Brooklyn Bowery Mattress Foam Review

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Have you been uncomfortable with your current mattress lately? You really shouldn’t let that off as it could affect your sleep quality which leads to being unhealthy. To get good sleep, you will want to rest on something comfortable that will make you want to lay more frequently. Don’t settle for something that can’t keep you satisfied during the night. Sleep affects health and nothing is more important than your health. On the other hand, maybe you just need or want a new one. The Brooklyn Bowery Mattress Foam is worth a try if you want to change for the better.

The Brooklyn Bowery Mattress Foam is designed to perfect comfort

Brooklyn understands that both the quality and layers matter. The Brooklyn Bowery Mattress Foam is the highest quality all-foam essential on the market for many good reasons. The best thing about it is that you can buy it at an affordable price because of the custom craft every mattress and ship direct, resulting in fewer expenses. The Brooklyn Bowery Mattress Foam features three layers of comfort using patented Energex foam, a critical comfort and transition layer, and lastly, a high-density base foam. Every layer of the mattress has been carefully designed to keep you content as a sleeper. Each layer of the mattress has a specific sleep benefit in mind, including open-cell technology and a premium smooth top weave.

The Brooklyn Bowery Mattress Foam’s features to satisfy you

The product is offered in a universal, medium firmness that balances just the right amount of pressure point relief with optimal support. It also features a 3″ layers of patented Energex as we’ve said, all for more responsive contouring with targeted pressure point relief of visco-memory foam. Also designed with a 2″ layer of comfort foam to create a gentle transition to the firmer base layer, the Brooklyn Bowery Mattress Foam only guarantees you excellence. It features a high-density, durable base with a height of 5 inches to keep your bed stable for a long time. Making it luxurious is its premium smooth top weave to enhance its breathability. It is delivered in a box that allows easy transportation from your door to your bedroom and is custom made in the U.S.A with a 10-year warranty in case unfortunate things happen.

Final Verdict

If you want the perfect combination of comfort and quality, the Brooklyn Bowery Mattress Foam is what you have been looking for. With each layer built with magnificent qualities, all the features are made to serve you the perfect comfort you’ll want to experience for life. It’s a great addition to your bedroom. Every night of sleep will be like sleeping on a cloud, that’s how comfortable it is. The product is also very breathable and you won’t ever complain about your bed again. Having this, you will have the coziest nights of your life, if not – better. You will feel secure every time you lay on it, and your mind will only focus on the thing called “sleep”.

Editor's Pros & Cons


Bounces well

Thick comfort layer


The edge support is below average

One option for firmness