Cranberry 360 Earloop Face Mask Level 3

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Cranberry 360 Earloop Face Mask Level 3 is a great face mask that has a unique design. Do you remember how many times have you come across multiple medical face masks that all look the same and feel the same? Since they all look a little bit too similar you just pick the top-rated one and cheapest one and you check out your cart and be receiving an ordinary set of face masks. What will do you if we tell you that you can change that? Cranberry 360 Earloop Face Mask Level 3 is a revolutionary design that helps to cover your entire nose and mouth area while still providing enough filters and is completely breathable. You will never go back to ordinary medical face masks with this Cranberry. You can now freely go to your local grocery store with ease knowing that you are all protected in that area for this face mask entirely covers it up. Just do not depend on these for your total protection. You need to maintain a clean set of hands all the time since your hands are the biggest carrier of dirt and viruses.

Cranberry 360 Earloop Face Mask Level 3 has great features

The cranberry 360 Earloop Face Mask Level 3 is 100% latex-free and fiberglass-free, with an inner layer that is free of dye, chemicals, and lint. Our unique anti-fog cushion helps absorb moisture and reduce fogging. Cranberry 360 4 PLY Face Masks feature our revolutionary 360 Design that provides complete full-coverage protection. When opened, the mask forms a V-shape that prevents collapse and provides extra breathing volume. Their exclusive curved-edge design permits the mask to lay flat against the skin surface, which easily conforms to different face shapes. Together, the unique shape and curved edges form a complete 360 seal around the nose and mouth to better protect against bacterial contaminants.

Cranberry 360 Earloop Face Mask Level 3 is not your ordinary face mask

Their revolutionary 360⁰ design provides complete full coverage protection around the nose and mouth. The Cranberry 360 Earloop Face Mask Level 3 is available in ASTM levels 2 and 3 with >99% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) and >99% Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE). The Revolutionary CoolSilk lint-free inner layer provides a cool & long-lasting soft feeling without fluffy irritation. You will be tight and secured with using this face mask and you will be feeling protected more than ever!

Final Verdict

People are happy, impressed, and satisfied with their purchase of Cranberry 360 Earloop Face Mask Level 3. They love it perfectly fits their face and how it is truly enclosed yet still being breathable! They love the snuggly fit and make them feel secured from harmful bacteria or viruses especially with the Coronavirus or CoVID-19 pandemic happening right now. They love how it is breathable and is not hot when worn since most face masks are usually warm when worm which makes it very uncomfortable to be used especially during the hot days. If you want a snuggly fitted face mask, Cranberry 360 Earloop Face Mask Level 3 is the one for you and you should never miss the opportunity of having one.

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Wide coverage

Unique design


May not fit everyone

Does not look fashionable

May be expensive