BROOKLYN SIGNATURE Hybrid Mattress review

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BROOKLYN SIGNATURE Hybrid Mattress is such a great mattress and we cannot complain how much we love this! Do you remember how soundly asleep you were especially when you are staying in a hotel? You might think that it is the ambiance that you are staying into that is why you sleep more soundly. That may be an adding factor, but the main idea that is making you sleep soundly is their mattresses. It is no secret that hotel companies invest highly in mattresses since that will be a highlight for your trip. Would you ever consider booking that same hotel again when you just had a terrible sleep? So terrible that your body has been in full ache for days? Of course, not. That is why they invest highly in the mattress. You can have the luxury and comfort of the hotel beds right in your bedroom with BROOKLYN SIGNATURE Hybrid Mattress. This mattress is such a great deal that people are totally in love with using this! Who could have thought that a great mattress could be having a price so competitive that more people could actually afford it? Given that it has a 120 -day free trial!

BROOKLYN SIGNATURE Hybrid Mattress has great features

This BROOKLYN SIGNATURE Hybrid Mattress has been offered at three different firmness levels according to your preference. Soft, for the side sleepers, Medium, for the combination, and firm for those steady back or stomach sleepers. It features a 2″ top layer of patented TitanFlex™ foam, combining all the contouring properties of memory foam with the responsiveness of latex. This is also Infused with cooling TitaniumGel™ to moderate your body temperature throughout the sleep experience so you do not have to feel hot as you sleep and will help you to sleep a lot more comfortably.

BROOKLYN SIGNATURE Hybrid Mattress compacts all the goodies in one mattress!

Engineered with a 6″ base of up to 961 individually encased Ascension™ coils for increased support and decreased motion transfer, BROOKLYN SIGNATURE Hybrid Mattress is sure to help you fall asleep more soundly at night without having to disturb you or your partner as you change position as you sleep. It will not create a ripple effect as you change place when you are sleeping making you and your partner continue to sound asleep. This is also Finished with a 1″ high-density foam base for added durability and reinforcement of individual coils so you can be assured that it will last you long. Also, this great mattress comes with a 10-year warranty so you could sleep all night and if something is up, you can have it looked up.

Final Verdict

People are happy, impressed, and beyond satisfied with their purchase of BROOKLYN SIGNATURE Hybrid Mattress. It has helped them to fall asleep more soundly without having to feel hot. This is also a great mattress for those people who are sharing their beds with their partner, children, or pets for the reduced motion transfer making your sleep pattern more smooth and keeping you asleep all through the night.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Choice for firmness

Cooling system

Supports your body evenly


May not be for everyone

Expensive for some

No color options