BROOKLYN BOWERY Hybrid Mattress review

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BROOKLYN BOWERY Hybrid Mattress is a mattress that you should have in your bedroom -stat! Do you remember how well you sleep peacefully at night when you are staying in your hotel? Sleeping has never been the same because of the great room temperature, the soft pillows, the comforters that are just too cuddly and if you just know their secret to help you to fall asleep better, it is their mattresses. Every quality hotel in the world highly invests in their mattress because when you sleep well in a hotel room, you will remember it and highly consider sleeping on it again. If you want a luxurious sleeping every night, you should purchase BROOKLYN BOWERY Hybrid Mattress. This mattress has a wide range of sizes ranging from Twin to California King which is great especially if you are into the extra-wide size of bed especially if you are sleeping with your partner or children. You can freely rotate this bed every 6 to 8 months but you should never flip it as it is not designed to be flipped over.

BROOKLYN BOWERY Hybrid Mattress has great amazing features

This BROOKLYN BOWERY Hybrid Mattress has a universal medium firmness making it great for everyone’s preference. It is sure to not be too firm and not to be too soft that you drown into your own mattress. This also has a gel memory foam that helps your mattress and body to stay well ventilated and cool at night as you sleep. Goodbye to hot nights just because your mattress is too hot to sleep into. This mattress also features an open cell technology for increased airflow and breathability to make your bed extra cooler and will last longer compared to other mattresses that are available on the market.

BROOKLYN BOWERY Hybrid Mattress helps you to sleep better at night

Sleep is essential. Sleep is required. Say hello to a good night’s sleep with BROOKLYN BOWERY Hybrid Mattress. This mattress is truly affordable for their custom craft their very own mattresses and ships directly, helping you save more and sleep more. This is engineered with a 6” base of up to 961 individually encased Ascension™ coils for increased support and decreased motion transfer so that you will not be awakened when your partner, children, or pet creates a sudden movement when they are sleeping. You will feel almost nothing on the mattress helping you have a full night’s of sleep without any disturbances from your co-sleepers.

Final Verdict

People are happy, impressed, and beyond satisfied with their purchase of BROOKLYN BOWERY Hybrid Mattress. If you are hesitant to try it yourself, you can always go for their 120-day risk-free trial so you can be assured that the mattress will be a perfect fit for you and your family. Never have to sleep hot again with this mattress’ great airflow and breathability that will help you sleep cooler at night improving the quality of your sleep. If you love sleep and would love to have a great one every single night, this is the one you should purchase.

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Medium Firmness

Comfort Foam

Gel Memory Foam


May not be for everyone

May be too firm or soft

No other color options