Bear Mattress Protector

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Think of buying a brand new mattress, and finding out in their warranty that they would not honor it if there are stains or rips in it. In that case, you’ll have to protect your mattress with a mattress protector. What exactly is a mattress protector, though? It’s simply a product meant to keep your mattress safe from unexpected accidents and to keep your warranty intact. Our recommended product is specifically the Bear Mattress Protector.

Bear Mattress Protector is the best choice.

The Bear Mattress Protector is a high-quality covering for your beloved mattress. It’s even 100% waterproof and able to absorb spills & moisture, so you won’t have to worry about spilling anything accidentally. It is supposed to guarantee that no water or moisture can get onto your bed. Proven and tested, any spill can be absorbed by it quickly. It would look as good as new in no time! This five-sided, breathable protector is more than enough to keep your mattress good-as-new. This product is best suited for those who have an issue with pets or toddlers for many reasons and also if you’re someone who sweats a lot during sleep.

Bear Mattress Protector is extremely high-quality.

Bear Mattress Protector has HeiQ fabric technology that helps to transport moisture and heat away from the body and protects from dust mites, bacteria, and other unpleasant allergens. This would most likely be suitable for those who suffer from allergies. You won’t need to worry about dust mites creating a home inside of your mattress and triggering your allergy each time you wake up or lay down in bed.

Another great feature is how the protector is breathable, owing to the HeiQ adaptive fabric technology. This technology takes your body heat and any moisture it creates and transports it out of the protector. The Bear Mattress Protector also goes with just enough comfort. It has an extremely soft top, which is a big factor. Its five-sided protections come with an elastic grip to keep it in place. In that way, you wouldn’t have to worry about it sliding around in the middle of the night.

The Bear Mattress Protector does not require high maintenance, but taking care of it is just as important as taking care of your mattress. Failing to take care of it may affect the bed itself. Don’t worry though, maintaining this protector is rather easy. As long as you don’t spill large amounts too frequently, it wouldn’t be so hard. Every time anything is spilled or an accident happens, you should wash your protector to ensure it doesn’t start to smell or decompose. It’s as simple as washing it in a machine and following the instructions listed on its tag. Washing it in cold water and with regular detergent should do the job. You can toss it in the dryer on low heat or air dry it, however, do not bleach or iron it.

Final Verdict

The Bear Mattress Protector has too many great features not to be the #1 choice, so you better get this if you need a mattress protector. It provides a 10-year warranty in case it doesn’t fit your style, though we’re sure it’d be too good to return. Giving your desired protection for your mattress, the Bear Mattress Protector will definitely not, and never fail you.

Editor's Pros & Cons

It has great protection against the animals

It can protect your mattress for moderate spills

It can fit mattresses up to 20 inches deep

It is made with HeiQ Adaptive Fabric Technology


It's too warm to use

A bit pricey