Chilla 15 lbs Weighted Blanket Set

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Chilla 15 lbs Weighted Blanket Set is a great weighted blanket if you have trouble sleeping at night. Do you remember how many times have you stared blankly at your ceiling or at your wall hoping that you will fall asleep eventually? Hoping that tired eyes will eventually be a feeling and no longer be a thought that you cannot achieve. How crazy does it feel when you try to close your eyes shut but you just know that you will not fall asleep since it is like you are only closing your eyes because of a blindfold and not because your body is ready to sleep. If only we can keep our eyes open as we fall asleep but that just seems to be physically impossible. As much as it is difficult, you need to sleep at night and maybe the use of a weighted blanket will be a great help for you like a Chilla 15 lbs Weighted Blanket Set. This is a great weighted blanket if you love sleeping but have difficulty sleeping at night. The irony, right?

Chilla 15 lbs Weighted Blanket Set has great features

The Chilla 15 lbs Weighted Blanket Set fabrics will keep you cooler than any other weighted blanket. Special manufacturing processes create a fabric that allows air to pass easily from the warm side to the cool side meaning the warm air next to your body will be replaced by the cooler air on the outside, ensuring you’ll never overheat in their blankets. The Chilla blankets have an inner layer separated into 120 pockets that each have an equal amount of weighted beads. This ensures that the blanket will never become lopsided, uneven, or bunched up, no matter how much it’s tossed around or used.

Chilla 15 lbs Weighted Blanket Set helps you fall asleep

The Chilla 15 lbs Weighted Blanket Set‘s ultra-soft Minky duvet cover is attached to the weighted layer by 8 tie points (one at each corner, and one in the middle of each side). The tie points keep the weighted layer perfectly fit inside the duvet cover. You may now freely fall asleep faster, sleep deeper, and wake up well-rested every morning! The weight of the blanket reduced tossing and turning throughout the night, ensuring less sleep disruption and longer REM sleep cycles. Being under this blanket feels like being hugged or being in your own little cocoon all snug and safe making you feel most comfortable and giving you a relaxed and untroubled sleep.

Final Verdict

People are happy, satisfied, and mostly in love with their purchase of Chilla 15 lbs Weighted Blanket Set. With over 1,000 ratings on amazon and still being able to maintain a 5-star rating, we just cannot imagine what not to love when almost everyone who has bought this is practically in love with their purchase. This is a great blanket especially if you do want to stay cool and avoid any heat since most weighted blanket tends to be hot and uncomfortable to use. Eliminate that possibility with Chilla 15 lbs Weighted Blanket Set.

Editor's Pros & Cons

3 Pcs Set

Cooling technology

Equal amount of beads


May not work for everyone

No color options

Not great for traveling