10MINDS Anti Snoring Motion Pillow

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10MINDS Anti Snoring Motion Pillow is certified by the CertiPUR-US and registered with the FDA. This anti-snore pillow is very safe to use and has unique features like the head pressure detector with the patent. It has similarities with Goodnight snoring pillow but it has a more traditional design. Also, it uses four airbags which expand and reposition the head if it can detect snoring. Its pillow cover is made for dispersing sweat and the heat more efficiently in order to stay cooler. The mobile app that accompanies it has provided additional functionality that includes the ability to record the snoring so also adjust the inflation levels and the charts for tracking your snoring habits at all times.

How does 10MINDS Anti Snoring Motion Pillow work?

As soon as the snoring is detected by 10MINDS Anti Snoring Motion Pillow, its small inflatable airbags that can be found inside the pillow will inflate silently in order to roll the head over. With the superb app which accompanies the pillow, individuals can record their snoring patterns as well as the entire sleep schedule. Upon using it for long time, the snoring will reduce then you and your partner will have a better sleep at night. This model is made from memory foam that provides comfort while using it. Its cover is soft on your skin and it will never leave any marks the same with other anti-snoring devices such as the chin straps.

Benefits of 10MINDS Anti Snoring Motion Pillow

Better posture– this anti-snoring pillow helps all types of sleepers. Whichever your sleep position, it will help improve your posture and airway is always open. Because of this, it can reduce snoring.

Better sleep– usually the partner of the snorer struggles a lot due to the loud noise and it will lead them to sleep in separate beds. By the help of 10MINDS Anti Snoring Motion Pillow, you and your partner will have a better sleep at night as it reduces snoring.

Open airway– the main benefit of the anti-snore pillow is it can improve the head and neck alignment. The vibrations in your throat that causes by the air you breathe in are decreasing.

However, not everyone can see the marked improvement in their snoring after investing this type of pillow but they work to many users. Since this pillow is improving its design and material, snorer must try because perhaps you belong to the group that finds success in using an anti-snore pillow.

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