AERZETIX White Noise Sound Machine

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AERZETIX White Noise Sound Machine is a white noise machine that fills the vibration frequency which your ear can hear completely. It can help cover up the ambient noise plus helps individuals to relax or sleep, both mom and baby can fall asleep easily.

Features of AERZETIX White Noise Sound Machine

AERZETIX White Noise Sound Machine is a white noise that has 17 sounds in three different categories such as 1 white noise, 2 fan sounds and 13 natural sounds that includes rain, thunderstorm, brook, ocean waves, bird ocean, cricket, frog, cuckoo, shush, heartbeat, lullaby so also equilibrium. It’s suitable for calming your baby, younger ones into a deep sleep. You can choose your favorite sound to have better sleep and complete relaxation. It has 7 levels of LED soft night light which can produce a moonlight-like lighting effect and creates a warm lighting environment so that individuals can sleep soundly.

Furthermore, AERZETIX White Noise Sound Machine has a minute timer that includes 30, 60 or 90. It can either play throughout the night or automatically turns off if you want to, whether you are taking a nap, relaxation so also meditation or concentration while you are studying or working. Also, you can choose some relaxation sounds to play or choose from the automatic off timer. Not only that you can also adjust its volume according to the different backgrounds and it’s suitable for all ages. AERZETIX White Noise Sound Machine can also help improve sleep quality and ideal to keep you focus while you’re studying or working. It’s very useful at home, office, dormitory, nursery room or any place that can want to provide peace of mind. AERZETIX White Noise Sound Machine is portable and lightweight. It will take a little space on your table and it can be pack into your bag or suitcase easily, so convenient when traveling. You don’t need to worry about having a jet lag anymore. It has a built-in headphone that allows individuals to listen in private so that they will not be disturbed by other people.

Final Verdict

There are several sound machines available in the market today. One of the best sound machines, AERZETIX White Noise Sound Machine. Many moms have been using this sound machine and they are satisfied. It helps both mom and baby fall asleep easily by listening to its variety of relaxing sounds. It has great features that you will surely love and experience a sound sleep at night.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Made in a portable and lightweight design

17 natural sooth sounds

Great features


Poor sound quality