Beddit 3 Sleep Tracker

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Beddit 3 Sleep Tracker has a thin, fine sensor strip that you will put under your sheets. Beddit 3 will track your sleep patterns automatically if you will lie down. Using the ballistocardiography which is a non-invasive method that will listen to the ballistic forces of the movement of your heart.

Beddit launched the first sleep track last 2013 after the success of the crowdfunding campaign then now they are launching the third iteration of their item. Beddit 3 Sleep Tracker has many improvements compared to the previous one like the automatic sleep tracking function and additional environmental sensor in order to monitor the room temperature as well as the humidity.

Design of Beddit 3 Sleep Tracker

Beddit 3 Sleep Tracker has improvement, you will just place the sensor strip in the fabric housing. You don’t need to use adhesive tape to secure the strip, Beddit 3 fabric housing integrates some series of rubber bumps on the bottom that provides enough friction so that the strip will stop moving around in your bed. It also reworked the housing for almost electronics but the previous plastic housing is used to a hangover at the edge of your bed. Beddit 3 is miniaturized to that it will fit into the end-piece that is joined to the USB plug. However, it’s smaller still it managed to pack in the environmental sensor.

Features of Beddit 3 Sleep Tracker

The functionality of the previous versions retains such as tracking sleep quality, heart rate, breathing, snoring and the two new additional features like room temperature and humidity. Just place this sleep tracker under your mattress and the USB adapter, you don’t wear anything in your body so also nothing to worry about the batteries to charge. It measures 1.5 mm; its sensor is very thin that’s unnoticeable when you lie down. There’s a 3-meter cable that is lengthy so easy to connect to the power source.

Beddit 3 Sleep Tracker has a capacitive touch sensor that is embedded in the sensor trip and allows the new automatic sleep tracking mode. It will automatically track your sleep as soon as you lie down in your bed, without pressing any buttons. Since it is capacitive, Beddit 3 won’t respond to objects such as books or heavy bags that you will place on your bed.

In addition, Beddit 3 Sleep Tracker has a built-in snoring detection function. It will use your phone’s mic in order to detect the snore disturbances that are very useful when having arguments with your partner. The snore detection that has breathing and heart rate data which is useful in detecting any health problems that you’re not aware of. Not only that, but Beddit 3 Sleep Tracker can also monitor the humidity and bedroom temperature. It can adapt to the bedroom environment for your best sleep conditions.

Beddit 3 Sleep Tracker’s Software

Beddit app can track the number of sleep metrics such as sleep time and efficiency, sleep onset, light and deep sleep cycles, time way from bed and time awake. You will know your sleep score in the morning then you will see how well your sleep last night. It can calculate the average breathing rate, resting heart-rate and heart-rate curve. The data will be transferred to your smartphone automatically. Also, you can set the smart alarm to wake you up in the ideal phase of mild sleep in the morning in order to reduce the feeling of grogginess which is known as sleep inertia.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Lots of different tracking data

Easy to set up and use

Automatically senses when you go to bed and try to sleep


The measuring strip has to be plugged into a wall outlet during the night to work