Charcoal Grey Chenille Magic Blanket

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The Magic Blanket is known in providing the original weighted blanket which is designed and invented by Keith Zivalich since 1998. Their weighted blankets are made in USA by experts. Most of their customers are buying its blankets repeatedly due to it’s tested in providing comfort for it’s soft. One of their weighted blankets is Charcoal Grey Chenille Magic Blanket, its machine washable so also machine dry able. Their blanket has duvet cover that’s strongly sewn onto its inner liner which makes it more durable and easier to wash plus dry compared to blankets that has removable covers.

Material and Construction of Charcoal Grey Chenille Magic Blanket

The Charcoal Grey Chenille Magic Blanket of The Magic Blanket was featured in the popular magazine. It is filled with glass beads that has thin cover and luxurious feel. This magic blanket is sewn without noticing its stitch. It has a smooth, therapeutic appearance. The design is made by the expert in sewing that has sophisticated plush chenille textile. Charcoal Grey Chenille Magic Blanket is made from high quality materials that would last long for a period of time.

Charcoal Grey Chenille Magic Blanket provides Comfort and Durability

Charcoal Grey Chenille Magic Blanket is a stunning chenille drapes that is comfortable over the body plus contours tightly without the feeling of weighted down. If for instance that you are awake because of apprehension at bedtime, this magic blanket can alleviate it and help you feel safe. Also, it can ease the menstrual pain as it can be an additional pressure on your belly.

  • Health Benefits of Charcoal Grey Chenille Magic Blanket
  • Charcoal Grey Chenille Magic Blanket can stop the nightmare.
  • It can help you obtain a peaceful sleep at night.
  • This magic blanket can reduce ADHD.
  • It can help those individuals who have sleeping problems because of neuropathy.
  • Charcoal Grey Chenille Magic Blanket can heal ASD, anxiety and SPD.

Final Verdict

As mentioned above, Charcoal Grey Chenille Magic Blanket is not only for those who have sleeping disorder or insomnia but also a great relief for stress, anxiety ADHD and more. This magic blanket can help the brains release several neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine that has natural soothing effects. It is BPA-free, non-toxic and hypoallergenic. Charcoal Grey Chenille Magic Blanket can keep you warm especially during cold season. Because of that, you will get a good night’s sleep all night. Many users are satisfied with this magic blanket for even if it’s freezing during the night, they were able to sleep well with this amazing blanket. Individuals can also use this magic blanket while relaxing on the couch, watching tv or movie or playing on the phone. So, better own one to experience a complete rest with this blanket.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Non-therapeutic appearance

Plush chenille

A great help in ADHD, insomnia


Pretty heavy

It must be thicker