Delicacy Ocean Wave Projector

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More About Delicacy Ocean Wave Projector

Delicacy Ocean Wave Projector highlights its 7 light modes, control with ease through the easy control volume and sensitive keys of the projector, and has a 3 auto off timer options, a music player that gives you good and pleasant atmosphere, a nightlight, and a flexible display angle to cast light.

Delicacy Ocean Wave Projector is both a night light and a music player. It has a built-in lullaby of forest insect sounds, ocean wave, seagull sounds, flowering water birds sounds, and merry nature. Choosing this product as your night light allows you to experience a perfect watery ocean-atmosphere, which can be used in kids rooming lighting, bathrooms, living rooms, baby rooms, parties, kids room decor.

Delicacy Ocean Wave Projector has a remote control and touch sensor keys to freely turn on or off the lights, adjust the volume, and set the timer. It has a multicolor ocean wave projector night light lamp with 7 colors to choose from depending on your mood. It can even give you a watery atmosphere just inside your bedroom. The 7 light modes include multicolor cycled lighting, multicolor quick flashing, solid red, solid blue, solid green, and others. The 45-degree display angle feature is perfect for different festive decorations to give more fun to children. The soothing lights and music give a more relaxing bedtime experience to kids.

The Delicacy Ocean Wave Projector Functions

Delicacy Ocean Wave Projector has buttons to press. The first button and fifth buttons are for the songs you want to play, the second and fourth buttons are for volume, and the third button is for switch or lighting of the modes. You can also change the rotation of the device depending on what direction you want.  At the back of the device is where you can see the USB power input, TF card slot, and the audio input. Once you turn on the device, you can see how it works extraordinarily as the projection clearly appears in the ceiling giving you an underwater atmosphere while playing the appropriate music of high quality. However, the projection can only be seen in a room with complete darkness.

The built-in speakers of Delicacy Ocean Wave Projector can be connected to an MP3 player, iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android phone, tablet, PC or other audio devices with 3.5mm jack. In approximately 90 minutes, the device automatically switches off so as to not waste electricity while you are asleep. Since this device has a remote control, you can access the settings more conveniently. Its remote control is powered by 2 AAA batteries that are not included in the packaging.

The Delicacy Ocean Wave Projector Quality

The outward appearance of Delicacy Ocean Wave Projector looks really good. It is made of plastic by the parts that do not shake and are stable. The power-saving LED lights is an advantage for it works with just a little amount of heat.

The Delicacy Ocean Wave Projector Inclusion

The package of this product includes the Ocean Wave Light Projector, remote control, audio cable, and the User’s Manual.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Easy to operate the device by simply using three buttons

Can play music from external devices

Can be used in different sources of current

Uses LED luminaire as a source of light

This device creates a relaxed atmosphere in the room

Not expensive


Some noises are annoying

The water projection is partially monotonous

It has a right loud rotation