Dido Sanag Fitness Tracker Watch

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Dido Sanag Fitness Tracker Watch is an activity tracker that has a smart body fat bracelet that can monitor heart rate, blood pressure and it can monitor your sleep. This Fitness Tracker Watch is very useful to people who are physically fit or perhaps wanted to have a healthy lifestyle. If you are doing sports activities, you can also wear this watch as it can track your all-day activity.

Dido Sanag Fitness Tracker Watch Features

This Fitness Tracker Watch has a body fat tracker that can track your body whether you are fat or thin. It helps you know the exact data of your body. So, this watch is recommended to individuals who are body conscious or to those who want to maintain their body weight. Not only that, it can monitor your heart rate as it adopts the advanced sensor that can detect the real-time heart rate and has a combination with PPG. Also, it can monitor your real-time heart rate then reminds you that your heart rate must rise into a normal one. It has an app in which you can enter the Blood Pressure as well as the blood oxygen interface. It can also monitor your Blood Pressure so also your blood pressure in real-time. Its blood oxygen and the blood pressure numbers were shown for about 45 seconds.

In addition, Dido Sanag Fitness Tracker Watch has a sleep tracker. Having a better sleep at night can wake you up refreshed the next day. It has a tracker that can record your sleep automatically like it will measure your wake, the light, and deep sleep then let you wake up with a vibrating alarm quietly. By using this Fitness Tracker Watch, it enables us to connect the activity fitness tracker to your smartphone through the “GloryFit” then open the relative app that has remind function. After that, you will receive a message and call notifications to your band. It’s compatible with the app that includes Instagram.

Dido Sanag Fitness Tracker Watch can monitor your All-day activity. This fitness tracker can accurately record your all-day activities such as steps, distance, calories burned for that day so also the active minutes. It can also track sports that include walking, running, riding, swimming, skipping, badminton, tennis and more. It helps you understand the specific activity data of the day.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Unique design

Compatible for both IOS and Android

Decent battery life



Difficult to recharge when the battery drains