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Sleep is important when it comes to health. As much as a balanced diet or exercising, adequate sleep matters a lot to maintain a healthy lifestyle. And it will be so much better if you’re sleeping on something you’re in favor of, something that gives you nothing but comfort. Do you feel like your mattress needs aren’t giving you that or you just really want to try out a new one? The Bear Mattress is a good choice that will never let you regret buying it. Bear Mattress only has one goal which was to help individuals get better rest since its founding back in 2015. With a team of professionals, the company has created its name in the industry which many people know for positive reasons. One of their masterpieces is the Bear Mattress, loved by many for its magnificent features.

Bear Mattress is made to provide more than just comfort

Featuring a 10″ profile made up of three layers, the Bear Mattress is stacked with one memory foam and two poly foams. All materials combined is intended to create a structure that is as pressure-relieving as it is supportive, and is capped off with a Celliant cover designed for optimized recovery. Some studies suggest that the material for its cover could help with recovery while sleeping. Regardless of that, the cover is cozy and soft to the touch,

The next layer is the 2″ section of memory foam which is the main key to comfort. Its material has a slow response to pressure, allowing you to sink into the structure for some immediate pressure relief at the shoulders and hips. Bear Mattress could be pretty handy for active people who need to alleviate tension after an intense workout. One more thing about this layer is that it’s infused with graphite, a cooling agent that helps mitigate the memory foam’s tendency to absorb and trap body heat.

The layer next to that is the transition layer of poly foam. Bear Mattress has a firmer touch than the memory foam above it, as it is meant to curb some of the sinkages in that layer. It is responsible for bolstering the sleeper and positioning them more ‘on top’ of the structure rather than being ‘in’ it.

Lastly, the base. The bulk of the mattress is made up of this 6″ section of high-density polyfoam. It provides firm support thanks to its sturdy material. With that, you can tell that the Bear Mattress is likely suited for back sleepers who need relief at the lower back, but enough mobility to shift around and change positions on the bed.

Final Verdict

The Bear Mattress is very comfortable with all the layers that were carefully chosen for the sleeper’s satisfaction. Aside from that, it is soft and cool to the touch, also with a firm base to handle the layers on top of it. You could sink into the mattress without feeling stuck – what else can make it better than that? If you want a mattress that will make you excited to sleep, the Bear Mattress is all that and more. Your nights will feel like sleeping on a cloud, floating in comfort.

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Superior Cooling Tech

Made in the USA


It has only one firmness option