Natural remedies – Chamomile for sleep disorders

Natural remedies – chamomile a very popular name

Chamomile is a very popular name when it comes to natural remedies. This organic marvel is what one would normally find in teas, aromatherapy kits, essential oils and other like products. It has certainly grown through the years to become a household name. Check your pantry or your bedroom and for sure there will be something there that would include chamomile as an active ingredient.  When asked what they like about it, people’s responses would vary from, I like its scent to it relaxes me. Which are precisely what is great about this product.

Natural remediesWhat is in Chamomile?

A lot of products have come out bearing its name as an active ingredient, but not much has been said as to what this natural remedy is all about. It is actually a plant that belongs to the daisy family and quite commonly found in European countries. It has a nice scent to it, which people into wellness have now become so familiar and fond of already.

Natural remedies – used for sleep disorders

Chamomile, (Matricaria recutita ), is one of the most popularly used types of CAM therapy for promoting and inducing sleep, as well as treating apnea and insomnia. The active ingredients in the chamomile which makes it an effective natural remedy for those with sleeping disorders are chamazulene, apigenin, and bisabolol. It is said that this plant has sedative effects, hence the drowsy and relaxing feeling it induces. This effect may be due to the benzodiazepine-like compound found in the flower head.

Natural remedies Effects of Chamomile

Natural remedies - Effects of Chamomile

Effects may vary from person to person. The generally observed “side effects” of this natural remedy include drowsiness hence, its relaxing benefit; although when taken in large doses can induce vomiting. It may, however, be good to note that allergic reactions could also occur, though quite rare in occurrence.

Natural remedies Benefits of Chamomile

  1. Relieves anxiety and depression – mostly be attributed to its sedating effect. 
  2. Improve quality of sleep – is mainly due to the fact that it can likened to mild “tranquilizer” 
  3. Good for digestion – as more tea products are reputed to be
  4. Protection against certain ailments
  5. Blood sugar control

Looking at the benefits it guarantees, one can easily understand the growing fascination people are developing for this plant. It has a lot of claims which make it an ideal part of the list of natural remedies you can count on. 

Natural remedies – Why people love Chamomile Teas?

Of the many available natural remedies available in the market, chamomile teas, essential oils and other like products have captured the hearts of many, not because only they are effective, but because they are relatively safe, easy to use and come by.  Chamomile through the years has been a reliable natural remedy that helps combat all sorts of health issues.

Another wonderful thing about this natural remedy is that it is easily incorporated in different types of products. Making them accessible and easily enjoyed. 

Natural remedies – Types of Chamomile Teas

Natural remedies are always the best option, where sleep disorders are a concern. You will be surprised to know that there are variations to the chamomile teas available in the market. The most popular and sought-after varieties of this herb include Egyptian, German and Roman Chamomile teas. So, there is practically something for everybody.