Calm-To-Go Weighted Travel Blanket Review

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Calm-To-Go Weighted Travel Blanket is the best-weighted blanket you should bring especially when you are traveling! As much as you love your SensaCalm weighted blanket, unfortunately, it is not truly ideal to be brought for traveling. It is like such a huge blanket that takes up your whole space but you still want to be comforted as you travel that you badly want to bring it with you but it cant. It is too much of a hassle. Great news! You can finally have a weighted blanket wherever you will go. Of course, it does not look the same as your current ones at home but Calm-To-Go Weighted Travel Blanket is designed for traveling to make you feel more at ease anywhere in the world. This travel blanket is so compact that you can toss this into your car, bring with you during your flight, or if you are just staying out for the night. The great thing is that, for a purchase of this travel blanket, you will also be getting a free matching pillow for the complete maximum comfort!

Calm-To-Go Weighted Travel Blanket is great for traveling wherever! 

Wherever you go, you can always have a weighted blanket with you. Of course, it will not be the same size as your current ones that you have back home, Calm-To-Go Weighted Travel Blanket is completely designed for traveling. If you are going on a trip and would love to have the comfort of a weighted blanket rest upon your body, this travel blanket is the way to go. It can be easily brought with built-in carrying handles and dual buckles to easily secure its form and for an easy release feature for that immediate comfort. What’s great is that there are 3 different colors to choose from for each of the family members.

Calm-To-Go Weighted Travel Blanket keeps you tucked in

No need to worry about the long travel hours you have to endure. You do not have to face them alone anymore! With Calm-To-Go Weighted Travel Blanket you can be tucked in wherever you may go. A single purchase of this comes with a free matching pillow to keep you comfortable all the time. This is made with no fluffy polyfill to maximize its compactness yet still being weighted to relieve you from anxiety and insomnia so you could have the chance to sleep while you are on your trip or flight and you will be well-rested when you arrive at your destination. You can also use this as you sleep over someone else’s house or if you are staying in a different house.

Final Verdict 

Travelers unite with the Calm-To-Go Weighted Travel Blanket! Never have to feel unsafe and cold ever again with this weighted blanket. Bringing your own as you go out to travel is obviously not ideal for its huge space going to get from your luggage. With this, you can travel light while still being comforted of the weight and warmth of this weighted blanket. You can also purchase an add on polyester cuddle fleece backing for your comfort!

Editor's Pros & Cons

Great for travellings

Comes with a pillow

Great color options


May not be for everyone

Throw size only