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Travel comfortably with myTravel Pillow

People love to travel around the world even if it is expensive. Expect that you can’t get enough sleep because you are excited every day as you will be touring in the place. You need to wake up early especially if you are on a bus tour. However, if you have a travel pillow with you, you can take a nap while on the plane, bus, or in the train. Your neck is in the right position, so no pain after resting a minute or an hour. A few have been using the myTravel Pillow for a long time. They always bring this pillow every time they travel. It gives them a comfortable sleep while they are on the plane and on public transportation.

Many travelers are suffering from stiff and sore in their necks due to the weights of their heads that are flopping on the long plane, bus, and car and even train rides that give them neck and back pain. myTravel Pillow can provide the support that you need to be able to get some sleep but never choose the old u-shaped neck pillow in the airport. It’s better if you have your own travel pillow so that you will know if it has great features that can give you a comfortable sleep while on the plane or in any vehicle.

Nowadays there are many options that are constructed with components that include high-density memory foam, covers are washable, and stuff sacks are compact and more. Perhaps you can’t catch many flights now because of the pandemic, but these choices are superb for road trips to campgrounds, hotel rooms, or visiting relatives. If we will be back to our normal life, surely you might want to travel again to see God’s wonderful creation. Don’t forget to bring myTravel Pillow with you to be able to take a nap while on the plane, car, bus and train, and even in your upcoming outdoor activities like camping.

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Tips for finding the best travel pillow

Travel pillows are becoming essential nowadays for we all want a comfortable trip. If you are taking a flight or having a road trip, travel pillows are handy. It can help you catch some sleep in a good position. However, there are so many travel pillows on the market, it will be burdensome for you in finding the best one. The reason is that not all travel pillows are constructed equally. They come in different designs, shapes, sizes, weights as well as the filling. When choosing the right pillow for you, it’s very important that you know which type you prefer. Here are the three types of travel pillows.

Inflatable travel pillows – these pillows are u-shaped. It’s better to inflate them to a preferred firmness or deflate then fold them to make it small and compact. It comes in a lightweight size for light packing when you go for a long road trip or even on a flight. Inflatable pillows are convenient to use and it supports the travelers who have a limited budget.

Microbead travel pillows – this type of travel pillow is u-shaped and lightweight too. They are filled with tiny polystyrene beads. It changes the shape to be able to provide comfort and support to your neck. However, they provide not enough amount of comfort and not ideal for light packers because it’s not portable.

Memory foam travel pillows – this pillow is the firmest type of travel pillow available on the market. It offers the most consistent support for your neck. Also, this pillow can be compressed and clipped for compact packing. If you are looking for the most comfortable travel pillow, choose this type of pillow as t can mold to your neck’s shape. This is the most expensive travel pillow but known as the best one.

Furthermore, you can also find the neck braces by forming wrap-around scarves and designs to some travelers who tend to lean forward while they are sleeping.

Considerations when choosing a travel pillow

Neck support – we usually sleep in different positions. Others might lean forward or backward while they are sleeping. However, few of them woke up on a car ride or flight then suffered neck pain. Whenever you choose a travel pillow, you should consider if it can support your neck to prevent pain. Pick an inflatable pillow or memory foal because it’s ideal for neck support. If you lean forward while resting during your travel, a neck brace can provide you the support you needed. You must consider your sleeping position and the types of pillow that offers the best neck support. On the myTravel Pillow review, you will learn that this travel pillow has proper neck support.

Fabric – the fabric of the travel pillow must not be overlooked when choosing a neck pillow. It is an important factor to make sure that this travel pillow gives you comfort. Plastic inflatable pillows can irritate your skin so better choose the fabric which is comfortable to use even during hot seasons. You should take into consideration if your travels will take you to hot and cold temperatures. For hot climates, the cotton and smooth plastic are recommended. For cold climates or flights, fleece is the best. Travel pillows that are made from fleece if you are traveling on a cold flight or winter adventures.

Size and weight – travel pillows come in many sizes and weights. It’s important that you choose a travel pillow that is suitable to your travel style. Whenever you go for light travel, pick a small and lightweight one. The memory foam and inflatable pillows are perfect for light travel because you adjust its size. Nevertheless, microbead pillows are huge so ensure that there is enough space for your hand-carry bags. Most of the travel pillows are created light though it is still an important consideration.

Durability – frequent traveler must opt to durable travel pillow. It ensures that you don’t need to always buy a new one every time you travel. There are many travel pillows cheap or expensive but be willing to pay. Most of the expensive travel pillows are durable. It will be a good investment to spend more on a travel pillow so that you don’t need to replace it constantly. Looking for a pillow that has a washable zip cover is considered a great idea. However, be sure to read some reviews online before deciding to buy one. The myTravel Pillow is known for being a durable travel pillow on the market.

Benefits of using myTravel Pillow

myTravel pillow is 100% natural and it is an adjustable travel pillow. During your travels, you will get the needed rest by using this pillow as it provides neck support. Not only that, but it also has three sleep benefits that is necessary to all of us such as health, support, and comfort. It has superb neck support plus gives you an adjustable comfort for any occasion. You can remove some of the wolly puffs by opening its zipper. By doing that, you can turn on a high loft travel pillow in a medium or soft one, it will depend on you. There are many benefits of wool that are good for your health like it is naturally hypoallergenic. Aside from that, it has excellent moisture control. It can prevent overheating so also the night sweats that are common with down, feathers, foam as well as the synthetic fills. If you will purchase this travel pillow, expect that it will be a long term investment for sleep quality and overall health. You can learn more by reading the Sleep & Beyond myTravel Pillow review, it’s proven and tested that this travel pillow is good for our health.

Great features of myTravel Pillow

Just like most of the travel pillow, myTravel Pillow is in U shape. It is filled with 100% pearl-sized wolly puffs that are washable plus the wool fill has 0.5lbs. Also, it is covered in 100% natural cotton sateen and has 300 thread count which means it would last for a long time. Lastly, the packaging of this travel pillow is eco-friendly and it is reusable. Moreover, it is easy to maintain for you can wash it in the machine.

myTravel Pillow is the best travel pillow today

As you can read above, you will surely realize that all of the contents written in myTravel Pillow review is accurate. You will know if that travel pillow is right for you when it supports your neck completely. Even if take a long nap while traveling, it won’t give you neck pain. Because of that, it gives you comfortable sleep even if you’re inside the plane or in a car and even in public transportation. Don’t forget to check its designs, sizes, weights, and most of all its features. If it meets your need, then this is the ideal travel pillow for you. Many have been using myTravel Pillow nowadays and they said it’s worth the pay, they were able to save more since it’s proven in its durability. They don’t need to always buy when they travel. So, grab this travel pillow to experience a comfortable rest while traveling. Not all travel pillows offer such great features, better get one for yourself.