Amazon Renewed FitBit FB407SPML Charge 2

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Amazon Renewed FitBit FB407SPML Charge 2 is a renewed product that works and looks like new. These pre-owned products have been inspected and tested by Amazon-qualified suppliers. Box and accessories may be generic but the product itself is all original. If you an original Fitbit charge 2 is out of the budget for you, you can always try the renewed one from amazon and still work the same with the same crisp quality similar to the brand new one that they sell. Amazon Renewed FitBit FB407SPML Charge 2 is an original product that has only been used by some buyers and no longer uses them. No need to worry as this functions completely the same from the brand new one. This has no defect or what-so as Amazon offers a 90-day renewed guarantee for this product.

Amazon Renewed FitBit FB407SPML Charge 2 reminds you 

With great features Fitbit has to offer, you will be able to enjoy amazing features with this purchase. It has the ability to remind you to move. Amazon Renewed FitBit FB407SPML Charge 2 helps you get moving every hour. Throughout your day, try to hit 250 steps each hour. Fitbit uses 250 steps because it roughly equals a few minutes of walking. Moving regularly breaks up stationary time and can help improve your well-being. You can freely personalize your Reminders to Move in the Fitbit app settings according to your preferences. Charge 2 can receive phone calls, text messages, and calendar alerts when near your phone. Notifications vibrate when your phone receives them. Just lift and turn your wrist towards you or press the button to see them. You will never have to miss any notifications again with this fitness watch. You can be freely notified when a new text message or phone call appears and you do not have to miss any appointments you have.

Amazon Renewed FitBit FB407SPML Charge 2 tracks your activities

Fitbit Charge 2 will automatically detect certain exercises and record them using our SmartTrack feature which automatically recognizes continuous movement at least 15 minutes in length. You can view the automatically detected exercise in your Fitbit app and adjust the duration for each exercise type. You can also use the exercise menu to start a workout. You can tap to cycle through the different exercise types and press and hold the button to start. Amazon Renewed FitBit FB407SPML Charge 2 also features a guided breathing session to provide personalized deep breathing exercises that can help you find moments of calm. This tracker will automatically track your sleep. Just wear it to bed and let it do its magic. You can set a bedtime reminder to help to have a healthy sleeping pattern.

Final Verdict

People are all about the Amazon Renewed FitBit FB407SPML Charge 2. They have loved how it is comparable to a brand new Fitbit. It works perfectly fine and does not feel any at all renewed and is in tip-top shape. This is great for fitness enthusiasts as this also offers a variety of features that is worth every penny. If you are on a tight budget and want to purchase a fitness watch, go for this instead.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Cheaper version


Sleep Notifications

Walking Reminders

Fitness Tracker


May not be for everyone

May not work perfectly

People might still feel the need to buy a brand new