5 Little Monkeys Kids Pillow Review

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5 Little Monkeys Kids Pillow is finally here! A pillow that is custom-build especially for your kids so you will be assured that your kids will be in the best shape as they sleep peacefully at night. Have you ever wondered how your child sleeps at night? You have the best mattress, best blanket, and the best pillow there ever is. You have purchased the same for your child as well but have you ever wondered if your child is sleeping comfortably as you? You may both have the best of everything but does it fit their body needs? Remember, our child’s body measurements are not the same as ours. They have smaller body proportions and might be needing different support compared to the adults one you purchase for them. You can always change that. You can go for the 5 Little Monkeys Kids Pillow which is customized especially for kids’ use. You can both sleep peacefully knowing that both of you are safe, cozy, and sleeps peacefully with the proper materials used for each individual. Never have to sleep worried ever again!

5 Little Monkeys Kids Pillow provides healthier sleep

What’s better than having your children the maximum sleep they could get especially when they are a little ball of energies. The 5 Little Monkeys Kids Pillow contains ZERO harsh chemicals so you can be assured that your little one is perfectly sleeping with healthy made pillows. The pillow is made from 100% organic cotton for that maximum quality you could get. Along with this, this is free from pesticides and toxins making you feel safe and secure that your child is sleeping safely. Not only that this provides healthier sleep, but this pillow is also hypoallergenic making it safe to use for your kids who react to allergies fast.

5 Little Monkeys Kids Pillow is customized to your child’s needs. 

The sizes of our kids are half our size and so their things should match them accordingly. You do not let them wear an adult-sized shirt because you simply know that it does not fit very well. You should match everything according to their age just like their pillow. 5 Little Monkeys Kids Pillow is custom-made to be a perfect fit for your kid’s use. This will help them to have a better night of sleep and can reduce the strain they are feeling right on their necks. This pillow also has the right amount of fill to promote proper spinal alignment so you could guide them as well as they sleep at night.

Final Verdict 

If you care about your kid’s development and how they should be sleeping at night, you should go for a kids pillow like the 5 Little Monkeys Kids Pillow. Nothing beats a pillow that is customized to be used by the kids so you can be assured that it will definitely serve its purpose by helping your kids to have a night of better sleep and you are sure that this pillow is free from toxins and is hypoallergenic being made with 100% organic cotton.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Custom-made for kids


100% organic cotton



May not be for everyone

Some may prefer an adult pillow