CozyPhones Kids Headphones

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Key Features of CozyPhones Kids Headphones

CozyPhones Kids Headphones can be used at home, school, and travel. It is perfect for shared living situations like families, dorms, shared work and workout spaces. It has a flat design that can prevent ear pain plus no bulk headphones. Also, it has a light-blocking pull-down feature that can convert the headband into a sleep mask. There’s a 3-feet of braided cord that ensures enough strength and length for regular use. It has a 3.5mm stereo that plugs fitly to most of your preferred devices.

Benefits of Using CozyPhones Kids Headphones

This sleep gadget’s biggest benefit is the flat fit it provides, it does not matter how the kid likes to lounge, learn, or travel. Its snug and flat fit well which is an ideal headphone alternative. There are other benefits of CozyPhones Kids Headphones such as lightweight, soft and fleece fabric, easy to clean, long and sturdy cord, flat earbuds, easy-off and several choices for size and materials for kids, adult and more. Its soft fleece headband design gives benefits to children that has sensory processing disorders.

How do CozyPhones Kids Headphones work?

CozyPhones Kids Headphones are very easy to use. Just adjust the earbud location within the band to make sure of better sound quality if you are using them.

First, put the headband on.

Second, you must mark the spots by using the masking or painting tape on where to put the earbuds so that they are placed in the center of their ears.

Third, simply remove the headband.

Fourth, wiggle its earbuds into the place on the right or left side.

Lastly, put on the CozyPhones Kids Headphones, plug in then enjoy!

If you maneuver the earbuds into the place inside its headband was easy to do for it will only take for a few minutes or more for the first time. Just grab them by the headband then wiggle them forward. Take note that the more you put the earbuds, the less cord you’ll have. However, we’re talking about the few inches which won’t affect our listening as well as the comfort. Its cable cord can be seen from the middle back of the CozyPhones Kids Headphones.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a listening device that will let your children snuggle up, roll over, stay warm, move around, lie flat, lay back or in combination. CozyPhones Kids Headphones is the ideal sleep gadget for your kids. Its sound is good and provides comfort and durability which is worth buying for. It is portable because you can bring that anywhere you go.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Child-friendly designs

Safe volume limitation

Soft and comfortable to wear


3.5mm headphone plug only