Bedtime Bulb Low-Blue Light Bulb

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Bedtime Bulb Low-Blue Light Bulb is a great bulb that you can install in your home. Are you familiar with the studies about staying away from light before going to bed to help you fall asleep at night? Studies have shown that light greatly affects our sleeping pattern and it is best to keep it as healthy as possible. During the night time, it has been always recommended to stay away or lessen your exposure to blue lights which includes your handy mobile phones, tablets, gaming consoles, television, etc. These blue lights stress your eyes and do not help to promote a night of healthier sleep. Good thing is that you can have a light bulb installed at your home that will lessen your eyes from the strain of blue light like Bedtime Bulb Low-Blue Light Bulb. This will limit your exposure to blue light which sometimes other LED bulbs produce. Have a better sounding sleep at night with this bulb installed right in your bedroom.

Bedtime Bulb Low-Blue Light Bulb has great features

You can use Bedtime Bulb before bed to promote relaxation and quality sleep. It produces the perfect amount of light for evening activities: not too bright, not too dim. This has a LessBlue™ Technology emits less sleep-disturbing blue and green light than other light sources, including LED and incandescent lighting. Just like the glow of a screen, a lamp’s blue and green wavelengths can suppress the hormone melatonin. Which helps you wind down. Screw-in a Bedtime Bulb Low-Blue Light Bulb which emits less light on the stimulating end of the spectrum.  This is simple to install and simple to use. You can simply screw this on your ceiling and works as a regular bulb.

Bedtime Bulb Low-Blue Light Bulb helps you fall asleep better at night

Bedtime Bulb is engineered to provide more comfortable nighttime light. The instant you switch it on, you’ll feel the muscles in your eyes relax. You can now enjoy Waking up well-rested starts with a healthy evening routine. Bedtime Bulb Low-Blue Light Bulb promotes calm and relaxation, setting the tone for a great night’s sleep. They started SimpleBulb because they were tired of confusing, unhealthy, unpleasant lighting. And with this, you can now simply enjoy a night of good sleep with this having installed in your very own home or only in the bedroom if you are on a tight budget.

Final Verdict

People are happy, satisfied and enjoying their purchase of Bedtime Bulb Low-Blue Light Bulb it has effectively helped them sleep better at night for the less blue light technology it provides. They love how it is easy to install and does not consume much energy and electricity. It is also non-smart since they usually work out differently over time and might be a little to much for a simple use they only prefer. You can easily screw this up and turn it on and off like a normal bulb and off they go to a night of good night’s sleep. You should give this a try!

Editor's Pros & Cons

Easy to install

Low blue light

Easy to operate


May not work for everyone

May be too bright for some