Bubzi Co Soothing Sleep Owl Sound Machine

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The Bubzi Co Soothing Sleep Owl Sound Machine Features

Bubzi Co Soothing Sleep Owl Sound Machine is a baby sound machine in a stuffed animal. The machine is at the owl’s belly where a night light projects star in the wall or ceiling of your child’s bedroom. The image from its projector keeps your child’s attention and gives him a calming mood.  This cute little owl doubles as a night light and a lullaby player with 10 different lullabies. It projects a beautiful, soft starlight scene for a total of 30 minutes before automatically shutting off. The Bubzi Co Soothing Sleep Owl Sound Machine could also work as a great bedtime routine tool.  To signal your baby that your routine is over and that it’s time to go to sleep, simply run on this adorable plush owl. On the other hand, some babies might find the projected starlight scene distracting; however, the projected image doesn’t move so it should work for most babies. In addition to all of that, this plush owl is portable and is powered by batteries, which means you can easily take it anywhere.   Some babies respond best to night lights that are disguised as stuffed animals. It is much more fun for your baby to have a night light that can also double as a fluffy companion. Sometimes, your baby needs a trusty sidekick and you, unfortunately, have too many other things to accomplish before engaging in cuddles. This trusty plush toy can help offer your little one that comfort and support he or she craves – make sure not to put it in your child’s crib due to safety.

The Bubzi Co Soothing Sleep Owl Sound Machine Soothing Sounds

Bubzi Co Soothing Sleep Owl Sound Machine has 10 lullabies and these are Hush Little Baby, Minuet, London Bridge is Falling Down, Brahms Lullaby, Oh My Darling, Are You Sleeping, Mary Has A Little Lamb, Baa Baa Black sheep, Home Sweet Home, American Patrol. It also gives you the natural sound of a singing bird and a heartbeat sound that helps calm your babies and kids giving them a restful and sound sleep.

The Uses of Bubzi Co Soothing Sleep Owl Sound Machine

Bubzi Co Soothing Sleep Owl Sound Machine allows you to choose the music your little one listens to whether you want it to be lullabies, white noise, a heartbeat, or a combination of all 3. You simply push the button to initiate the music and 30 minutes later it will automatically shut off so you don’t have to creep in on sleeping baby. Your baby might be intrigued by the beautiful and comforting night lights that are projected onto their wall by Bubzi Co Soothing Sleep Owl Sound Machine, with just a press of a button, your baby’s ceiling can turn into a sky constellation that helps captivate your little one. Aside from home use, Bubzi Co Soothing Sleep Owl Sound Machine can be your partner everywhere. You can bring this cute owl on your car rides, stroller walks, tummy time, mall walk, and family trips. Having this in a doctor and office clinic is also a great calming distraction to the kids.

A Portable Bubzi Co Soothing Sleep Owl Sound Machine

Bubzi Co Soothing Sleep Owl Sound Machine is portable. It runs through three AAA batteries that are included in the packaging along with a screwdriver. It has a battery compartment at the back of the removable machine. The compartment is locked by a small screw making it a safe sound machine for your toddlers. This sound machine cannot be powered through an AC so keeping an extra pack of batteries is great for both home use and travel.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Plays 10 different lullabies

Five different volume setting

Velcro strap to secure it in place

Money from every purchase of Soothing Sleep Owl goes to Postpartum moms international


Automatically turns off after 30 minutes

The batteries do not last long enough