10 Gloves and 1 Cleaning Mask Bundle Review

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10 Gloves and 1 Cleaning Mask Bundle is a great glove that you should have with you all the time and you should have paired this with a mask for maximum protection. How many times have you been worried that you are not protected enough every time you go outside to do some errands? To purchase household materials or do grocery shopping? It is totally understandable as the crisis today has brought us anxiety and worries and there is nothing to be afraid of. This will end soon and we can take a part of it by limiting your exposure outside and limiting yourself from touching unnecessary public things and avoid touching your face. Little by little, we will try to make the world a better place and be virus-free! The 10 Gloves and 1 Cleaning Mask Bundle is a great bundle that you should have that protects your hands especially when you are outside and pair it with a handy mask that helps you to limit your inhalation of any virus and to limit your skin exposure and touching of your face.

10 Gloves and 1 Cleaning Mask Bundle has amazing features

There is nothing better than having to purchase a glove that comes with a mask bundle to a faster and easier purchase. The 10 Gloves and 1 Cleaning Mask Bundle offers that flexibility and maximum protection for you so you do not have to worry about one thing to another. This has a breathable 4-Ply, Heavy-Duty Mask. Regular masks can make it hard to breathe and don’t always provide the best seal, which is why this reusable design keeps you safe with a face-contour seal and adjustable nose clip that locks out dust, chemical smells. These are also hypoallergenic, Non-Restricting Disposable Gloves. From pro-care to in-home-use (and everything in between) our gloves are made with long-lasting hypoallergenic nitrile giving you latex-free gloves that are perfect for people with sensitive skin; Plus, nitrile flexibility means no restricted hand or finger movement, yet plenty of strength to stand up to daily chores without tearing

10 Gloves and 1 Cleaning Mask Bundle keeps your hands clean and protected 

The 10 Gloves and 1 Cleaning Mask Bundle are designed pro-grade gloves that easily slide on without the use of baby powder or lubricants, and a reusable face mask that form fits your face for a superior seal, giving you critical protection that can be worn for hours, without being uncomfortable. The gloves and reusable face mask are a perfect combo for all of your household needs, including cleaning with skin-irritating chemicals or Dusting areas.

Final Verdict

If you are trying to keep a protected set of hands and face, you should have 10 Gloves and 1 Cleaning Mask Bundle with you all the time. This bundle will not only keep your hands protected but also has a mask with you so that your face will be protected as well. This is a great bundle especially if you are trying to save money and looking for a great deal while keeping your family safe, protected, and healthy all the time.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Heavy-duty Mask


Pro-grade protection


May not be for everyone


May have scent