper is great for those suffering from allergies.

Ease of cleaning and moving

Remember that you need to remove it from the packaging, get it onto the bed, and potentially remove it for cleaning. So, do be aware of the overall weight of the mattress topper.

Egg crate is the easiest to transport, whilst feather, down and cotton are easier to move than memory foam or latex.

Some toppers can be machine washed, but many can’t. It can be a chore if it needs to be done by hand, which is another good reason to use a cover as well like the MyMerino Mattress Topper.


The standard warranty time seems to be around 2 years for many mattress toppers. But this can be as short as one year and as long as 5 years like the Sleep and Beyond MyMerino Mattress Topper. But remember that you won’t get a replacement just because it’s compressed under your weight over time.

MyMerino Mattress Topper: The mattress topper that you should have

Sleep & Beyond MyMerino Mattress Topper
Now that we have emphasized the amazing benefits you could get from a mattress topper; it is about time that we discuss to you the features of MyMerino Mattress Topper.

As mentioned in a MyMerino Mattress Topper review, this mattress topper has been loved by many people and we get the reason why! This is encased with certified organic cotton. This is also filled with certified organic superfine merino wool so you are truly getting your money’s worth.

What we love about the Sleep and Beyond MyMerino Mattress Topper is that this is a topper great to be used for the whole year round! Not just for wintertime! You can freely use this even when the heat is at its peak during the summertime. This mattress topper helps to prevent overheating so you will not be drowning in your sweat once you sleep on this. You do not have to sacrifice the temperature just so you could have a comfortable sleep. This quickly wicks away moisture keeping you to be at your most comfortable state.

If you are looking for the perfect mattress topper, you could never go wrong with the MyMerino Mattress Topper for it is made with high-quality materials and should last you for more than 5-years compared to other mattress toppers. You will surely be getting your money’s worth once you get your hand on this and you will never regret it!