1001 Remedies Good Night Sleep Aid Cream

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1001 Remedies Good Night Sleep Aid Cream is your new natural sleep aid. It has a non-greasy residue that can be applied to your wrists, chest, or even your temples. It has a fresh lasting smell that penetrates your skin fast. The power of aromatherapy will aid you in being stress-free and helps to calm your mind and body thus leading you to a peaceful and relaxing sleep. This 1001 Remedies Good Night Sleep Aid Cream can be used by adults and children 3 years and above. When a person has enough sleep, it promotes well-being and performs better at school and at work. Everyone needs a good rest to start the day right with full attention. The unique, subtle scent helps your mind and body to relax deeply for better good night’s sleep. The anxiety sleeping aid can be used for headache relief or migraines when massaged on the temples.

1001 Remedies Good Night Sleep Aid Cream is all-natural

Made with all-natural ingredients, this product is formulated with 12 organic essential oils which include (1) Saint John’s wort oil which treats mild depressions, enhances mood, and brings emotional balance, (2) Melissa oil which relieves stress, anxiety, migraines, insomnia, and hypertension. (3) Neroli oil helps to soothe the state of anxiety and stress which calms the mind, (4) Chamomile oil which improves mood and energy levels and also treats stress, that is responsible in supporting a deep sleep, and (5) Lavender oil as to we all know helps to increase sleep quality and reduces anxiety. With all of these essential ingredients curves into a single product, 1001 Remedies Good Night Sleep Aid Cream is not only safe but is also sure to be an effective sleeping aid. What’s great about this is that it does not only help you fall asleep but it puts you at peace by reducing your stress and anxiety levels improving your day-to-day life.

1001 Remedies Good Night Sleep Aid Cream helps you fall asleep

Lavender has been known in the market to effectively help people to fall asleep. with this 1001 Remedies Good Night Sleep Aid Cream, well-knowing that it has lavender oil, it is a strong proof that this effective in putting you to sleep. When this is massaged across your wrist, chest, and temples it distributes the aroma evenly and helps you to be relaxed and thus reducing your stress and anxiety. No one falls asleep with a busy and stressed mind and 1001 Remedies Good Night Sleep Aid Cream does the job for you by reducing your clustered thoughts and helping you to fall into a deep and relaxing sleep.

Final Verdict

People are enjoying their purchase of 1001 Remedies Good Night Sleep Aid Cream. It has helped them relax after work when applied to a few parts of their body. This sleep aid cream has been a part of their night routine for they had the most relaxing and soothing sleep when they make use of this product. It has an added bonus of it relaxing your mind and your physical body as well. If you are always too stressed that you find it difficult to sleep, give this a try and you will not regret it!

Editor's Pros & Cons

Made with St John's Wort Oil

No synthetic fragrances

100% pure

Scientifically proven


The scent may not be everyone's favorite

May not work for everyone

May still be sticky for some