Aromata Sweet Dreams Kids

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Aromata Sweet Dreams Kids is your buddy if you want to calm your little one and help them put to sleep. With this roll-on essential oil, you’ll be one relaxed mom with a child sleeping calmly beside you. Aromata Sweet Dreams Kids helps your little one fall into a deep sleep. We all know how energetic our child gets throughout the day and as much as they are so playful, we are always tired just seeing them play all day long and got us thinking, “will this one ever tired out?”. Our children are a small bundle of fully charged batteries that seems to almost never run out of energy. With this, Aromata Sweet Dreams Kids, you’ll help your child to be calm and relaxed and help them to sleep in the most natural way possible.

Aromata Sweet Dreams Kids is made of natural ingredients 

Made out of all-natural ingredients,  it does not contain preservatives, artificial colors, artificial dyes, parabens or synthetics, and they have not been tested on animals making it cruelty-free. Aromata Sweet Dreams Kids measure and premix the essential oils and then dilute with the perfect amount of almond oil so it’s totally safe for kids (2 years and up) and hassle-free for you when you need to use it immediately. Your kid will enjoy the relaxing effects that the ingredients of the Aromata Sweet Dreams Kids oil blend have to offer. The essential oil blend consists of Lavender, clary sage, German chamomile, and sweet orange oil that your kids will surely enjoy for it is sweet and not too strong-smelling which we all know our children hate.

Aromata Sweet Dreams Kids helps you fall asleep

Roll away to a deep and relaxing sleep your child will be having. This product is travel-friendly that is easy to carry by parents who are looking to take a night out with the kids. If your kid is extra hyper during your travels, a simple massage with this oil will soothe your child and help them put to sleep.  The aroma and relaxing scent of Aromata Sweet Dreams Kids helps your kids to fall into a deep sleep which is the most natural way possible. This may be used by children ages 2 and above. You may use this right away for it is already premixed and diluted with almond oil to make it safe and hassle-free for you. Simply roll on to the temples, forehead, back of the neck of your child and let it for a few minutes letting your child smell the aroma and helping them to put to sleep.

Final Verdict 

Many parents have loved how it is easier for their child to put to sleep. They had longer and better nap time that is essential for their body development. The parents also loved the scent as much as their children enjoyed it. It helps them relax just in time for bed or nap time and they get a night of better sleep than usual. If you want your small bundle of energy to have a nice relaxing sleep, give this Aromata Sweet Dreams Kids a roll!

Editor's Pros & Cons

All-natural ingredients

Premixed & Diluted in almond oil




May not be effective to your child

May cause allergy reactions

Maybe a forming-habit