BOZLUN Waterproof Smartwatch Activity Fitness Tracker

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BOZLUN Waterproof Smartwatch Activity Fitness Tracker is your new watch that should never be off your wrist! If you want to keep a healthy lifestyle that requires you to track your daily activities, this is the product for you. This lets you know how many steps you took, how much distance you covered, and how many calories you burned in a day. Of course, we’ll be needing a watch for that. We don’t think anyone has tried to record every step they took and has succeded until the end of the day without going crazy. This puts the ease in your hands. BOZLUN Waterproof Smartwatch Activity Fitness Tracker helps you to maintain a healthy lifestyle and gives you so many more benefits than you could ever imagine.

BOZLUN Waterproof Smartwatch Activity Fitness Tracker has amazing features

Have we mentioned that this is waterproof? Well, it is. You can seamlessly wear this watch even if you swim and lets you track with how many calories you have burned within the laps. This watch lets you receive the incoming phone calls, SMS messages, and emails with text, as well as notifications from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snap, and other mobile apps, without missing any important messages. All you have to do is connect your device with this watch and you never have to miss any important notifications. We usually miss incoming calls and texts since our mobile devices are usually on our bags and we tend not to hear the notification sounds or even hear it vibrate, with this, BOZLUN Waterproof Smartwatch Activity Fitness Tracker vibrates right on your wrists to let you know that you have an incoming notification. This also helps you to track your immediate heart rate automatically & continuously. It also helps to monitor both the time you spend asleep and your sleep quality, assisting you in adjusting yourself to a better and healthier lifestyle.

BOZLUN Waterproof Smartwatch Activity Fitness Tracker is great for women, too!

When setting up your smartwatch, be sure to choose “female” when choosing your gender. Having your watch knowing your gender enables a great feature that lets you track and record your menstrual cycle. Each phase of the menstrual cycle will be shown on the tracker screen with different icons that can be turned on or turned off on the app. You never have to miss buying tampons when BOZLUN Waterproof Smartwatch Activity Fitness Tracker will alarm you if you are near you red and sad days. This is a great tracker for every woman especially those who visit their OB-Gyne often to be accurate with red days questions.

Final Verdict

People are enjoying their purchase and usage of BOZLUN Waterproof Smartwatch Activity Fitness Tracker. It’s no wonder why people and choosing this over other smartwatches available. We all love the sleek design plus making it a very useful watch that never goes out of style. It is a watch that suits every one of different ages or of different genders. If you are in search of a great smartwatch, your search is over and hurry and purchase this amazing watch!

Editor's Pros & Cons

Notifications on your wrist

Tracks heart rate

Menstrual cycle

Sleep Monitor


The design may not be for everyone

Not long battery life

Phone must be near for connectivity