Cooling Blanket Review

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People who are living in tropical countries are experiencing summer seasons the whole year. Because of that, it’s hard for them to fall asleep at night. They need to turn on the air conditioner just to feel cold during the night which helps them fall asleep easily. However, there’s a Cooling Blanket from Gravity Blankets that can keep you cool during hot seasons. Isn’t it amazing? Then you don’t need to always turn on your air conditioner day and night, such great savings for you. Aside from you can conserve energy, it can help reduce your electricity bill. Obviously, this type of blanket is a must-buy for everyone.

Cooling Blanket keeps you cool in a summer season

The Cooling Blanket from Gravity Blankets has several sizes and colors for you to choose from. It has great features like a revolutionary moisture-wicking fabric. It can help absorb the moisture then you will feel re-energized. Gravity Blankets make sure that you will have a cozy and stress-free night as well as sweat-free night with this blanket. It’s not so heavy because it weighs 10% of your body weight. This Cooling Blanket is available in 72 inches by 48 inches (single size) and you can choose from the three modern colors that include Grey, Navy, or White. It is suitable for your bed or even on your couch for it can match in any décor. The blanket features a finest duvet cover that is made from the breathable technical fabric that is designed to draw off the moisture and its inner weighted piece that has fine-grade glass beads. Its gridded stitching is accurate to ensure that the glass beads will stay and distributed evenly as it provides comfort even to the huge toss-and-turners. Also, Cooling Blanket has ties and elastic-button connectors that can protect the inner weighted blanket inside the duvet. Its duvet cover is soft and easy to remove which makes the cleaning easy. It is also machine washable but the inner weighted blanket must be hand wash and air dry.

Final Verdict

Summer season might be coming in your country, here’s Cooling Blanket from Gravity Blankets for you. It is lightweight and keeps you cool throughout the night. With the great features mentioned above, it’s a must-have for you and your family. No worries about cleaning it because it is machine washable. You will have a cool night and sweat-free with this Cooling Blanket during the warm season. Sleeping with a blanket like this would lead you straight to dreamland. You’ll definitely have a deep sleep and feel refreshed the next morning. Perhaps the price is a little bit high but it shows that it’s worth buying for. So, better get one and be ready to experience a cool night with this blanket.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Available in many colors, sizes, and styles

Keep you cool at night without added warmth

It can be layered on top of or under sheets or duvets


Additional expenses on top of your mattress and existing bedding

Others can't afford this type of blanket