Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother

Editor rating: 8.5 / 10
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Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother is your little one’s new favorite toy. This toy is designed with cute aquatic animals and items, your baby is sure to enjoy staring at this soother. It is battery operated which is a wonderful thing so you do not have to worry in case your little one has found its way to tangle themselves in the wire no matter how much you try to hide it. Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother fits most crib rails with an approximate circumference of 10.5 inches. You no longer have to worry if this amazing soother is compatible with your crib because for most chances unless you have a differently designed crib, this will fit perfectly with your little one’s crib. This also includes an adorable seashell remote control than you or your baby can control.

Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother has many great features

Parents loved how this Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother is great for customization. You can freely adjust the lights and sounds of this soother so you do not have to worry that the light might be too bright or the sound might be too loud. You can perfectly adjust it according to your own preference. If you walked by your baby’s crib and noticed that your little one is about to wake up but only had a few minutes of nap time, you can use the remote control that works up to 12 feet and watch your baby fall asleep on their own.  You no longer have to go directly to the Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother and might disturb your little one’s peaceful sleep. As to being a battery-operated machine, you can freely bring this everywhere you go. If you and your family need to travel, you can bring this with you, place it on your car’s headrest or the plane’s tray table and you are good to go. No more worrying about your baby being fuzzy on the road.

Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother helps your baby sleep 

The sound of the ocean has been proven to help people be calm and fall asleep peacefully. Luckily, Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother‘s primary sound is the waves of the ocean that is great for baby’s to fall asleep into. The light is perfect for your little one’s eye view that is an aid in helping them fall asleep. The sound of the ocean with your adjusted volume helps your baby to be relaxed and thus helping their body to ready its state into falling asleep. It also has an accessible on/off button so your baby can learn to self soothe without needing your help.

Final Verdict

Parents are enjoying how this has made their baby calm right before bedtime. It has made sleeping and nap time a lot faster and longer for their baby is sleeping in the most relaxed state. They liked the underwater light effects as much as their children did, and the way you control the volume and lights is gentle and “well-done”. If your baby enjoys lights and sounds and would love them to fall asleep better, give Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother a try!

Editor's Pros & Cons

Adjustable Lights & Sounds

Easy On/Off for you baby

Remote Control


Loud volume is extremely loud

Bad battery life

Battery changing is time-consuming